1. Black Panther

    Just Got Hired By DC/Milestone: Free Daps And Rep!

    Working on some Milestone content. Stay tuned:youngsabo:
  2. Days of Future Piff

    What ruined Marvel comics?

    I was reading an interview with Jim Shooter on the current state of Marvel comics, which got me thinking... Anyhow, Imma let y'all cook.
  3. Days of Future Piff

    Marvel characters with the most comic appearances

    First half of the video is DC, the second half is all Marvel. Cliffnotes: Spider-man - 15,323 Wolverine- 14,975 Captain America- 10,505 Cyclops- 10,398 Iron Man- 10,072 Storm- 9381 Beast- 9070 Thor-7597 Iceman- 7555 The Thing (Fantastic Four)- 7338 Jean Grey/Phoenix- 7275 Colossus- 7130...
  4. Days of Future Piff

    Let's be real... CYCLOPS is the most MACKISH member of the X-men.

    Scott Summers had Jean Grey, Coleen Wing, and Lee Forrester eating out of the palm of his hand back in the OG comic runs. Dude had women straight up GIVING him the keys to their apartments :wow: Scott was always that dude until X-factor retconned him into being an out-of-character...
  5. Days of Future Piff

    "Welcome to DIE, X-Men!" MAGNETO appreciation

    Magneto first appeared in the X-men #1 (1963). We all know Magneto as the archnemesis of the X-men as well as Professor X's ideological foil (and former best friend). Magneto was later revealed to be a holocaust survivor in the early 80s, which explains a lot about his dim view of humanity and...
  6. Black Panther

    Just Got Hired By DC Comics -Free Daps And Rep!!!!

    I made it brehs :wow: 10 years of hustling art jobs and I finally landed at one of the Big Two. :blessed: Can't talk about what I'm working on yet, tho :francis:
  7. Mufasa Ahadi

    The Future of Milestone Comics Discussion - Presented by Ally || DC Fandom 2021

    Came on during Adult Swim. Thought it was interesting. You can apply here DC Milestone
  8. Neuromancer

    My comic Lawful Evil issue 2 is on sale now.

    I'm happy to announce that the second issue of my comic Lawful Evil has just launched on Gumroad and will be available physically soon. Lawful Evil- Issue 2 A recap the story is about a superhero whose girlfriend cheats on him with another more popular superhero, what follows is his nemesis...
  9. Neuromancer

    NYC comic fans my comic Lawful is back in stores.

    Back in business.
  10. LauderdaleBoss

    "Jericho Cutter"New Digital Comic and Soundtrack from the Coli's own.

    What's good everyone. My friend and fellow coli poster @BlackDroog just released a brand new digital comic called "Jericho Cutter" Instead of me trying to explain things, we had him as a guest on our podcast so he can tell you himself. He goes into detail on how he got started and how the...
  11. Neuromancer

    My New comic Dark Spider Vol.1 Lovers and Allies is out

    I'm proud to announce that my new comic Dark Spider Lover and Allies availble now for $2.99 Lawful Evil Comics Filled with black love, lessons and action. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY
  12. Black Panther

    Help A Breh Out, Coli Fam

    Brehs, I need your help. I recently made this as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman (RIP ). I had a few people ask if I could make copies to sell on social media, but I need a minimum print order of 20 to get these made. (I'm going with a high-quality art printer to give people a good...
  13. Doctor Doom

    SPIN: You're dropped in the middle of a fictional world you choose....

    You have no recollection of what your life was before you got here. No memory of friends, family, events; absolutely nothing. You look down and inspect yourself: You're still human. Your clothes have been changed to match the relative style of this place. In terms of abilities, you can...
  14. Days of Future Piff

    Best selling comic series 1938-2020 (including manga)

    Posted a similar thread in the Film Room awhile back. Some thoughts: • Golgo 13 and Case Closed are bigger than people think :ohhh: • This new generation doesn’t want to hear it, but I’ve been saying it for the longest that X-men >>> Avengers (until Fox messed up the X-men in the movies). All...
  15. Uchiha God

    All single issues of Black Panther are $free right now on ComiXology

    Even if you don’t read comics it’s worth picking up as it’s free. If you’re ever stuck somewhere and need something to read/kill time.
  16. Westbama Heartthrob

    Is it safe to say the GOAT superhero is......

    Classic comics:wow: Classic movies:wow: Classic video games:wow: Classic cartoons:wow: The memes:wow: The baddest bytches:wow: The hardest theme songs :wow: Shyt is undeniable:wow:
  17. Days of Future Piff

    Underrated and Overrated X-men storylines

    Most of my reading is from the Chris Claremont era, so I’m interested in your takes on the more recent stories. Underrated: Proteus: this story was dope just for putting the all new team up against one of their first really deadly villains. It also had the GOAT Cyclops moment where he sonned...
  18. Days of Future Piff

    The 30 Best-Selling Comic Series of all Time

    30. Casper the Friendly Ghost by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo 29. Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka 28. Amar Chitra Katha by Amar Chitra Katha Pvt. Ltd. 27. Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue 26. Bleach by Tite Kubo 25. Avengers by Marvel 24. Oishinbo by Tetsu Kariya and Akria Hanasaki 23. Garfield by Jim Davis...
  19. Days of Future Piff

    Star Wars comics. Any recommendations?

    I remember reading random issues from the Dark Horse Star Wars era like these as a little kid... What would some of you recommend? For what it's worth, I'm pretty old-school when it comes to comics (Jim Shooter-era Marvel :banderas: ), but I'm willling to check out more recent work if it's...
  20. F

    Ghost Rider and Helstrom

    Looks like Disney will be sticking these two shows on Hulu, looking forward to Ghost Rider which is the same actor from AoS not really familiar with Helstrom. Articles I saw didn’t mention if they had MCU connection but I assume it’ll be loose like the Netflix series or the runaways