1. Jean Jacket

    Oakland A's will Play in West Sacramento 25-27 season. Definitely moving to Vegas in 28.

    From Official A's FB... "Sutter Health Park in West Sacramento will host the A's for the 2025-27 seasons - ahead of the team's move to Vegas in 2028."
  2. DrexlersFade

    Who going to the Lovers and Friends concert in May in Vegas????

    Just copped my tickets anyone going ???
  3. Malik1time

    Need Help picking a spot to go for Spring Break?

    so me and like 6 of my nikkas are planing a trip in march:ehh: so far we've come down to Vegas,Cancun,Jamaica so anyone here been to any of these spots during spring break and even not during SB just in general?:jbhmm: i would love to hear other locations as well?:jawalrus: i was thinking that...
  4. LezJepzin

    Official Music Festival Thread (EDC, Rolling Loud, Coachella, etc)

    Ok, I can't put this off any longer. shyt is going to be epic :blessed: It will be my first EDC. My co-worker put me on going after I backed out of going to Rolling Loud which is this weekend. He's been to EDC three times. Glad I'm going to Vegas instead. Any fellow Coli brehs going? I'll be...
  5. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne performs songs off "Tha Carter V" live in Vegas + nearly trips up but plays it off

    On October 27th, Lil Wayne hosted a “Halloween Heroes: Return Of The Nightlife Avengers” show at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the Halloween event, Weezy got on stage to perform “Mr. Carter“, “Let It Fly“, “Open Safe“, “Uproar“, and plenty more songs live. You can check out...
  6. LinusCaldwell

    Can you smell that? Jon Jones vs Alex Gustafsson 2 UFC 232

    :mjlit: best believe there will be a FTESWL podcast on this with @storyteller
  7. W

    Let's talk about everything we hated about SM7

    We have to have a space to purge. That was just terrible. Anything and everything you hated. I was having an especially hard time dealing with wascally wabbit ass Tech 9. No matter how bad these guys were, Geechi put you over his knee just the other day. Tech also needed to stop talking...
  8. Actually6Foot3

    Brehs that have been to Vegas with their brehs get in here!!

    I'm going to Vegas next month (is May a good time?) And I got some questions... Did yall Airbnb or stay at a hotel? Which would you advise and why?:jbhmm: Did you and your boy get your own rooms or did doubles? :jbhmm: For those that did doubles how'd you handle the logistics of both of...
  9. SirReginald

    Black 'Breh' FROM VEGAS..KILLS & BURNS Ex-Girlfriend After She Calls Him "A Lazy Bum"

    Didn't see that the story was 9 months old. Update is that he's still in jail and a trial will happen early next year I think :sadcam: Got it from LSA and it was just posted, so I thought it was new. RIP to the baby girl and I hope the brotha gets the help that he needs.
  10. 1/2 Man 1/2 Hennessy

    Going back to Vegas tomorrow brehs, but who got the best stories from Sin City?

    it's lit:blessed: Went to Vegas around this time last year for my 21st wit 4 of my nikkas, and it was complete debauchery:mjlol: Flew into town with Remy Martin V & 1738, Henny Priv and OG Henny. Killed the 1738 and OG Henny before leaving the suite. Invited some UNLV thots to pre funk. They...
  11. M

    ALMOST GOT HIS AZZ!!! British Teen Arrested For Trying To Assassinate Trump at Rally

    :martin: Damn He Almost did it Anyway :salute: to my british brehs for trying to make things right here in America well, who got next :yeshrug:
  12. 2Quik4UHoes

    The Official Oakland Raiders Offseason thread

    Goddamn it...:beli: :snoop: