KushSkywalker vs AkaDemiK vs Charlie (Round 3) - Vote!


  • KushSkywalker

    Votes: 31 53.4%
  • AkaDemiK

    Votes: 21 36.2%
  • Charlie

    Votes: 6 10.3%

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Apr 30, 2012
The Coli

  • Audio must be submitted before Wednesday August 26th at 11:59 PM EST
  • You must mention your opponent's Coli screenname atleast once on the track
  • Please use a decent site to host your audio such as Soundcloud. No Vocaroos
  • Support your fellow Coli brehs and vote/comment on the other matchups
  • Polls go up once both MC's post their track
  • Do not reply to this thread until both opponents have posted their audio.

If you have trouble uploading PM me or Cook and we'll give you our email address so you can shoot us your MP3.


I Love Hip-Hop
Apr 30, 2012

akademik runnin this rap shyt
bars and beats is runnin this rap shyt
punchline nikka runnin this rap shyt
wordplay nikka runnin this rap shyt
kush skywalker spittin that wack shyt
get zipped up in plastic when it happens, that’s it

ayo this muthafukka kush think he the god in the stars
skywalkin till I force him now he trottin to mars
plottin too hard, sloppy when you jotting ya bars
they uneven, I swing on em like I'm Dominic Dawes
I picture you, crocs in a shorts with snot in ya schnoz
you prolly still rockin girbaud, i’m the rock of gibralt’
popular naw, nikka ain’t hot as you thought
and all that cocky shyt you poppin, get you rocked in ya jaw
those words could set/cassette you get you boxed in the yard
wind back one shot I make you stop with the paws/pause
can’t beat me, rookie moves got you this far
see ya chess/chest sorta weak, it’s just not/knot in ya heart
only way you gon win is if I hop in a bar
happy hour just a dollar for a shot on the charge
got in a brawl, drunk sex, cock in a broad
pass out, wake up Thursday and forgot to record
but this is real life and those dreams are popular thoughts
From all the nikkas I done chopped into small chocolate s'mores
you a pasty muhfukka like a cotton with jaws
Got smacked twice and came back like you caught in withdrawals
first it was the beats http://bit.ly/1UiQt0l then it was the punches
a couple more hits and man you toppin the charts
like 'i’m not sure', ya baby moms a 'shot in the dark'
chris brown singing on tour, i'm poppin a broad
for gettin catty, the eagle at ya birdie tomorrow
then i dump you in the gulf cause we not even par
you and ya girl dead, see I gave you a favor
and don’t worry bout ya kid, he gon pay with the razor
wave the blade at his face give ya baby a taper
few lines in his back like monte on the pacers
I don’t play bruh, no god is able to save ya
for that bull I bomb on you like a jager with chaser
don’t pop shyt and please stay away from the faders
you trash sonically, spinning tales you a faker
don’t egg him, i’ll knuckle him, playing no sega
dr. robotnik ya optic when I aim with the laser
that’s a red dot, head shot, brains into vapor
facing techs like you made the front page in the paper
you came in/kaman, claimin you play with the blazer
but on ya block you put in no work, the laziest neighbor

akademik runnin this rap shyt
bars and beats is runnin this rap shyt
punchline nikka runnin this rap shyt
wordplay nikka runnin this rap shyt
this nikka charlie spittin that wack shyt
get zipped up in plastic when it happens, that’s it
body bag season, stuffed in a casket

