1. Vice Queen

    Preparations for the Holy Weekend

    Gentlemen, once again the Coli shows no love to us TSC brethren and decided to give us a scare right before the start of the Wrestlemania festivities. The site is back up, but a select few individuals are currently putting contingency plans in place in the event that this hellsite decides to...
  2. Dog Based Gremlin

    Celebrating 10 years of TSC Wrestlemania Threads

    Best time of the year for WWE and the highest replied threads for the TSC Thanks all of y'all who make these enjoyable each year :salute: Wrestlemania 29 - NY/NJ - Cena/Rock 2 https://www.thecoli.com/threads/the-official-wrestlemania-29-thread-aka-twice-in-a-lifetime-april-7.89971/...
  3. jeh

    tSc were kicking off Raw in Tennessee: Alexa Bliss vs The EST, and Seth Freakin Rollins vs Austin Theory... Monday Night Raw 1/2/23

    Happy New Year 🎉 tSc Live From The Bridgestone Arena In Nashville, Tennessee It's Monday Night Raw Bianca Belair takes on a conflicted Alexa Bliss for Raw Women’s Title Seth “Freakin” Rollins attempts to pry the United States Title from Austin Theory https://shop.wwe.com/en/
  4. ball15life

    Commit Felonies At Work, Brehs

  5. MushroomX

    Classic WWF: Mean Gene concurs with Tugboat, overcome with emotion for Dead Hogan

    :mjlol: I would never start a script off with, "I concur with Tugboat.", and I am sure Gene probably fukked up the skit a couple of times because of the absurdity of it. Hell even in this video his lips are twitching, like he is ready to break character.
  6. MushroomX

    Delete Thread, Similar Thread Made.

    Delete/Merge, I didn't see a thread for this already.
  7. MushroomX

    If Triple H's legacy wasn't protected, what would he be known for?

    I have been thinking about this, as WWE/Trips didn't do a Stalin-era hype job of what he did, what would he be primarily known for? If your talking about the Attitude Era/Active WCW era only, in terms of the golden era of WWE, then he was the leader of the DX that at best was a bunch of...
  8. The Black Sheep

    Who was the WWE Champion when you were born?

    Yokozuna during his 2nd title reign. If you need a reference: List of WWE Champions
  9. Black Panther

    Would Going To HOEgan's Beach Shop Make Me A c00n?

    In Miami for the weekend and saw he has a store in Miami Beach; I want to go look at the replica belts there :lupe:
  10. 3Rivers


    Who got TSC heat in 2020?
  11. 3Rivers


    Who grabbed the 2020 TSC brass ring?
  12. 3Rivers

    2020 POTY/WOAT Nomination thread

    Nominate your suggestions for POTY/WOAT for 2020. We'll then have the official vote in a few days.
  13. J

    Happy Thanksgiving TSC

    I know it’s been a rough year for a lot of people but I’m thankful for my fam, my health and for having y’all. Blessings and love to you and yours :salute:
  14. ShaneTheRogue

    Robot Pro wrestling is legit lmao

    Y'all see the Blue one swag to the ring?:banderas: I was rooting for it but the White one took it to suplex city:gladbron::russ: But seriously this is impressive.:ohhh: edit: This one has a little robot announcer and ref pat down:dead:
  15. Brehcepticon

    Dwayne Johnson Buys the Bankrupt XFL in a $15 Million Deal With Partner RedBird Capital

    :ohhh: Dwayne Johnson Buys the Bankrupt XFL in a $15 Million Deal With Partner RedBird Capital
  16. Tranquilo White-O

    Tranquilo White-O

  17. Make 'Em Mad White-o

    Make 'Em Mad White-o

  18. Purogang


  19. 3Rivers

    TSC POTY 2019

    Who grabbed the title in 2019?
  20. 3Rivers

    TSC WOAT 2019

    Who had heat in the TSC locker room in 2019?