1. Days of Future Piff

    Let's be real... CYCLOPS is the most MACKISH member of the X-men.

    Scott Summers had Jean Grey, Coleen Wing, and Lee Forrester eating out of the palm of his hand back in the OG comic runs. Dude had women straight up GIVING him the keys to their apartments :wow: Scott was always that dude until X-factor retconned him into being an out-of-character...
  2. Days of Future Piff

    "Welcome to DIE, X-Men!" MAGNETO appreciation

    Magneto first appeared in the X-men #1 (1963). We all know Magneto as the archnemesis of the X-men as well as Professor X's ideological foil (and former best friend). Magneto was later revealed to be a holocaust survivor in the early 80s, which explains a lot about his dim view of humanity and...
  3. Days of Future Piff

    POLL: Your favorite of the X-men?

    The thread title is pretty self-explanatory. Choose your favorite character from the GOAT comic book team in Marvel history. I want to know who TLR rocks with. :manny: Go ahead and drop your personal top 5 alongside your GOAT X-men comic storyline in the comments as well.
  4. LauderdaleBoss

    New song...Lemme know what ya'll think.

    I got Wolverine parts and my friend got Thanos. @clanarchy made the beat.
  5. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Charlie Hunnam in talks of playing Wolverine

    Just rumors at this point but it comes from the same source that stated Angelina Jolie would be in the Eternals movie.
  6. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Scott Eastwood as Wolverine in the MCU?

  7. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Keanu Reeves Is Down To Play Wolverine, But Is He The Right Actor?

    Keanu Reeves Is Down To Play Wolverine, But Is He The Right Actor? By Karlton Jahmal Dec 20, 2018 21:52 5.4K Views 65 39 Jason Kempin/Getty Images Does Reeves belong in the yellow spandex? Keanu Reeves doesn't seem like the superhero type, but Marvel fans are losing their minds right...
  8. FlyRy

    Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night/The Lost Trail (Scripted podcast)- Now Free

    On Stitcher premium(going wide/everywhere later this fall) - New episodes every Monday First 2 eps out now(10 ep series) Free month trial with code:marvel Wolverinepodcast.com My man :logan: Put some respeck on Logan's name saying he's not popular :logan2: Marvel’s Wolverine Podcast Will...
  9. Black Panther

    Medical Researchers Can Now Turn People Into Wolverine

    :ohhh: F.D.A. Approves Second Gene-Altering Treatment for Cancer https://nyti.ms/2zjDAjp Gene therapy :mjgrin: Turns white blood cells into "living drugs" :mjgrin: Can fight aggressive forms of cancer :mjgrin: I'm gonna be like Deadpool, brehs :ahh:
  10. Neuromancer

    Whose taken more L's Wolverine or Batman?

    What's the score card lookin like breh's? or
  11. logan full

    logan full

  12. generic-username

    Is Logan the best superhero movie ever?

    Saw the movie for the first time yesterday. :wow:. The movie had so much emotion, the acting was top notch. Its was not like your typical over the top superhero movie. By the way Dafnee Keen is one of the best child actors in the business
  13. WolverineBlessed


    fukkery :blessed:
  14. Days of Future Piff

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix Official Thread (2018)

    Screenrant has apparently reported new details on the upcoming X-men sequel:
  15. richaveli83

    After X-Men: Apocalypse they need to reboot the franchise.

    I'm not really a fan of reboots but I think it's time to reboot the X-Men film franchise. It's been going strong since 2000 and produced some good films and put Hugh Jackman on the map and helped play a role in the popularity of super hero films. With Apocalypse being the last X-Men film...
  16. x-men wolverine neg

    x-men wolverine neg

  17. Jx2

    Reports: Wolverine 3 to be based on Old Man Logan storyline *LINK*

    Wolverine 3 to follow Old Man Logan storyline With Wolverine 3 set to be Hugh Jackman’s last foray as the mutton-chopped superhero, it sounds like he’s going to go out with a bang. In addition to possibly receiving an R-rating, Den of Geek reports the film will follow a storyline fans have...
  18. Dillah810

    Wolverine vs Raiden

    I wasn't sure which subforum it belonged in. Wolverine is a comic character (film room), Raiden a video game (arcadium). Let the butt hurt begin
  19. Jazzy B.

    X-MEN Apocalypse (Official Thread)