1. Rhule the World

    2007 was such an overlooked year in music

    Brah this shyt is really nothing but memories on top of memories. I know a lot of people hate on that era for some reason but being a youngin in that era, there was nothing better :wow:
  2. RARI_Godwind

    Positivity: 2 Brothers having a good laugh (Daps + Reps)

    Sht should be a new repped gif :banderas: “Eat :eat:” Lil bro’s laugh :russ:
  3. R

    ATCQ - People’s Instinctive Travels & The Paths Of Rhythm || DISCUSSION THREAD

    What was the reception when it first dropped? If you were old enough. For us way younger what was you thoughts when you first heard it?
  4. Tunechi

    (TBT) Lil Wayne & Norm Duke Take On Chris Paul & Jason Belmonte In 2011 CP3 PBA Celebrity Game

    As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, we can watch some footage of Lil Wayne showing off his bowling skills on the television network ESPN. For the 2011 Chris Paul PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) Celebrity Invitational at Riverboat Lanes in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 14th, Weezy...
  5. R

    How was it when The College Dropout came out?

    I was a child enjoying Jesus Walks (especially on the radio), All Falls Down and Slow Jamz on mtv. I was too young to understand sample flips, the intricacies of the drum patterns and sound selection. For y’all that were either already grown or teens at the time. Tell me how your first listen...
  6. R

    Throwback Review: Rhymefest - Blue Collar (2006)

    What y’all rate it? I just discovered it
  7. Tunechi

    TBT: Lil Wayne + Birdman Perform 'Stuntin Like My Daddy' Live On CD USA

    For #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a high quality video of Lil Wayne and Birdman performing live on CD USA back in 2006. In the HQ clip, Weezy and Baby perform their “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” single live on the American music television show that aired on DirecTV’s Audience network. You can...
  8. Tunechi

    Scans: Lil Wayne's Cover Story For Ozone Magazine's December 2006 Issue [#ThrowbackThursday]

    After seeing scans from the February 2006 issue last year, I have decided to share scans from Lil Wayne‘s cover story for the December 2006 issue of Ozone magazine for #ThrowbackThursday today. In an interview with Eric Perrin for the mag, Weezy discussed everything from being signed to Cash...
  9. Tunechi

    TBT: Lil Wayne Makes Appearance On BET's "106 & Park" In 2006

    As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, here is some footage of Lil Wayne‘s appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” show over 15 years ago on January 10th, 2006. While on the show, Weezy explained how he injured his wrist while playing basketball, as well as wanting to shoot his “Hustler Musik / Money On...
  10. Tunechi

    TBT: Lil Wayne Explains To Birdman His New Way Of Recording + Plays A Hot Boys Song For E-40

    Here are two rare videos of Lil Wayne on the tour bus during the Cash Money Millionaires days for #ThrowbackThursday today. In one of the clips, Weezy can be seen sitting next to Mannie Fresh and Birdman and explaining to Baby that he no longer writes any of his raps down – he freestyles it all...
  11. Tunechi

    TBT: Destiny's Child bring out Lil Wayne and T.I. to perform 'Soldier' live in Atlanta

    For #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a cool video from the Atlanta, Georgia stop of Destiny’s Child‘s final tour, “Destiny Fulfilled… And Lovin’ It”. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams brought out both T.I. and Lil Wayne to perform their “Soldier” single live at the Philips Arena...
  12. Tunechi

    TBT: Lil Wayne reveals the importance of getting education and staying in school

    In this #ThrowbackThursday clip, Lil Wayne explains to Viceland’s Gregory “Beef” Jones about why education is important and how he feels about being an icon to kids. After performing live at MASS APPEAL’s 3rd annual “Live At The BBQ” show during South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin back in 2017...
  13. Tunechi

    TBT: Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana Show Off Their 'ICFMF' Jewelry Collection (VIDEO)

    As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, here is an extended clip from DJ Scoob Doo’s “The Nino Brown Story” DVD that was released back in 2008. The footage shows Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana showing off their “I Can’t Feel My Face” jewelry for the camera before Cortez Bryant brings Wayne even more...
  14. Tunechi

    #ThrowbackThursday: Lil Wayne Waves USA Flag Over Drake's Head While National Anthem Is Being Sung

    Today for #ThrowbackThursday, you can watch a funny video involving Lil Wayne and Drake that was filmed during the 2012 NBA All-Star Game at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida back on February 26th, 2012. The clip shows Weezy taking one of his Adidas JS Wings 2.0 “Stars & Stripes” sneakers...
  15. Listen

    For us old heads: How good was Casual?

    I remember thinking he was gonna blow up when he popped out in Hiero when Souls of Mischief and Del blew up. This shyt was on loop for me: Then this shyt... And years later...I was losing it on both his verses on this shyt. “from the depths of antiquities/ no one can get with me I...
  16. R

    The Mysterious Cities of Gold

    1982 anime piff :wow:
  17. Hater's Annihilator

    C'mon Brehs .. "We're all in .. the .. same ..Gang" !!

    You old as fukk if you remember this video .. Like me .... :flabbynsick: Who had the dopest verse ?? :manny:
  18. Antwon Mitchell

    How I once stood up against a fat kid in middle school for bully others (that's right I was a HERO!)

    So back in 7th grade during homeroom class there was fat kid who'd always try to use his weight as a way of bullying people but he was a p*ssy so it was nothing but pure intimidation but me and the others didn't know that until... I decided to take a chance one day when I got tired of this...
  19. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Throwback : Waka Flocka Flame - Luv Dem Gun Sounds