1. King Karim

    Kodak got T.I. in a headlock right now...TI gotta respond and he better do it expeditiously

    Whether u like the song or not....It's a hit song in hip hop. The song itself has 5 million views in just 4 days. and The official video has 1 million views in less than 24 hours. This song is much bigger than Tip's diss song he put out on Floyd not long ago. This is uncharted territory for...
  2. Smith Smack

    Woman goes viral for her hair or lack thereof and ends up beefing with Tinys hairstylist

  3. T.I.X(T.I.)


  4. B

    Khia Goes Off On Rick Ross And T.I. For Stealing Her Songs She Claims, Khia Is Heated.

  5. SirReginald


    :umad: crackas
  6. TIP lol

    TIP lol

  7. Pdiddy

    T.I Got a Drunk Grandma is his Video,lol

    Who's aunt is this? :mjlol::russ: I already fast forwarded, but keep watching from 2:10 mark on up Pay close attention to that old school shuffle,lol
  8. Playaz Eyez

    Did Anybody Know Mac Boney from P$C Released Something Last Year???

    1. We Run This Vol. 12 Intro – Mac Boney (prod. by Jamo) 2. G5 – Mac Boney feat. 5ive Mics, Criss Streetz 3. Natural – Mac Boney feat. Zacklanta 4. Bossed up – Mac Boney feat. Duce, 5ive Mics 5. Money – Mac Boney prod. by Clubcrushers 6. We Ride for Real – Mac Boney feat. Gunplay 7. Skit – Mac...
  9. Pdiddy

    Blacks and Whites Switch Places!

    I love this video mane!
  10. Cadillac

    Killer Mike, T.I., and Big Boi to Defend Hip-Hop and the First Amendment to the Supreme court

    Killer Mike, T.I. & Big Boi To Defend Hip-Hop And The First Amendment In Front Of The Supreme Court Hip-Hop and the U.S. government are about to cross paths once again, as the New York Times is reporting that Killer Mike, T.I., and Big Boi will speak in front of the Supreme Court later today...
  11. JordanWearinThe45

    T.I. Next album is titled "The Dime Trap"

    :ehh: Didnt even realize he had 10 albums
  12. JordanWearinThe45

    Mitchelle’l Ft T.I. & Big K.R.I.T. – Spillin Drank (Remix)

  13. LieutenantDan

    New Music: 50 Cent - Get Low (Feat. T.I., 2 Chainz, & Jeremih)

  14. KingsOfKings

    Tech N9ne - On the bible feat T.I. and Zuse

  15. aboss4real24

    Who has the better body of work, T.i Or Ice Cube?

    Who ya think got the better body of work? both got some impactful albums
  16. BronxFleeZ

    Weird rap collaborations

    Just ran across a pic of tip and 50 and realized they never made a song together (that I know of). shyt would sound weird really :mjlol::yeshrug: Post some weird collaborations that's on wax or you thought of :patrice:
  17. Still FloW

    T.I. - ''All About The Money'' (Remix) ft. Young Thug, Jeezy & Lil Wayne

    BRUHHH... How T.I. wash nikkas on this remix ? :ohhh: How Thugga create more flows ? :ohhh: How Jeezy be the FIRST nikka to reference Ebola on a track ? :ohhh::russ: How Weezy biting Thugga or showing Thugga he did it first ? :ohhh::mjcry: HOW... SWAY HOW... ...Find out next time... ON...
  18. R

    Iggy Azalea mad over Snoop's IG pic Update: Nick Young Responds, T.I. Makes Snoop Apologize

    Update: Update: Update: Snoop still going in The most random rap feud just broke out -- Iggy Azalea vs. Snoop Dogg ... and it's all over a picture he posted mocking Iggy's makeup-free face. Snoop posted the Instagram this weekend showing an albino-looking woman with...