AkaDemiK vs BuddyOmar (Round 2) Vote Now!!!

Who won?

  • AkaDemiK

    Votes: 48 88.9%
  • BuddyOmar

    Votes: 6 11.1%

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Nov 8, 2014
I know dude won't win but I fukked with @BuddyOmar 's shyt, track was hilarious and I couldn't even listen to Aka's shyt without hearing that "Gravy" hook and cracking up. :mjlol:


you mad..you big mad..I’m happy..leave me alone
Dec 8, 2014

let’s get it straight, you just another vic on my blade
buddy omar, funny nikka thinkin he gay
he spit that kit kat, i’m thinkin I could kill him with eight
but only need 4 bars nikka, gimme a break
pen in a page, been in a rage
cause my conscience, thinkin i should stomp him with the timbs or the j’s
this a battle for a hunnid nikka, this isn't paid
so you get this work for cheap boy, minimum wage
i’m loaded, spit game focus you nikkas know this
it’s hopeless, you gon need jesus, a couple locust
a speech from the potus, social memes trynna roast us
meek, if he wrote this, still couldn't reach the voters
fakkit, nikkas know ak is the truth
i’m back in the booth, clark kent wrapped in the suit
It's a tragedy, when i’m done snackin this fool
they laughin at you like man you seen what happened to dude?
put your body on display, get waxed for the figures
rookie, you pussier than cat litter shytters
the thugs don't like you, no rap nikkas feel it
even marks don't respect you like you back with the clippers
He showed up to battle, expecting a polI
No literally, showed up expecting a pole
See you flaming, it all makes sense you a troll
And Ya whole styles a meme, no respecting ya flow
Wordplay genius, nikkas know I spit sick
Phony shark, I'm tony hawk, when I kick flips
see I rip shyt, flowing this mean
so/sew and it seems/seams this nikka rather go in my jeans
I gotta lift the hammer up when i’m scopin ya team
star trek, the way I rose with the beam
mean, fukk duct tape, I come for the fade
let’s rumble and shake, his heart start to crumble and quake
this shyt is nutty, I slump him with a punch in the face
cause i ain’t showing buddy love, so don’t clump me with fakes
Wait, oyoy what the fukk does it mean?
Oyoy, could be a couple of things
Oyoy, does it come with a meme?
Or is Oyoy, when u gettin fukked n u scream
i’m rocky with the music, loco in the ring
I could box or smoke you like a vocal let it sing
Weighing/wayne options, the bat or I poke him with the thing
Jared Leto, u just another joker on the scene
you a queen, out in venus playing with balls
and after I earth you, they compare me to mars
You a coli celebrity and i’m kanan with bars
just to ghost him with the tommy I be airing at stars/starz
more trash, to clean early with the clever shyt
why bother robin you? you ain’t never met a nick
surfin/seraphin on the net, lil boys, pedo shyt
And you like em soft, you stay ridin mellow/melo dikk
and they banned you, homie for some sorta crap
caught a rap, talkin kobe daughter in her father lap
finger up her ass right? weirdo how you thought of that?
may 1st, 2015, yea i saw it scrap http://tinyurl.com/ojy5k66
whole site mobbin you, chris hansen lean gif
cook gave you time off, now you in some deep shyt
threw you where the beast is, punchin down ya defense
one fist reaching, you think I hit a mean whip
YAH!!...you trash, i’m certain for sure
another body on the board like you surfin the shore
bring lyrics, being gay is not perk at the door
you michael sam, cause that fakkit shyt ain’t working no more
i’m in ya town, hooded up, grippin the tool
3 man weave in the coupe, trynna flip him and move
ya minnie sorta cute/minnesota, but i’m thinkin a jewels
cuz for that ruby, oh them wolves wiggin on u
yea, cocky bars, rocky hard
secret service with the verses, every line is a body gawd
go get farrakhan you fukkin with atomic bomb
and don't try to be a hero, save that shyt for comic-con
how many characters you faking at once?
cause you sound like a white boy fakin the funk
is it omar or buddy, who’s name do you want?
are these rhymes even yours? you the drake of the month
nikka quit it, you spitting bout nikkas gettin ate out
get a new image all this gimmick shyt is played out
cause I don’t know one nikka writin like that
lets get racial/rachel, you don’t know if you white or you black
you try to sneak in, hat low, right in the back
screamin black power thinkin if we like it we dap
go put ya life in track and don’t lie to me scrap
and look the man in the mirror before ya mic in the jack
and when you hit the record, to get hype on a track
say it, my names buddy and I am a cac
who think he had enough? he done woke the dragon up
p*ssy couldn't back it up, A now/anal fukk this fakkit up
I know you mad neg reppin me hard
this a consecutive charge for identity fraud
Think you Omar, Blaow! put ya head on a wall
and they respectin the shooter, akademik's kenard
see my writtens is mean, with the pen imma god
and I could kill you off the top with some kennedy bars


This shyt ether:scust:
@BuddyOmar is it Omar or Buddy
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