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Nov 9, 2015
You're still making it open and shut. Interweaving your personal feelings into the incident. The question is, what's law? In Texas do you have a time limit to beat feet off someone's property if you have a court order to get your child and they're not present? Or can you wait for authorities? While you're waiting for authorities can you talk your shyt without being shot, or must you stfu?

See your personal feelings don't mean a thing when it comes to law. Was he stupid, perhaps, but was he still within the law?

At the same time was it legal for Kyle to bring that gun out for someone who was there by court order and who's only threat was to drag them to court? Did he have a Right to wait for authorities to arrive?

Legally. He is the boyfriend he is not a part of this court order. That order was placed between the mother and the father. What legal connection does this man have to this child? He wasn't married to the mother and he has no parental rights. I'd even venture to say he wasn't in the picture when visitation was ordered. How do you enforce a parental rights/visitation order against the boyfriend?

Down this legal rabbit begs the question: In my own home, I have to listen to another man who I have ZERO legal relationship with because my GIRLFRIEND entered into this agreement? Where does his parental right begin and the right to be secure in my domicile end? Lets just say he busted the lock because he believed the kid was there--would he be ok because he was given a court order to see his son?


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May 17, 2015
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This is a lot more divisive than Rittenhouse, even amongst 'conservatives'. The courts need to be smart about this and acknowledge everybody's stupidity in the situation.

Otherwise, some dumb asses will create a situation much worse than this and force them to change some laws.


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Apr 30, 2012
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Just because it’s technically “law” doesn’t mean it was right or just
He was within his rights in the state of Texas for those actions. That’s all it means. Which is what I said from the jump. That guy is now fukking and living with his ex, while having full custody of the kid he was trying to get back. All because he couldn’t keep his ego in check. Maybe he took solace in becoming a 15 page thread on the coli dot com before he became wormfood.