1. R

    T.I. Admits To Snitching

  2. TI Snitch

    TI Snitch

  3. TheHonorableOmarSharif

    Is "Doing My Job" a classic song?

    Do your job and vote.
  4. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    T.I shares how to beat Covid-19

  5. Homey the clown

    Why do so many people online think Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke is the most sexist song in history?

    If you watch the video on YouTube or just look up the song in general half of the comments are talking about how sexist the song is and how it degrades women. There is even a list of the most sexist songs in history and Blurred lines tops the list. But there are numerous songs that are a...
  6. I'm Blackman

    Fat Joe...TI interview

    I'm going to check this out. I think TI got 50 in versus. What I don't get is why he's so mad (word to d dot and the mad rapper) all the time.
  7. I'm Blackman

    Let's talk Bad Rap Albums (Jay, T.I., Nas...)

    Lets talk about some rap albums most people consider trash or at best disappointing. What bad albums below did you think were the worst, most disappointing, and which did you like? I'll go first: Most Disappointing: Nastradumus, Tha Doggafather, and immobilarity. The albums before them were...
  8. Master V

    T.I. Song from 1994?

    Found a YouTube channel that posts rare songs, they uploaded this. I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is real or not.
  9. Homey the clown

    Why the hell was Wyclef Jean speaking in a Jamaican accent on TI's You know what it is ?

    I have heard this song probably a thousand times and to this day, I don't get why Wyclef Jean who's Haitian was speaking in a Jamaican accent.
  10. King Karim

    Another reason not to take TIP serious with his fake-activism

    Not long ago when a white Man hit a Black Woman in the face.....Tip immediately went to his IG and started flaming flames about "protecting the Black Woman" now I've been waiting for him to comment on the Disney incident where the Brother was brutally beating up multiple black women like they...
  11. King Karim

    Let's revisit the Lil Flip Vs TIP beef

    We got this one wrong. The Hiphop community rode with Tip but we should have rode with Flip on this one. Tip never had a valid beef with dude. Tip say Flip was dissing him to some girls and also dissed him in Atlanta at a music festival. He also he had it on camera, and the video never ever...
  12. Sad Bunny

    Kodak Black - Expeditiously (TI, Tiny, The Game & Gillie the Squid diss)

  13. King Karim

    if Kodak wins this rap battle against T.I. what does it then do to both legacies?

    How much would in increase Kodak's legacy and stature in hiphop? and if T.I. loses......How bad does his legacy take a hit?
  14. King Karim

    The REAL reason Tip was so upset at that house when police were called

    B/c in less than 4 years, the house is already in pre-foreclosure and set to be auctioned off on the court steps very soon and he is extremely upset and frustrated by this. Having two million dollar plus houses maybe a bit too much for Tip and Tiny. JAN 22 2018 Foreclosure auction The...
  15. O.T.I.S.

    Flashback Friday: Round here..

    how many you young nikkas grew up on this
  16. RennisDeynolds

    Revisionist History: "What if TI never went to jail?" Edition

    How long would his run have lasted? Would he be in a much better position today or would he have fallen off quickly anyway? Paper Trail had him on top of the game at the time. We heard the "Ay ay no matter what shawty. I ain't dead :mjcry:" plea copping and "stacks on deck, patron on ice", but...

    ATL was more concerned about eating shrimp at HOUSTONS and GETTING Lit which is why they didnt VOTE

    :francis: so much for all that Killa Mike and T.I empowerment rhetoric After 44 years, Atlanta may elect a white mayor in 2017 Ernie Suggs Leon Stafford The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 6:58 a.m. Monday, May 8, 2017 Metro Atlanta / State news Pete Corson/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution...
  18. T.H.E. Goat

    Why Did T.I. Think It Was Cool To Slide That Sneak Diss On Stomp...

    Only to get slaughtered by Ludacris on the next verse Pimping be easy:francis:
  19. Tip


  20. ReasonableMatic

    Pete Rock: "Lil Wayne just spit in the face of EVERY Black person on the planet" (co-signs TIP)

    "He just spit in the face of EVERY Black person on the planet and downplayed our struggle. Alot of us need to look deep in a mirror @ ourselves and just pause for a min. He needs to be talked to under a good wing. His surroundings can't be too good cuz friends will never let their friend...