1. Pdiddy

    PaPa PiMp Livestream @ 8:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Some cat said he wanted to debate..we'll see if he shows
  2. Franklin Clinton

    London has got the baddest women in the world

    https://www.thecoli.com/threads/paris-has-got-the-baddest-women-in-the-world.952914/ The UK remix :leon::pachaha:
  3. humminbird

    Curves in all the right places: Women and their car counterparts

    I was looking at these pics of Ashanti and hear me out it reminded me of a sports car. I guess it's the curves but when I see her I think of a Ferrari Roma :banderas: then It got me thinking. you could compare a lot of women's shapes to cars. is there any woman out there who reminds you of a...
  4. NoirDynosaur


    The best female dating coach. The content speaks for itself.
  5. Rhule the World

    24 year old breh spitting wisdom to all the young brehs out there

    :wow: real spill
  6. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Thursday 8:15 with Natasha

  7. O Fenômeno

    SO much complaining about women on here.

    Like wtf is a divestor? I see alot of "women bash us black men all the time..it's not fair :mjcry: " "Women only want 6foot 6certs brehs and not average brehs :lupe:" Women talk shyt...since the beginning of time..it's what they're good at ..:mjgrin: My pops told me back in middle school...
  8. NoirDynosaur

    Women try to qualify why they're a catch

  9. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Headed Back to College this Week!!

    just a lil warm up:sas1:
  10. JadeB

    Scotland becomes the first nation in the world to make period products free

    Good job for them. Hope the US will follow through. And while they're at it, make condoms and birth control free.
  11. 9ether

    The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Goes HAM/Kevin Samuels on Women Who Can't Cook

  12. JadeB

    A socially awkward "nikka nerd" wouldn't get white women either. Really, women of any race period.

    Unless you date another nerdy girl. I never understood this "Black women are the only race attracted to thugs or cool guys" thing. Or that non-Black women just easily fall into their hands by being themselves. If you're awkward, dusty, misogynistic etc. you'll be repellent to women of any race...
  13. DatLBCGuy562

    What Has Caused Modern Women To Become So Delusional?

    Is it social media? Feminism? Or have they always been this way and we're just getting more exposure to it?? :lupe:
  14. Alix217

    Kendrick Lamar ending his Glastonbury set with a pointed reference to RoevWade. #glastonburyfestival2022 #RoeVsWade

  15. Mr. Goodbar

    True or false? Coli bruhs spend too much time whining/tantruming over women who have no interest in them rather than focusing on the women that do...

    :gucci: One thing I notice about Coli nikkas is how many of y'all tend to want women who have no interest in you and then get mad when it was already obvious and known that those women in question didn't want you or like you.. While ignoreing the women who had an interest in you but because of...
  16. Hathaway

    I Had to Rely on my Intangibles and Personality to Attract Women.

    Good morning brethren, All through my life, I was never the best looking kid. Growing up in Memphis TN, I was an only child to a single mother, being raised by all women: mom, grandma and granny. I spent time being babysat by my uncle too. But all that time with women made me comfortable...
  17. Knuckles Red

    Why do so many male posters here fantasize about beating women?

    After reading through that post about the female presenting Dollar Tree employee pushing that man several times before squeezing him, I was taken aback by the number of posters who used that unfortunate situation as an open call to basically type up fantasies in which they'd curb stomp a woman...
  18. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Meets Women at the Beach

    I had a good time:mjgrin:
  19. TreySav

    Meet The New White House Press Secretary

    (CNN)Karine Jean-Pierre will become the new White House press secretary when Jen Psaki departs her role next week, President Joe Biden announced in a statement Thursday, becoming the first Black and out LGBTQ person to hold the position. Her and her partner
  20. trap101

    The Northwest is WASHED when it comes to attractive women.

    I'm out in Vancouver and my tinder range reaches Seattle easily..... ain't nothing even touchin an LA 7.....don't even think the pawgers in the ranks would find something up here..... only wildebeasts and wild boars.... and i thought San Fran was weak.... :huhldup: