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The M.I.C.

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Dec 2, 2015
Charlotte - Washington D.C.
Why'd you one-star your own thread

Why aren't my threads automatically featured, you know they're gonna blow anyway

Why does @M.I.C. seem to think you share Coli operational procedures with him

Why didn't I get Poster of The Year for 2015, when there was CLEARLY no other poster with my body of work
My Coli 2015 year in review(so far) is:whew: :

I took two threads meant as attacks on me, and turned them into Plats:

Problackpanther got one of the most moist avi's ever, facts

This social misfit @ProBlack Panther is a creep with no friends

....took over two of Charmander's threads and turned them into instant Plats:

i just rescued a lil baby kitten from being ran over infront of the store and brought it home :3

dap and rep me for making it to 20,000 posts

Then there's my own platinum classics :whew: :

So I'm really about to eat ALL of this sh!t

I stepped my game up?

So how the hell is an index finger supposed to look?? :dahell:

BARNETT'S 114 & 115 - edit: and the mrkens, and the turks - get in heaaaa

Felicia from the movie FRIDAY, 20 years later!! (and she posts on the Coli!!)

It's Father's Day and Daddy is home @BishopKissGenitalsDinero/@Strugglemander getchall ass in hea

@Mowgli with the Fhillipians wife, question...

If you can't grow a beard you are losing TERRIBLY in 2015

Smash or Pass: Coli Bedwench Edition

(I purposely saved this one for last :wow: This^ was my bcrusaderw titty exposal thread.Thread was literally RAFTERS, and suffered a fate that it did NOT deserve. Instead of simply deleting the pic that I posted of THE TOP of her boobs, they deleted the ENTIRE THREAD, deleted a CLASSIC, a classic that had everybody screaming rafters for the entire last 2 pages of it, pic didn't show any nipple or anything smh

Edit: "Wouldn't be surprised if you had sandpaper soles.."

I've also voluntarily done Coli-cleanup work, going 3 out of 3 on ban threads of three MAJOR racist trolls with exposal threads on each one of them: :obama:

White boy openly admits: "I troll 90% of the time that I'm on the Coli"

I have some trash that needs to be taken out, @cook and @brooklynzson can u help?

Filthy halfcac Coli troll from the United Kingdom is okay with sex with 13 year olds

I even have 2 outstanding honorable mention sleepers.. both should've been rafters :wow: or at least been Featured

No one in professional sports gets trolled worse than Adrian Beltre

Get drunk, start a fight, miss 6 punches in a row, fall, and tear an ACL, brehs.

This is why I don't spend a lot of money on clothes

2015 what a ride :whew:

Why yall never explain to a n!gga how to use this Coli cash, but stay dishing it out

Why yall wont let us dish out unlimited negs once you hit +2000 rep

Stop fukking mentioning me you over the hill fakkit.

Milk N Cookies

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Sep 4, 2013
Movies and tv shows
Whats up with a 50% off on coli gear........for us 2012 subscribers :mjpls:
At first I was :krs: then I read the fine print.:francis:

Also let me add to the people who tried to say the Coli was on some :hamster: :ufdup: I suggest u apologize and come correct when you use the Coli's name. :birdman: