All the Extreme Republicans Boosted by Democrats in the Primaries Lost Their Midterm Races


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Jun 16, 2015
Like it did in 2020? His brand will never be as strong as it was in 2020. All he has now is a rising competitor, fatigue within his own party and 2 large losses on his resume since then. The Dems are PRAYING this mfer runs in 2024, its a free win.

Not to mention it would get them more senate and house seats with the way things are looking for 2024. Once they got those majorities with enough to cancel out Manchin and Sinema, its a wrap. They gonna secure voting rights and Roe will be written into law and more. That will buy them elections in the next cycle after Joe easily.

I disagree. 2020 was a major outlier with Trump mismanaging Covid and unprecedented mail-in voting volume hurting him. Trump is still their best chance. Especially if he tailors his messaging to focus more on the declining white population. Don’t underestimate these people, they’ll lie to polls and vote one way now to get the public to lower its guard then revert right back to Trump. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if many got on code and sacrificed mid-terms to make it seem like far-right candidates are unelectable, encouraging Democrats to use this same strategy on a larger scale then surprise everyone and vote those far-right people in. Don’t underestimate the level of deception these people will use.
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