1. Alix217

    Kendrick Lamar ending his Glastonbury set with a pointed reference to RoevWade. #glastonburyfestival2022 #RoeVsWade

  2. D'Angelo Barksdale

    True or false? Coli bruhs spend too much time whining/tantruming over women who have no interest in them rather than focusing on the women that do...

    :gucci: One thing I notice about Coli nikkas is how many of y'all tend to want women who have no interest in you and then get mad when it was already obvious and known that those women in question didn't want you or like you.. While ignoreing the women who had an interest in you but because of...
  3. The Coolest Negro

    I Had to Rely on my Intangibles and Personality to Attract Women.

    Good morning brethren, All through my life, I was never the best looking kid. Growing up in Memphis TN, I was an only child to a single mother, being raised by all women: mom, grandma and granny. I spent time being babysat by my uncle too. But all that time with women made me comfortable...
  4. Knuckles Red

    Why do so many male posters here fantasize about beating women?

    After reading through that post about the female presenting Dollar Tree employee pushing that man several times before squeezing him, I was taken aback by the number of posters who used that unfortunate situation as an open call to basically type up fantasies in which they'd curb stomp a woman...
  5. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Meets Women at the Beach

    I had a good time:mjgrin:
  6. TreySav

    Meet The New White House Press Secretary

    (CNN)Karine Jean-Pierre will become the new White House press secretary when Jen Psaki departs her role next week, President Joe Biden announced in a statement Thursday, becoming the first Black and out LGBTQ person to hold the position. Her and her partner
  7. trap101

    The Northwest is WASHED when it comes to attractive women.

    I'm out in Vancouver and my tinder range reaches Seattle easily..... ain't nothing even touchin an LA 7.....don't even think the pawgers in the ranks would find something up here..... only wildebeasts and wild boars.... and i thought San Fran was weak.... :huhldup:
  8. Paradoxical Tiger

    Women are falling right through my hands, please help

    I’m having a mean phase where I’m fumbling bytches left and right For the past few months I’ve been asking girls to come through for Netflix without any dates :francis: Not texting back for days and then having the shocked pikachu face when they return the favor :francis: Getting to go out...
  9. JadeB

    Y'all older cats need to stop chasing younger women and let us young brehs have a chance

    This shyt is legit getting me heated and I see this on the Coli too. Date a 30/40-something year old your own age. Us brehs in our 20s are getting dry dikk cause of y'all :hhh::hhh::hhh::hhh:
  10. Pdiddy

    i'm live nikka

    real nikkas only
  11. Mufasa Ahadi

    Steve Harvey tells men “Be Quiet, don’t ever argue w. your queen as The Woman Is God”

    During a recent appearance on CBS’s “The Talk,” the “Family Feud” host shared some of the most important things he’s learned after all these years. “Keep your damn mouth shut. Just shut up. Don’t say nothing. It’s best you don’t say nothing. Ain’t no trying to fix it. … Then that way you don’t...
  12. Playaz Eyez

    Do waist trainers truly work, or are they equivalent to shooting sleeves in the NBA?

    This is a legit question too :whoo: I see these quite often, almost worn as casually as jackets or watches. Usually these were worn in a seemingly covert way, like a bra, but they seem to just be accessories IRL and social media. Any Coli womenz (or even men who wore them) want to chime...
  13. Pdiddy

    Come Jump On My Live to talk -Now

  14. Mufasa Ahadi

    What’s the biggest Green Flag in a woman?

    Login • Instagram :mjlol:
  15. Mufasa Ahadi

    Ever been truthful to a woman and it didn’t backfire?

    Never in my life. :mjlol:
  16. Luken

    Bhad Bhabie>>>>>Coi Leray

    Facts. :unimpressed:
  17. Pdiddy

    I'm Live...Pull up

  18. RARI_Godwind

    Breh makes videos capturing the coil’s essence

    Is this how Coli posters sound hating on women for the simplest sht?? :lolbron: :bryan: This TLR to a T. :mjlol: Hold on he got some JBO energy too The jazz hands :dead:
  19. KidJSoul

    Its crazy how many guys make things harder for themselves by being immature or too prideful

    I'm not saying that women are perfect or easy to please or anything, but there's certain relationships in general that I've seen men waste by just acting childish for no reason :mindblown: It's very telling when you read or hear what some women say when they're alone Some will laugh about how...
  20. B

    Question for you Coli experts when it comes to women

    Ok say your a guy,and as we all know women rarely approach guys no matter how good you look,they may give hints or clues but rarely do they approach. So say you a chilled guy you really don’t approach women but you get women to approach you and the ones that do approach are solid 7&8’s on the...