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  1. Tunechi

    Destroy Lonely Picks Lil Wayne Over Drake, Future & Young Thug

    While out on tour in Australia earlier this year, Destroy Lonely caught up with Culture Kings in one of their streetwear clothing stores. Lonely was asked who he would pick out of Lil Wayne vs. Drake, Lil Wayne vs. Future and Lil Wayne vs. Young Thug… and he named Weezy in all of questions...
  2. Suspicious Dingo

    Albums Young Thug - Business is Business Anticipation Thread (Drops At Midnight) New music from Young Thug may be on the way after the artist took to Instagram to share a cryptic countdown accessible via a QR code. The countdown is set to go off on between Thursday, June 22 and...
  3. Suspicious Dingo

    Singles Yeat ft Young Thug - My Wrist

    Hardest song to come out so far this year
  4. Chris Cool

    1017 Thug 10 Year Anniversary Appreciation Thread

    Free thugger :mjcry:
  5. Rhapture

    Nurse caught smuggling Marijuana and Cocaine to Young Thug and Gunna

  6. Playaz Eyez

    Atlanta needs to rally around 21 Savage & Young Nudy…

    …instead of all the Young Stoner Life bozos :manny: :manny: :manny: :manny: :manny: :manny: I don’t know how y’all allowed a perpetrating fake gay cross dresser with a label full of dudes that sound like they’re crying while being held at gunpoint prosper in the first stinks. I mess with...
  7. Playaz Eyez

    Which “Best Friend” did you prefer ?

  8. Versace Joffrey

    Wait, so Young Thugs Slime Season was inspired by Chucky the doll??

    I was watching Childs Play 2 yesterday and had to rewind the theme song because the shyt went hard but then I’m like :ohhh: this sound like thugga’s old shyt from the slime days. Y’all think he was inspired by chuck? :lupe:
  9. Drip Bayless

    Drip, Mid, or Basura Vol: 3

    How we feeling about these yall :mjlol::mjgrin:
  10. Chris Cool

    Peewee Longway on Big Facts podcast

  11. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Chris Brown, Young Thug - Go Crazy (Remix) ft. Future, Lil Durk, Mulatto

  12. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Young Thug x Gunna x Yak Gotti - Take It To Trial (Official Video)

  13. Tunechi

    (VIDEO) Lil Wayne '2 Diamonds' [Young Thug and Lil Baby freestyle]

    Check out the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “2 Diamonds” track below. The song, which is a freestyle over Young Thug and Lil Baby’s “Bad Bad Bad” collaboration, appears on Side A of Weezy‘s No Ceilings 3 mixtape. Are you a fan of what Tunechi did to Thugger and Baby’s record? Lil Wayne...
  14. Ahadi

    Singles Travis Scott Feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. - FRANCHISE

    From Travis' shop: "The new single FRANCHISE feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. Produced by Chase B. Performed by: Travis Scott. Live from Utopia.
  15. DoubleO7

    Travis Scott - White Tee feat. Young Thug (Snippet)

  16. Tunechi

    Young Thug listening and rapping along to Lil Wayne's verse off Outkast's "Hollywood Divorce"

    Young Thug recently shared a video of himself listening and rapping along to Lil Wayne‘s classic verse on OutKast’s “Hollywood Divorce” single. With a snippet of an unreleased collaboration from the two surfacing online a few days ago, do you think that they could be putting their past beef...
  17. Tunechi

    Snippet of unreleased Young Thug and Lil Wayne song prod. BricksDaMane

    Over 2 years ago, we found out that Lil Wayne and Young Thug had an unreleased collaboration produced by BricksDaMane. A short snippet for this song has now surfaced online, which was presumably recorded in 2014 as Thug did mention back then he has “recorded a million tracks with Wayne...
  18. Rhapture


    J. Cole just told XXL in his new cover story that he has plans of flooding the game with music in 2019, and apparently that includes more than just his own projects. Sources close to Young Thug have just confirmed that Cole will be serving as the executive producer on Thugger's new album, and...
  19. ISO

    Young Thug to Casanova | “U the new HOV my luv” :dead:

    Peep comments, I’m weak :mjlol:

    Issa (Mastered Version) (21 Savage ✖ Young Thug ✖ Drake)

    Issa (Ft. Young Thug & Drake) [Prod. By Wheezy, Narcos, BricksDaMane & TM88] *(Mastered Version) <<<< LINK This an adjustment of that leak that sounded clearer but had huge volume disparities between everybody's vocals. I tweaked the levels a lot til it all bangs right, and cleaned off some...