1. Charlie Hustle

    Deviant Czech Republic (CZAC) has been found dead due to the use of a electric Ping Pong ball in a bid to gain some form of sexual gratification

    In a bizarre incident, a 30-year-old Czech Republic resident has been found dead due to the use of a Ping Pong ball in a bid to gain some form of sexual gratification, reported the New York Times. Doctors at the University Hospital of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic documented the insane...
  2. Charlie Hustle

    Cac Tales. Demonic man killed mother on Mother’s Day and threw the body in backyard pool. Told his brother she was a robot anyway

    Las Vegas man accused of killing mother on Mother’s Day, tossing body in backyard pool LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man accused of killing his mother on Mother’s Day reportedly told his brother, “That’s not our mom anyways,” according to an arrest report. On Sunday, May 15, at...
  3. BlackMajik

    Porn Girl in a Van tries to chat with sum brehs and this WEIRDNESS happens!!

    What in the hell??? :dahell: This was bizzare as fukk, like who in the fukk was this dude? And :mjlol:@ the awkward silence And :laff:@ how breh looked him up and down
  4. Warren Peace

    Cac gives black gf his piss to drink as a prank

  5. BaileyPark31

    Men or Women?

    Please clarify.. thankx
  6. Midnight Marauder

    WTF is up with Gen Z??! Confused Tik Toker identifies as a Hawk💀💀💀

  7. Rhule the World

    Ladies, y'all just be hunching y'all best friends??

  8. DrexlersFade

    Harvard Medical School offers course in OBGYN, pediatrics to identify LGBTQIA in newborns and ‘infants’ Babies delivered at Boston-area hospitals may be identified as LGBTQIA+ at birth in the very near future. Harvard Medical School is offering a course in specialty...
  9. da fuk

    da fuk

    where we going with this?
  10. FluffyEyes

    Play with your puss in public, Brehettes

    :snoop: She in a public stairwell diddling herself dressed like an elf, wth
  11. Charlie Hustle

    WTF 2,500 seals found dead ☠️ in southern Russia Sunday

    Russia 2,500 Caspian seals found dead along Russian coastline Deaths of endangered species probably happened a couple weeks ago, with the cause as yet unknown Associated Press Sun 4 Dec 2022 19.31 EST About 2,500 seals have been found dead on the Caspian Sea coast in southern Russia, officials...
  12. Nyck Devries WTF

    Nyck Devries WTF

  13. D

    Cousins being fine AF unappreciation

    This shyt got me thinking is this where the phrase kissing cousins comes from? My dad ain't shyt and broke out before I even turned 1 Had no relationship with him or his family at all growing up Im :flabbynsick: Just recently established contact with a cousin She's 28, her dad and my dad are...
  14. knnymac

    Can any BTNH fan explain these lyrics for me?

    Timestamp around the 3:40 mark Neva mess with white girls but I roll those white Boys nikkas come out the pen and they roll some tight Joints tight joints My shyt is swollen you shouldnt be rollin Livin on green leaves that will make your heart Bleed for the moment Just go and let me split up...
  15. Seoul Gleou

    Minimum wage has been the same since 1968

    And minimum wage itself was made law just 30 years before that. So basically the US government said, "here's your wages, now hold your own nuts" for almost 100 years :skip: HOW IS ANYONE OKAY WITH THIS SHYT? :dahell::why: For reference, minimum wage in Canada is $15 Canadian. Even if you...
  16. Unknown Poster

    White Nationalist Closet Case Nick Fuentes: "Having Sex with Women is Gay"

    ‘Having sex with women is gay’: White nationalist praises involuntary celibacy :dame: :dahell:
  17. BlackJesus

    Coli brehs producing struggle rap video and this happens

    All while fake pantomiming to no music :russ: Step your "rapper hands" game up bro
  18. ORDER_66

    Make it Make sense, China!!! Winter Olympics Ski Jump :Laff:

    Jesus fukking Christ!!!!:mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::dwillhuh::mindblown:
  19. Son Goku

    DaHell: Five kids die in a bouncy house that fell 33 feet?!

    5 children die in bouncy castle accident in Australia Thu, December 16, 2021, 12:00 AM·1 min read SYDNEY (AP) — Five children died and four others were in critical condition on Thursday after falling from a bouncy castle that was lifted 10 meters (33 feet) into the air by a gust of wind at a...
  20. Cuban Pete

    Y'all ever smashed a celebrity in your dreams?

    This the second time I had a dream Im fukking the life out of Cardi B :gucci: I don't even like Cardi like that I think Megan, Saweetie and Nicki are all badder :gucci: fukk is my subconscious mind on rn brehs:gucci: This nikka Offset showed up in the dream and was looking for me with a gun...