wake up call

  1. Pseudonym

    Damn, it’s only 8am

    I’ve been looking up the time of sunrise to set an alarm to get up and make the most of my day. Today I woke up at 5:15ish and sunrise was 6:16. I’ve been doing this for about a week, even if babies are asleep. It is now 8 am and I have: loaded dishwasher (will start later) 30 minute workout...
  2. Real

    Pawg chaser gets hit with that reality check.

    He looks devastated:mjlol:
  3. 606onit

    NFL-Royalty & Swirler, Brittany Payton gets her Negro wakeup call while waiting in drive thru

    Jussie tried to tell yall that Chicago is 'MAGA Country' There are 3 parts, but since the coli is lazy now, imma be lazy like u fukkers. Basically a cac showed her WATERMELON, and made MONKEY sounds to her. :RIP: Sweetness :to: :RIP:
  4. R

    Let my father illness please be a wake up call to your health

    My dad is most likely going to die soon My dad in his 50s and doesn't even look flabby. Looks younger. He ain't lean but not fat neither. He got mad blood clots in December and January like 3 times in his legs. Spent most of December in the hospital. Had three surgeries. shyt got to the point...
  5. SirReginald

    SPIN: Was This Racist Or Naw To Yall? (How Can We Create Our OWN Lane?)

    :mjpls: :sas2: Proceeds to say how she's 100% Latina :bryan: Um......................you are AFRO Latina :skip: That dude threw shade at you baby girl. I like her fro and she needs to be herself. Dude basically shytted on dark skin women (beautiful women) and said she needs to bleach...
  6. Black Cher

    This is what black Trump supporters look like...

  7. SirReginald

    When Did You First Experience Your "Wake Up Call" From Whites/CACS?

    Was it brutal :francis: I didn't really experience one, but as a child I did try to act White :snoop: Going to Alabama at age 15 changed my azz doe :whew:
  8. Reginald Noble

    The Average Young American Negro is Getting Pummeled, Bullied and Disgraced by Women in America.

    His name is Lorenzo and he talk real tough on his profile but got his ass beat by some Blexosaurus Rex :facepalm: The average nikka today in America is Feminine, Fragile and Sensitive. No wonder these nikkas hate my posts they would rather get cold cocked by a broad than Man up and leave the...
  9. Reginald Noble

    SIMP Strategy EXPOSED by Tranny

    Got Em To all the fakkit ass SIMPS that thought this would work for long:
  10. Archangel

    My 10 year old brother got his wake up call today at school

    My little brother was at school today, (a majority white elementary school) in gym class hoopin. He's bigger and much taller than all the other kids because my step dad is about 6'3 230. Apparently, he was schoolin these lil white boys on the court and making em his sons cause he play in a lil...
  11. Tapp

    What's the most c00nish thing you did before you got your wake up call?

    I'd start off with mine but shyt is on a maximum level of c00ning :mjcry::mjcry:
  12. M

    Jamaicans get the most Etherous nikka Wake Up Calls

    In Jamaica for the most part whether you're black or white you're a Jamaican. Under many people we are one. For the most part white Jamaicans dont consider themselves white just Jamaican. You're going to have classism (which is getting worse) and for the most part the upper class consists of...