1. JadeB

    Every US-led coup, mapped

    If they taught about US intervention throughout the world from the early 20th century to today.....
  2. JadeB

    How Europe Stole The World

    Explains in depth how a continent of miserable farmers took over the rest of the world in four centuries. Pretty wild watch.
  3. NoirDynosaur

    Congolese Rumba - One of the greatest music from the continent

    One of the most influential genres of African music and dance, Congolese rumba. For your entertainment
  4. JadeB

    The 70s was one of the WOAT decades outside of pop culture

    All that fukkery in one decade The pinned comment broke it down amazingly
  5. JadeB

    Fear Of A Black Planet: Seven Future Global Demographic Changes

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on the world’s population, two of the world’s most powerful countries, China and the United States, have released troubling new census data. Both countries, it seems, are facing national demographic declines that may soon threaten their...
  6. JadeB

    Igbo influence in Black American culture

    Food (Nri) For black folks at the cookout, One-pot’ cooking practices, extra helpings of collard greens, a healthy incorporation of pepper, spices, and even “hot sauce” are not just random preferences. Traditional soul food cooking is an inheritance which enslaved Africans passed on through...
  7. JadeB

    Only 4% of Americans owned a passport in 1990

    :gucci:Did nikkas just never left their hometowns or what??? Not even Mexico or Canada??? Yeah international travel laws were probably a bit looser back then but it been a requirement to have a passport when leaving the US since 1941 It just doesn't compute
  8. Doctor Doom

    SPIN: You're dropped in the middle of a fictional world you choose....

    You have no recollection of what your life was before you got here. No memory of friends, family, events; absolutely nothing. You look down and inspect yourself: You're still human. Your clothes have been changed to match the relative style of this place. In terms of abilities, you can...
  9. S

    Who created Democracy?

    I thought the Greeks created Democracy. I thought the Greeks were white (for the most part). :jbhmm:
  10. Luken

    The Official Coli Immigrant Thread

    a nice space for coli immigrants far and wide to discuss their success as well as their failures after leaving their homeland for new lands and waters. family came from Syria (dad) to Jamaica(mom) to England(where my journey starts) to permanently settling in Canada (Toronto).
  11. Insa Tum-Tum

    World War III 2018?

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- The Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen's Shiite rebels said it intercepted a missile fired over southern Riyadh on Tuesday, which the rebels said was targeting a "top leadership" meeting at the royal palace in the kingdom's capital, Riyadh. It was the second time in as...
  12. Afro

    I no black papi: Mexican Neo Nazism

    Mexico's National Action Party Creates Neo-Nazi Organization To 'Protect' Society Against 'Moral Decadence' "Photographs from meetings held by the organization reveal that members attend wearing armbands and Nazi uniforms. Many attendees also emulate Hitler's haircut. Incidentally, the Mexican...
  13. Insa Tum-Tum

    Cacs out here dying guys we need to do something :)

    :scust::hubie::blessed::gladbron: Finna become the ice cream man this summer.:wow: pushin that china white:smugbiden:
  14. Ruck

    Arc Brehz: What are some places you would like to travel to?

    name your top 3 destinations both nationally and international. national: 1. dmv - specifically va. want to take shyt in a paper bag, light it on fire and sling at the white house billy madison style. va seems like the bay area of the east so im intrigued. i also want to see @Ciggavelli and...
  15. Jimi Swagger

    Women's March on Washington (and in your city) January 21, 2017

    In case you weren't aware. Can also participate in different cities across the globe... DC info: Welcome Local marches: Sister Marches On January 21, 2017 we will unite in Washington, DC for the Women’s March on Washington. We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children...
  16. Ruck

    Just got back and conquered Disney World, Seaworld and Busch Gardens (Orlando). Ask me anything.

    2 and a half weeks of pure bliss :banderas:. Was suppose to go to Miami for a week but i went broke :mjcry: If u have any questions, lemme know :jawalrus:
  17. Afro

    Update on Jordan Jackson (young man who defended his sister against cacs)

    Update 6 Posted by Cris Colbert 2 days ago Update: Overall, Jordan is still recovering. We have come to realize that Jordan's diagnosis of PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) is very real. Although we are prayerful the symptoms will pass sooner rather than later, there is no definitive way to know...
  18. Afro

    What are you thankful for?

    I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but the idea of taking stock of your blessings in life thus far should be a thing. Even if you don't believe in God, you should still appreciate the good things. Yall already know what I'm thankful for :wow: I'm interested to see what you guys say though :ehh:
  19. Afro

    Just admit you scared brehs

    "But but Trump gonna set marshal law and make me poor :mjcry:" "j-j-jj-ji-jim crow?!:damn:" "I blame the people who didn't vote :aicmon:" "Hilary wouldn't have fukked us. At least not like Trump :rudy:" "Cacs actin all types of funny :hamster:" "What the c00ns gotta say now?! :mjgrin:"...
  20. Afro

    I'm getting mines

    My fellow Coli folk :obama: We enter an age that hasn't been seen in years. An openly racist Republican president, backed by white nationalists, with a majority of control in the government. What a time to be alive. Many of you are asking yourselves a lot of questions. "What now?!" "I...