1. Sway

    Alright, no bullshyt this time. (AKA, what do y’all think of this African girl?)

    Her name is unflattering as fukk but otherwise eh.:ehh:
  2. Pdiddy

    Big Booty Matters- Phat Ass Shaking

    This is my buddy I met on youtube... Didt know she has ass like that. :ohhh:Reacting to her shaking it would u hit?
  3. Pdiddy

    Pulled A Real Phat Ass Yesterday- Going Live Tonight @ 7PM EST

    Going live at 7 PM EST....Come Holla at a nikka ...or talk your shyt
  4. J

    Pawg and sista has twerk-off. Pawg fails miserably.

  5. J

    This is one of the saddest scenes I've ever seen

  6. Jean Jacket

    Anybody know this Chick? She needs her own show.

  7. Sex Luthor

    Lawd... mom dukes thought she was on onlyfans

    DAH..DAH..DAH..DAH... She started throwing that thang :russ:
  8. BaileyPark31

    Korean Boys React To The Twerk Video

    "It's like pudding waving!" :russ:
  9. Archangel

    My Twerk Collection Started Playing on the TV Screen while I had company....

    Had some folks over from church the other night.:francis: Young cats. We in here choppin it up playing phase 10, watching TV and what not. They ask me to turn on some music. So I got my phone and opened my YouTube app to try and find a playlist or something and connect it to my TV via the...
  10. L

    Remember when Michelle Wie twerked on a headstand?

    Well, I do... :shaq: #Raw
  11. Donald Trumps Twitter

    Opinion from the Coli brehettes

    What song instantly makes your bootah start moving ladies? @BlackPearl The Empress @ChiefQueen @StarGirl @The5thLetter @biscuitsnbangers @Prima Donna @Queen of the Dead @Sassy @Imperfect Perfectionista @Elle Driver @Ria_21 Like its definitely uncontrollable, as soon as this song reaches...
  12. BruhManFromTheFifthFlo

    Blessing you all :blessed:

    Back again posting more thick bytches. It's what I do :ehh:
  13. Pdiddy

    Natural Booty Always Beats Injected Ass

    :ehh:but this aint bad
  14. Pdiddy

    Are Her Titz Too Small?

  15. M

    Pastor Gets Caught Looking at Twerk Videos in Church

    :manny:I don't blame him, church boring as fukk. (and that azz was right!) :takedat::noah: But he must be a lame-- everyone knows that the main benefit of being pastor is smashing all the single moms, and cheating wives that come thru everyday! :feedme: If he get out his phone, I guarantee...
  16. Pdiddy

    Tommy Sotomayor Sex Tape?

    nikkas @ the barbershop were showing me Carmel Kitten & dude who was supposedly tommy sotomayor. She had vid removed,,,but here's screen shot. Search for Carmel kitten head in bathroom
  17. Pdiddy

    You're Horny...Would You Hit?

    She looks stank.....but would you take one for the team?:mjlol: