would you

  1. Bart simpson

    We smash this chocolate thristy trap?

  2. Randoug

    Would you rather date a chick with a cac baby daddy or a "thug"baby daddy?

    if these were you're only two choices, which would you feel more comfortable with. she has 2 kids for a cac that she claims she has been on and off with or she has two kids for a "thug" (based on coli dictionary) who just got of the pen.
  3. Randoug

    Would you make a dime with good job and no kids your main if her last bf was white?

    I'm talking perfect face and body...chocolate queen who just happen to have come out of a 2 year relationship with Connor
  4. S

    Could you be just friends with an attractive girl ?

    You are friends with a girl who sees you as a brother. She has zero sexual attraction for you but likes you. She paints, she's comfortable talking about her sex life and problems with you, she's cool with you touching her breast or grabbing/spanking her ass, being around you while wearing bra...
  5. damn_ese

    would you be ok with a homeless shelter opening near your home?

    I would be ok with it if it was for families, not the crazy azz muthafukkas pickin fights with defenseless light poles:dame:
  6. BrothaZay

    Who would you rather chill with, Tom from Myspace or Mark Zuckerberg

    One is a swagless Billionaire, the other is the GOAT of this social media shyt :ohlawd:
  7. N

    Would you date a thick broad wit a 10 body but a face exactly like Jimmy Butler's?

    Random question I kno :patrice:... So her body like But her face like
  8. M

    Would You Smash Lil Kim Now?

    Can she still get it?
  9. O

    would you smash michelle rodman (aka dennis rodman's ex wife?)

  10. Raheem95

    would you smash, pass, or wife this Mexican chick from L.A. ? ...

    but had 3 older brothers that looked like this
  11. M

    Would You Hit A Girl If She Did This To You?

    Would you?
  12. ADK

    Would you name your son after you?

    First off, anyone with a daughter LOST :umad: Anywho would you name your son after you? I believe it upholds a standard in their life lowkey. Like I was gonna be named after my dad and I think if I would have been, I'd be slightly more successful.
  13. M

    Would you start a family with a lady that has a homasexual brother?

    I met this dimes wimmen that ticks all the right boxes but when I met her family, her brother seems like a homasexual mango. I think I'm going to start to distance myself breehs

    If you just got engaged, what would you do?

    You literally just proposed to an amazing woman the night before. She is a certified dime and is super wifey material. She goes to her parents house for the weekend. Her cousin has been staying with y'all for a week because she is soon moving to another state. It's her last day and you come...
  15. BrothaZay

    SPIN:If you had $100 to your name and no support, what city would you move to rebuild yourself?

    From a topic that arose in my other thread. Lets say you're down to your last $100, and no family/friend support. You obviously needa make money ASAP, but you got nowhere to go. You can go to any city in the country at no expense to get there, which city do you choose? I would say NYC or...
  16. M

    She's Looking For A Man Would You Cuff?

    Would you?
  17. Would you vote for a 3rd Obama term?

    Just simple question
  18. Buckeye Fever

    What would you do if somebody gave you this cd to listen to?

    :mjpls: Based off the cover, you'd probably be like :stopitslime::russ::francis::scust::martin::what::wtb::leostare::dame::comeon::beli::huhldup::pacspit::snoop::bryan::birdman::heh::scusthov::dahell::shaq2::aicmon::rudy::mindblown::wtf::camby: But if you actually bumped this joint, you will...
  19. GreenGrass

    If you were Vince McMahon, what changes would you make to the WWE Universe

    This is a free for all topic. If you were the president of the WWE, what changes would you do? Hire new set of wrestlers? extend the air time? invest in other leagues so you can have a "competition" with each other? Try out new story lines? air wrestling on a different network? bring back the...
  20. JerseyBoy23

    If WCW Won Would You Be Watching Nitro Every Week (Or Wrestling At All)?

    After analyzing Nitro and RAW's ratings in 2001, I noticed that Nitro still had a loyal 2.0.+ base that never budged. After WCW's demise, Vince never managed to get those WCW fans to tune in and I'm guessing they just left wrestling all together. With that in mind, would you still be watching...