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    Chronic Ink, A Tattoo Studio in Toronto, Canada, is hosting a contest to find Toronto's First Tattoo Studio Personality. The Winner win be in charge of the shop's Social Media and will be conducting interviews with artists within the shop and abroad.

    I believe I am the perfect candidate for this contest as I've been a fan of the shop, and not only has it been my dream to work there as a tattoo artist, but also to travel the world and meet artists abroad to learn more about the World of Tattooing, it's history and its culture as well as its modern developments, and it's ever evolving art styles.

    Not only will I be able to represent the shop with my respect for the industry, and my persistence and humility in learning the craft but I'll be able to provide an unique point of view as a person of color in the industry, both as an aspiring artist and a client.

    It has all the ingredients to be a deep and enriching as well as entertaining experience.

    So without further introduction, I present my entry. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
    #ReppingChronicInk #Toronto #ChronicInk #Tattoos #WorkProud #WearProud #FindYourWay


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