a wise man told me don’t argue with fools
so I gave the boy a lesson, takin charlie to school
ain’t no flinchin if you thinkin i’m a target for you
cause I ain’t swimmin with the sharks, this a job at the pool
uh, you lack tempo, potential, but you rap simple
scratch the surface and can’t reach me like a back pimple
the rap kimbo, act civil, jack nimble
before I light you off the roof like a bat symbol
the jabs hit you, these punches no weave duckin
please cuz I rush you with deez, you think police comin
the beat bumpin, body bag you on any block
for thinkin you the one seeing eye like fetty wap
you petty ahk, i’m betty crock with the heavy pot
quick to pin him, I spit the venom like eddie brock
and I don’t care if your dezzy cocked, i’m dancin
bring the hands in (hanson) long as you here(hair), you gettin bopped
why so arrogant? shyt is so embarrassing
bored of my new work/Newark cause you live right next to maryland
my old shyt will challenge him, nikka ain’t as talented
you can ask Kush, I ain’t the one to battle with
you got a lil flow but ya bars ain’t matchin it
defeat sneak up on you cause, you ain't knew the balances
snatching off ya chains and ya rings if you flashing it
the only way to keep me off the ice, nancy kerrigan
for keepin up appearances, gon have to bring ya parents in
apparently you suck and nikka fukk comparisons
don’t worry who I sound like, I’ll kill you with a soundbite
around mics i’m tyson, fightin with the crown tight
i’m down right vicious, treat scales like the richter
melodies ripped up, lookin like the victor
who curse yall (kershaw), now i’m in ya base with the blicker
you’ll be dodging more K’s than klayton, get the picture

akademik runnin this rap shyt
bars and beats is runnin this rap shyt
punchline nikka runnin this rap shyt
kush skywalker spittin that wack shyt
this nikka charlie spittin that wack shyt
get zipped up in plastic when it happens, that’s it
body bag season, stuffed in a casket

they tried to skate, but look, ain’t no denying fate
you vampires, for having heart, ya life at stake
empire state, i’m that tall you rats reachin
all that gang bang and couldnt beat me tag teaming
a black demon, that get loose with the toy
cause if charlie think we kickin it i’ll lucy the boy
see that wood stock on me, when I snoop n destroy
kill Charlie for some peanuts, I shoot him in joy
so what you sayin (usain) kush, we only hear the gatlin flow
see i’m jamaican you can’t beat me on the track you hoe
dogs go to heaven charlie, never the booth
you charlie chaplin all ya shyt is better on mute
for gettin cute, shoot, splatter his memory
half a clip, kush everywhere like we at a dispensary
the other batch for charlie and he won’t hear the weapon sound
Think I'm lying/lion till I get him with the 2nd round (charlie batch/lions/2nd rd draft)

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Walker Lexus Ranger
Jun 9, 2012
This family life make this shyt almost impossible :mjcry: Wrote this shyt at work today and one taked it after I ate and put my kid to sleep :mjcry:

Two disses, first part for Charlie second for Ak.

Man fukk this shyt Im tired dog, I know last round wasn't that fire ya'll, lets be honest I was barely even tryin dog, and yall been talkin p*ssy, vagina monologues

Hey Charlie what you wanna do?,
I move whole crowds like Bonaroo,
and I put a dot on each side of you and a line right through I'm dividing you,

puttin that shyt on my mama dukes,
aint a petting zoo when I bring the llama through,
got it down to a T so Im on to U,
and 'm sonnin these hecklers like obama do,
all of these rhymes you should know I'm the dopiest wit it,
I'm rocking chuck and I aint on my crip shyt, (chuck taylors)
It don't really matter how you think you rollin wit it,
Charlie couldn't see these bars with a golden ticket,

and that's just the monologue, you gonna wish your ass never got involved,
as far as the game I can tell that you not evolved,
he no spit fire and ya'll think char is hard? (charizard)

ya'll gonna think that im bitin the Migos flow,
but i been doing this since I was 15 years old,
ya voice is soft and its moist as a p*ssy a kitty cat I call you figaro figaro,
get animated and im given 6 to ya big hero, dig it tho,get it though?,

better than ever and better than ya'll could've figured tho, y'all didn know that I been a pro,
me I been keeping bombs like I'm in Vietnam, running through charlie like I think he Vietcong,

