SPIN: You're dropped in the middle of a fictional world you choose....

Doctor Doom

Rest in peace, Kobe
Sep 30, 2013

You have no recollection of what your life was before you got here. No memory of friends, family, events; absolutely nothing.

You look down and inspect yourself:

  • You're still human.
  • Your clothes have been changed to match the relative style of this place.
  • In terms of abilities, you can quickly tell that nothing has changed about you. (You have not been scaled in any way to match the place you choose.)

From what you can tell, you're probably in the beginner area of this world; relatively safe with no sort of danger. You look around and notice you're in a small town, with people who seem to be friendly. It isn't rich by any means, but the town gets by. You soon make yourself to the nearby inn and talk to the barkeep.


"Good day, traveler. Never seen you around here. What's your story?"

He answers pretty much every question you may have about the place you've come to. He doesn't know any advanced knowledge. He pretty much gives you a rundown of where you are, and any imminent dangers you could run into in the vicinity of the town.

You listen to his words, absorbing every piece of information given..... and then you get a certain gleam in your eye.


You want to carve out your own piece of the pie. You want to be able to stand on the mountaintop with no equal in sight, no one or thing will be able to challenge you. That's the goal you have set, and nothing will change your mind. The barkeep just gives you a weird look and waves you off as you begin to formulate your plan.

You suddenly receive a vision.....


You do not know why, but the person you're seeing seems destined to be your rival. You're eventually gonna have to cross paths with them, and by your own desire, kill them.


  • You're placed in a relatively safe area. By all means and purposes, you're the main character. However, unlike Goku or Naruto, there is absolutely nothing special about you. You do not have any increased strength, speed, perception, nothing at all. There is no writer to protect ya neck if you get got, you have absolutely zero plot armor. If humans do not exist in the world you choose, you are the only human then.
  • In terms of end goal, you only have to be the strongest in that setting you find yourself in. A lot of your favorite MCs end up battling godly beings and beating them, so why can't you? :mjgrin: (Any godly being that is just too powerful to actually beat is omitted though. Like the One-Above-All or anything that your rival in that universe couldn't put hands on and win.)
  • Your rival is the main character of that universe. In settings with multiple "main characters" like Marvel/DC, you can choose anybody who is the main hero of their respective comic. Your rival is just someone you will eventually have to overcome to reach the top. They scale in accordance with their media. So whenever they get their boost in power, that is when it happens. You can make your move at any time, but by the end of it all, they must be dead and can't interfere with your plans.

So brehs.... :pachaha:

How the fukk are you gonna do this shyt? :lupe:


MJ Truth

Feb 1, 2015
To be honest, I didn't really read the full post, but when I saw all of the characters were CACs :mjpls: I refused to read the whole thing.