young thug

  1. ISO

    Young Thug to Casanova | “U the new HOV my luv” :dead:

    Peep comments, I’m weak :mjlol:

    Issa (Mastered Version) (21 Savage ✖ Young Thug ✖ Drake)

    Issa (Ft. Young Thug & Drake) [Prod. By Wheezy, Narcos, BricksDaMane & TM88] *(Mastered Version) <<<< LINK This an adjustment of that leak that sounded clearer but had huge volume disparities between everybody's vocals. I tweaked the levels a lot til it all bangs right, and cleaned off some...
  3. brickflair

    Still an essential Young Thug song

    The beat:wow: Those flows !:ohlawd: One of the songs u play to someone who wants to get into his music, sadly we might never get metrothuggin
  4. AMcV'88

    we were spoiled getting Barter 6 and DS2 in the same year.

    three years later magnifique.
  5. iseetrolledpeople

    J. Cole calls Thugger a genius

    It's not the first time he's been called a genius. Even Kanye. I like some of his stuff here and there, but fail to see his geniusness. Can someone explain it like I'm 5?
  6. RebelX

    Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan collab otw? (2018)

  7. B

    Young Thug Indirectly Warns Rick Ross About Dissing Birdman:Anybody Gotta Problem With Birdman..

  8. LightSkinYeshua

    How should I tell my cousin...

    That i think his son got a little fruitiness to him. :lupe: I went over to my cousins house the other day to drink some beers and watch the Alabama game on some chill shyt. As soon as I walk into the house, his son strutted over to say hi. I thought it was kind of strange but I didnt make...
  9. Ekene

    Young Thug – To Me (Everybody)

  10. Young Thug Tweet

    Young Thug Tweet

  11. T.H.E. Goat

    Young Thug Is A Next Level Junkie

    He posted this on his Snapchat
  12. Egale H

    Lil jet pack-level up

    Check it out he's dope new talent
  13. ISO

    Super Slimey vs. Without Warning

    I got Without Warning, enjoying the tape on this Halloween. :mjgrin:
  14. Iceson Beckford

    Future or Young Thug? Who is ATLs best out?

    With the release of Super Slimey, lets open the dialogue, word to Charles Barkley :mjgrin: This isn’t for flabby heads who dismiss everything post 2005 as mumble rap and are still talking about Smack DVD freestyles, shoutout my mans Shea Davis tho :salute: All of my friends prefer Thugger...
  15. M

    Zoey Dollaz - Move Like The Mob Ft. Young Thug & Lil Durk

    Zoey Dollaz "Moves Like The Mob" On His New Song Alongside Young Thug & Lil Durk. LISTEN / DOWNLOAD HERE
  16. M

    Young Thug - Right On 'Em

    DOWNLOAD Young Thug - Right On 'Em
  17. Ishman


    BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS by Young Thug on Apple Music
  18. ISO

    SahBabii | Pull Up With Ah Stick Remix ft. Young Thug, S.A.N.D.A.S. out on Apple Music

    S.A.N.D.A.S. is also now out remastered on Apple Music and all streaming platforms with the bonus track Marsupial Superstars.
  19. MoneyTron

    Young Thug is pronouncing his words and I'm not sure I like it yet

    Brehs, people have been complaining about not understanding Thugger since he jumped on the scene. He is usually one of the first rappers people give an example of when referring to mumble rap. But, dude uses his voice in a way where the lyrics aren't really a focus. His flows and melodies are...