I'm catching bodies as soon as the beat is on,
you think I won't but I Will bytch like Nia Long, (Wills bytch was Nia Long)
Im the one cac hat'll probably bust you,
I got cartridges on cartridges like Sonic n Knuckles, moafukka

listen you getting bodied by a back packer, uhhh
you getting bodied by a cac rapper ha
and I dont wann hear no laughs after,
and I don't wanna get no daps atfer,

posted up, couple clicks for em Ima boost my rep,
red dots everywhere Im givin you the negs, (posted, clicks, forum, rep, negs)

fukk that son is wilin,
this shyt was over as soon as I found out that I was crazy like shutter island, (spoiler the movie ended after he found out he was crazy)
why he actin like he pack guns,
he'll be in ohio by tomorrow as fast Im makin ak run (akron ohio),

rappin a tough verse you clappin the gun first?
poke a couple holes in me? ak you punk ! sure...(poke a couple holes, acupuncture)
attackin ak for actin as if his rap is immaculate,
I'm on point with my targets and ak ur it (accurate),

you really aint the best as a matter of fact ,
I'll punish em and put the mac to the back of you ak (punisher puts a mac in the back of acs :manny:)
pick a play the zone locked down we zip em off,
you brought ya team thought you finn a rob, send em off,
I ain't playing with you shorty, callme Devon Mcourty, soon as I switched the safety I started to pick em off, (when devon switched to safety he started getting picks, minus his rookie year)

academic a style is what you lacking,
faking when you playin ya role must be an ak ting (acting)
im runnin up on em gun up under my lap thing
get on my peedi crakk snapin lettin the mac rrrring,
I hear the bars but no passion, verbs turn to past tense, when bullets takin out ak shin,
he aint about action, I break em to fractions,
slashing him half when shyt aint adding up with the math,

bytch you better acknowledge,
man i still kilt it and gave acknowledge,

avoiding confrontation, Im thinkin y'all are libras,

do it for the coliseum, no one on the coli see em,

I could beat you then Ill beat ya ho,
show up at my show, soon as I swing I eat ya row, ( Ichoro, swing)
you think I'm playin when Im saying that ill shoot at you,
til I line this square up on the block like a rubix cube

hit with the drums, hit em again thats repercussion,
sit him with the devil Ima put him on the reaper cushion

Im on 200 baby, Im passed go,
you think he ain't shoot with ladders well he has bro, (chutes and ladders, hasbro)

fukk it you know we gunnin,
you russell wilson, why you throwin when you should be running?(superbowl last play :mjlol:)

brutalizing want beef I'm a supersize it,
one call I'm at ya door like it's uber driven

smoked out, this pair of sweets ain't sarah lees, he gassed I lean em he start leaking boy and he freeze, (gasoline, antifreeze leaking)
body stiff like a pair of lee's, airing tee's? fairy please, utter that you squirting,boy I dare he squeeze, (udder squirtin, dairy squeeze)
I give his car tons, leave his picture on one,(carton)
I pop suttin, it's not unusual to snap like Carlton (its not unsual

You get bagged like canadian milk,
you MJ in that gatorade commercial playin ya self,

you got a girl, she ya lady,?
well tell her that I keep a blade you'll get stuck wit her like the bytch tryina keep the baby,

fukk these fake rappers, I done battled plenty, boy
Im not an actor, I don't have it in me,
No I said Im not actor I don't have an emmy,
semi ringing boy I'm shoot tin tilt he barrel empty,

shells everywhere no beach lines those aren't tough, just know you gon see slugs from all us,
wait ain't sea slugs some mollusks?,
word play so sick baby oh yeah im on one,

test me try b*stard, with this pipe game size matters,pause no viagra,
let ring 4 times like saturn,
going over him with the barell like niagra,

at ya window like a homeless peeper, hopped into the bedroom over the heater, Im holding the heater, shootin til it's empty like all these tweakers,
I got a whole extra clip thats a bonus feature, shyt tear apart his bones, his features,
shyt spittin so fast you'd think bone is featured,
brush it off I stroke ya girl like mona lisa
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I Love Hip-Hop
Apr 30, 2012
Took that extra time to throw in some rebuttals eh?


actaully the whole joint was written yest morn....I heard ya joint in the early am when u first dropped and threw in a bar...


fixed the low audio
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I Love Hip-Hop
Apr 30, 2012
How you know about my Gatling flow. Sneaking rebuttals :martin:

I slow flowed your part though

it was about the fast flow you used on previous tracks....I heard ya track while I was recording....charlie was my only rebuttal with the "who i sound like" ish..
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