1. Tunechi

    Turk Speaks On The Possibility Of A Hot Boys Reunion [Video]

    Turk recently sat down with Ugly Money Niche for a one on one interview on the Ugly Money Podcast (watch below). During their conversation, Turk spoke on the possibility of a Hot Boys reunion, his new book, stepping in the Lil Wayne vs. Kodak Black beef, and much more. The YNT founder also...
  2. letti cook

    if you added 98 Lil Wayne and Turk to 98 No Limit Records...

    where would you rank them? Turk said him and Wayne wanted to jump ship to No Limit because P took care of his artists... and everybody but Fiend, Mia, Mac, and Mystikal was "wack' :jbhmm: (timestamped) where do you think they would fit in terms of ability and popularity?
  3. Tunechi

    Young Buck & Turk Recall Lil Wayne Picking Up An Iron & Ironing Board Ready To Hit Buck With Them

    Young Buck invited Turk onto his Instagram Live session last month to reminisce on growing up together in the early Cash Money days. During their conversation, the former G-Unit rapper recalled the very first time he met Lil Wayne and how he believes Wayne didn’t like him that much back then...
  4. Tunechi

    Turk reveals how he ended the beef between Lil Wayne and Kodak Black

    We have previously seen two parts of Turk‘s interview with Mikey T The Movie Star from Report Card Radio, and now we can check out another part that is all about how he brought Lil Wayne and Kodak Black together. Turk reveals that Kodak was always a big fan of the Hot Boys and he looked up to...
  5. Tunechi

    Throwback Thursday: Scans Of Lil Wayne's Cover Story For Murder Dog Magazine's 1998 Issue

    I have decided to share scans from Lil Wayne‘s cover story for the 1998 Hot Boys issue of Murder Dog magazine for #ThrowbackThursday today. In his interview, Weezy spoke on Cash Money Records, the Hot Boys, what makes each of the members unique, joining B.G. aka Lil Doogie when he was going by...
  6. Tunechi

    Turk Explains Why Lil Wayne Did Not Like Young Buck & The Reason Why Wayne Began To Freestyle

    Here is another part of Turk‘s interview with Mikey T The Movie Star from Report Card Radio and this one is mainly about Young Buck‘s time with Cash Money Records. Turk revealed when he first met the Nashville rapper, how Lil Wayne did not like Buck because Birdman used to always make him...
  7. Sensitive Christian Grey

    You ever watch Scrubs? WWYD in this situation?

    I'd be tempted to box :yeshrug: but I know that's not wise, so what's the best course of action if this ever happened to you?
  8. Tunechi

    Today is the 20-year anniversary of Hot Boys' "Guerrilla Warfare" album

  9. R

    Turk finds out secret about wife

  10. Tunechi

    Turk teases a new song with Lil Wayne

    Turk took to his Twitter page just over a week ago to tease an upcoming collaboration with Lil Wayne: "Who ready for New @LilTunechi and His Big Brudda @HotBoyTurk32 New Song RT" From the caption, it looks like it could be a Tunechi song featuring Turk, which may even possibly appear on Tune‘s...
  11. ORDER_66

    Miles Morales doing a bit of christmas shopping...:roflmao::wow:

    Merry Christmas y'all!!! :russ:
  12. B

    Turk Goes Off On T.I. ,Tee Grizzley, Young Buck,Waka Flocka For Not Sending Him Verses

    Turk Starts Off Right Away On Kidd Kidd At Top Of Video , Blacks On Young Buck & T.I., Waka Flocka Etc. at 5Min. 2:49 Mark For Tee Grizzley
  13. B

    Turk Talks Mase Vs Cam'ron: Mase Is Going to Hell, No Preacher Suppose To Be Spitting Bars like That

  14. Spacely Sparkus

    Turk tells a story of Him, Wayne & Buck catching CRABS in Houston

    Story wild as shyt, he passed it on to his baby momma too:mjlol: Turk book otw tho :jbhmm:
  15. LevelUp

    Singles Turk - Basically


    Cash Money Reunion Tour in the works?

    Birdman's got huge plans for a Cash Money tour that will put Diddy's Bad Boy Reunion tour to shame ... and he thinks he doesn't even need Lil Wayne to make it happen. Sources close to Birdman tell TMZ ... the Cash Money lineup will include Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Turk, some up-and-coming acts...
  17. B

    Turk: Diddy Stunted On Birdman Before With A Watch Worth More Than All Our Watches.

  18. B

    Hot Boy Turk Live Right Now: I Put A Million Dollars Of Dope In My Veins,Confrontin Baby