K Da G vs ComputersPutin (Round 1) Vote!!!


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  • ComputersPutin

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Apr 30, 2012
The Coli
@K Da G
  • Audio must be submitted before Wednesday August 12th at 11:59 PM EST
  • You must mention your opponent's Coli screenname atleast once on the track
  • Please use a decent site to host your audio such as Soundcloud. No Vocaroos
  • Support your fellow Coli brehs and vote/comment on the other matchups
  • Polls go up once both MC's post their track
  • Do not reply to this thread until both opponents have posted their audio.

If you have trouble uploading PM me or Cook and we'll give you our email address so you can shoot us your MP3.

Mrl HiGrnd

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Jul 4, 2015



Coming at me is so stupid
nikkas about to get boogie
Ill do this shyt like a movie
Spit on yo face with a loogie
Flashing my jewelry

Computer putin
You are much than nuisance
You are delusion
You a stay losing
You an illusion

I will stay crushing
I will stay stuntn

I’ma go loose in the coupe
with yo girl and she gushing
telling me that you are nothing
I can keep her blushing
nikka my dollar signs got me on Autobahns
while you is bussin

Dollar sign dollar sign
make ya girl rub my dong
Tall money
you a Kevin Hart money ride along
kinda nikka rock Sean Jean call it Gucci
I aint usually judge so I’ma call Judy

So bytch nikka sue me
bring yo suits and yo cases
ill check you like Nike
knock you right out of yo Asics

Boy i will cut you in pieces
bury the pieces
water that shyt for an hour
Smoke me sour
come back tomorrow
look at the ground
see a bytch nikka flower

you is so much more than stupid
nikkas about to go lucid
you a get bodied
eat on dis beef like I’m chewing on Jamaican patty

I keep on hustling
nikka you named after Russians
sleeping you rushing for nothing
nikka you moving so slooooow
lil boy you aint even know

Putin you never gon rain on my sauna
open the door no you really don’t wanna
I’m the chocolate Obama
higher than planets rolled in marijuana

wasted and faded thats just what i call it
when i get my day in
I keep on slaying
dragon my dikk through these dames
like I’m game of thrones
nikka i made it home


You like a phony weave
that mean your track is weak
you overstayed your welcome
you wack just leave
imma put your moms in a state of grief
make her wish that she never went raw that week

Computers Putin
fukking with me is so stupid x2
back out nikka
fukking with me is so stupid


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May 6, 2012

I don't write lyrics down.....I construct in my head and just record.....so..I typed the lyrics up after the fact in case the mix didnt come out right...so the lyrics aren't exact.

they call me CP boy...im nice with the words man
talk shyt leave yo dumbass all over the curb man
20 dollars for the glock..word to lil herb man
hit em hard ...he seeings stars around his head thats Birdman
hit em hard hit em hard ..but naw dont leave him dead
have him barely holding on......stevie wonder dreds
shout out to the booth thats the circle thats the circle
you a bond fire only thing flaming in the circle (fakkit)
I said I did it ...Yea I did it....
I said im with it...yea im with it
heard you killin on the track...oh you a winner huh
but off the track you turning p*ssy just like bruce jenner
heard you posting for them daps but getting none like braxton
errrrr........thats a jamie foxx line
ima push this nikka wig back.....jamie foxx line
now bring it all back....jamie foxx line

shoutout to @ThiefyPoo shout out to malcom (@malcolmxxx_45 ) too
SOHH ICEY BOys....and that TC crew :salute:
you got a gun like @C-Styles it aint got no rounds...
my gun about the size of @Willstyles it will put you down
sorta like some means words..crazy with the melodies
CP be a playa..word up to Bill Belamy
shot...put a hole in you...another if you acting big
Ayeeee (A)....i'm just trying to make the letter B
see (C) how I do it? dont (D)eny it..its so (E)asy,
killed him now you gotta hear verse from the Ouija
Board/Bored with his lines so I killed him one more time
headshot....BOW....cotdamn he lost his mind
Whos K da G? I put the K to G....
run up on his spot...blow it up..Al qaeda G (I'll K Da G),
Reverend CP with the serman ...watch me preach cuz...
how KG gonna win..without the Truth..and Jesus?
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