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  1. FAH1223

    The Jordan Poole era in DC is already troubling! Is there hope?!

    I guess the only good thing is that Bilal Coulibaly has been mentored by Poole.
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    Hop on the Bullet(s) Train to the Lottery! Official Washington Wizards 2023-26 Rebuild Thread 🧙🏾

    So, we have a re-shuffle, re-tool, re-build... whatever you want to call it as Michael Winger and Will Dawkins say. A new era in DC with a new front office with guys from better team building situations than the disaster of Ernie Grunfeld/Tommy Sheppard of the last two decades. Bradley Beal is...
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    44th Straight Summer of Basketball Purgatory: Official Washington Wizards 2023 Offseason Thread

    So, is safe. His contract runs at the same time as the architect's. Ted Leonsis has resigned himself to employing both Tommy and Wes for a full 4-year term. Tommy has been the top executive for 4 years already. Is Wes a good coach? The blown leads, the robotic rotations at times lead me to...
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    Wes Unseld Jr. = Worst Coach in the NBA? Making the Wrong Type of History!

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    "We Need Big Guards & Wings Who Defend Like Dogs" - Official Washington Wizards 2022 Offseason Thread

    That quote is from Bradley Beal's appearance on NBC Sports Washington last month when the Bullets lost to the Rockets by 18 after holding a 23 point lead. With the season over, I can point to the following Ls which were terrible and a sign of Wes Unseld Jr's head coaching inexperience and Tommy...