CM Punk reportedly not satisfied with AEW

Cattle Mutilation

Dec 7, 2016
Its funny this conversation going on becuase I just watched the new episode of Being the Elite with Kenny back as it came up on my Youtube reccomendations. Now I never really watch that show and only caught maybe a handful episodes since it started....

I've heard people say theres stuff on there that threads to AEW tv....I was shocked how much:gucci:. They had a segment where Matt Hardy is watching Private Party thriving on TV backstage and saying regrets letting down and leading them to the wrong...which is probably gonna lead to something on TV and Im like "Yo why isnt this Dynamite or Rampage?":dahell: They'll probably pop and be cool again and do a 6 man tag and people will be confused lol

Now I get it because the reason this company even launched was because amongst other things Being the Elite drew numbers and was the place all their angles and promos for doing stuff on the indies was threaded so I knew it would play a factor. But not this much. They need to do at least 20 second recaps before a match on the main show of it to give context. Or if you wanna keep the super indie asthetic direct people to watch the channel

To be fair I remember saying here on these forums about WWE when people felt there wasnt enough Wrestling and wasted promos backstage or angles why dont they thread more on their Youtube channel especially when it monster views but I guess theres a reason
I rarely watch BTE. Decided to watch this week's. What a random ass Mark Jindrak sighting. "Show" still largely unnecessary for following AEW.

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