1. LinusCaldwell

    Stephen Jackson on how Spurs treats “certain” players

    I seen a clip of the Dejounte Murray interview as well. Pops can’t let one player take down the ways of a winning franchise but what are other instances where teams try to “break” players in any type of sport because of their “upbringing”?
  2. Da Da Deng

    Da Da Deng

    ma mercedes
  3. Antwon Mitchell

    Here's a little update on me and my girlfriend (former best friend) since y'all keep asking...

    YES. WE HAD SEX. RAW and emotionally INTENSE SEX. We both looked each other in the eyes as we climaxed at the same time. Her eyes were a bit watery with happy tears slowly running down her face while I was just gazed at how beautiful she looked, we then kissed and cuddled afterwards. It Was...
  4. JP_614

    As a fan relive your best moment when you team was on a winning streak

    This thread was inspired by Man as a OSU FAN we been blessed with dominating scUM for a decade in football but this isn’t the best in my lifetime which came to a end this year :to:. But that was the best shyt I’ve seen in my lifetime. The Columbus blue jackets when they won 16 straight was a...
  5. Winning


  6. Winning


  7. Monsanto

    Sohh I've been Looking at My Horoscope

    And it's been fairly accurate so far. I was to come into money this month and got a promotion :steviej: An old flame that is trying to start it back up with me. My co-worker been feeling on me, but she's married and has a kid I don't interrupt unions :smugdraper: A project I've been stuck...
  8. BlackJesus

    We live in a predictable, stable and benevolent universe brehs

    No such thing as malevolent spirits, supernatural forces or gods of any kind. Just the forces of gravity, motion, electricity, and nuclear fusion which gives rise to our bright, life-giving sun and our beautiful planet. Our universe is predictable, perceivable and without evil intent. It has no...
  9. Shannon winning

    Shannon winning

    Shannon Sharpe purple and gold cigar
  10. M

    Coli Breh making a movie on Ancient Kemet, cacs are furious

    Guess what fam! We making a MOVIE! We already raised 8500 dollars in the first 40 hours. We got 8 hours left to hit 10k so we can hit the press up and get news coverage. I am calling on you loyal followers who have seen our work, paid for our comics, and own legendary works to answer the call...
  11. M

    YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! 9 out of 32 pgs of a coli comic exclusive that sold thousands of copies

    Since I love the Coli, I am going to give you guys an exclusive Here is the first 9 pages of the 32 page epic, Black Sands, The Seven Kingdoms #3 This is what your Coli cash has helped create. We are now a massively successful company and it's thanks to you. These kids will finally know there...
  12. Clay Puppington

    TRIUMPH THURSDAY: Take a moment to celebrate yourself

    Crossed someone and made them fall on the court? Got an A on your exam? Got a bad shorty's number? shyt, you found a dollar on the floor? Great! Share any wins (big or small) that you've had recently, because let's face it; your biggest fan should be yourself! I'll start; this time last...
  13. Curry winning

    Curry winning

  14. V

    Stop, He's Already Dead: Drake retires "Back 2 Back"

    Think before you come for the great one :heh: Killed Meek's career, we on to other things (and tings) now. More Life Drake Performed "Back To Back" For The Last Time "Ever” On New Year’s Eve It appears that Drake wants to leave his beefs in 2016. During his performance in Las Vegas on New...
  15. Zee

    Tortoise races Bunny Round 2

  16. ORDER_66

    #GSDG ASUS Zenphone 3!!!! Apple what, Apple who?!!? Video included.

    Like it does every year at Computex, ASUS announced a bunch of new smartphones that won't break the bank. Only this time, the best-looking device turned out to be the base model: the ZenFone 3. I managed to get some hands-on time with this $249 device and to my surprise, it looks just as good in...
  17. The Frozen One

    raptors winning a series since 2001 appreciation reps and daps to everyone

    canada representing. :blessed: :banderas:

    Raptors Finally Winning A Series Unappreciation

    The game done changed brehs :wow:
  19. Yoda

    Guy who predicted The Broncos winning superbowl months in advanced, predicts NBA finals

  20. thelonious21

    Everyone wanna talk about the Warriors.. but what about

    What about the Blazers.. i don't think any other team in the NBA could lose 4 starters.. let me repeat that.. FOUR STARTERS 1 2 3 4 :damn: and even think about competing.. Terry Stotts deserves coach of the year because I don't know ANYONE who had us winning more than 30 games.. and pending...