Snippet of unreleased Young Thug and Lil Wayne song prod. BricksDaMane


Tunechi Baby
Dec 14, 2013

Over 2 years ago, we found out that Lil Wayne and Young Thug had an unreleased collaboration produced by BricksDaMane.

A short snippet for this song has now surfaced online, which was presumably recorded in 2014 as Thug did mention back then he has “recorded a million tracks with Wayne already”.

You can listen to a sneak peek of this unreleased Tunechi and Thugger collabo after the jump below. Do you think the full record will ever see the light of day?

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May 23, 2012
New Orleans/Bay
mannnn, I remember them lil vids of Weezy turning the fukk up to Danny Glover & Stoner at clubs and shows and shyt. he was putting on for Thugger heavy, was gonna put him on Carter 5 and everything

why Thug had to fukk that all up?

we've seen from the Carter 5 OG leaks that the original album was good enough to have just dropped back then. Like, what if Birdman hadnt tried to punk Wayne and shelf him?

what if Thug had never tried to call his album Carter 6? Just called his shyt HiTunes or Hy!£UN35 or whatever, and had Wayne & Drake feature on 'Eww' like they had planned? he coulda had beeeeeen blew up, way back then. Instead he tried to stunt on Weezy, with a lowkey album that he had to act like was a mixtape after it didnt blow up. But what if it just had that actual hit song that they needed to make it official? Cant believe they had that shyt recorded but didnt even use it, cuz they wanted drama instead...

and that drama/rift seemed like it was kinda what made Rich Homie Quan turn on Thug too somewhat. there was other shyt too, but I remember a interview where Quan said he still fukked with Wayne and wasnt gonna choose sides and just go back to doing his solo thing.

what if Rich Gang dropped a retail album? and more albums? and Weezy had dropped like 3 albums since then probably, and maybe eventually left for RocNation probably but Cash Money and Young Money would still be real labels putting out hella people's albums, and what if Thug didnt have to wait 5 years to finally drop his "debut" album? What if they were all just still making music with each other this whole time???

We missed out on a lot of heat cuz of Birdman & Thug trying to flex on Weezy. and ultimately, in the end, Weezy kinda won, eventually. but they all lost, and the fans lost even more. Don't get me wrong I love Thugger but what did he get out of that? that drama held him back way more than it helped him