Lets look back at the 2000 NBA Draft aka WOAT NBA Draft


The Manslayer
May 2, 2012
The 2000 NBA draft was viewed as weak even going into it and it didn't even clear the low bar people had going on. This draft was :trash:

1. Kenyon Martin (Nets) - K-Mart was pretty much the consensus as #1 pick even though he finished his college career by breaking his leg. He was National Player of the year in 2000. Kenyon was a huge part of the Nets teams that went to back to back NBA Finals anchoring their front court defense. Rod Thorn let him go to Denver for some reason which basically ruined the team as real contenders. If the Nets had kept Kenyon and got Vince, I think that team could've possibly got a ring. They at least would've been real threats to win the East again. Made a single all star team in 2004 and was a solid player for years. I'd say he was worthy of the #1 pick in this super weak draft.
2. Stromile Swift (Grizzlies) - Total bust. Never really able to crack the starting rotation and basically wound up as a journeyman over 9 seasons in the NBA
3. Darius Miles (Clippers) - Was never close to the star some people thought he would be but was developing into a solid role player with Portland before a knee injury effectively ruined his career in 2006. He did play a small bit with the Grizzlies in 2009 but it was obvious his knees were shot and he was out of the NBA for good after
4. Marcus Fizer (Bulls) - Another one who really wasn't even able to crack a starting rotation consistently, he was out of the NBA completely by 2006.
5. Mike Miller (Magic) - The 2000 rookie of the year and 2006 Sixth Man of the Year had some solid years in Memphis and was able to extend his career quite a bit by becoming a decent bench player once his starting days were over and even picked up a couple rings with the Heat. With 17 seasons in the NBA he did pretty well for himself
6. DeMarr Johnson (Hawks) - I don't even remember who the hell this is but apparently he played for the Knicks at one point. He was in a bad car accident that seemed to end his career after just two seasons (they were bad seasons, he was 6'10" shooting under 40%) but did make his way back to the NBA. He was mostly a bench player afterward but getting 5 NBA seasons after a car accident that nearly left him paralyzed is still inspiring.
7. Chris Mihm (Bulls) - It became clear very quickly Mihm was nothing more than a back up center but he did somehow become the starting center for a couple years for the Lakers once Shaq was traded. He didn't exactly impress in that spot and was out of the NBA in 2009
8. Jamal Crawford (Cavaliers) - The 3x 6th man of the year and played in the NBA for 20 years. Absolutely a chucker with great handles he was liable to drop 35 pints on any given night while also liable to go 4/25 on any given night. In this draft I'd say he lived up to his selection and had a great career.
9. Joel Przybilla (Rockets) - Another backup center in terms of talent and even worse than Chris Mihm who got to start way more than he deserved to. In today's NBA, would 100% be out of the league after his rookie contract but somehow lasted 13 seasons :heh:
10. Keyon Dooling (Magic) - Somehow lasted 13 years in the NBA but was a bench player basically his entire career.
11. Jerome Moiso (Celtics) - Proved to not be an NBA level player pretty quickly and bounced around the league playing for 6 teams before being out of the NBA for good in 2005.
12. Etan Thomas (Mavericks) - Basically a career bench player. Career kind of fell apart after an open heart surgery in 2007. He only played 62 games combined in the following 4 seasons before his career ended in 2011.
13. Courtney Alexander (Magic) - Traded halfway through rookie season and actually kind of put up numbers for a terrible Wizards team. Out of the NBA faster than most lottery picks you'll ever see, he played his last NBA game in 2003.
14. Mateen Cleaves (Pistons) - Perhaps best known for waving towels on the Sacramento Kings bench, I'm really shocked that Mateen Cleaves was considered a first rounder even in this weak draft. He had injury issues in college and just never really seemed like a pro style guard. Great college player though
15. Jason Collier (Bucks) - Quickly shipped to the D League, Collier did get back to the NBA and found his way into Atlanta's rotation before tragically passing away due to complications from an enlarged heart in 2005.

Other notables:
16. Hedo Turkoglu
17. Desmond Mason
18. Quentin Richardson
19. Jamaal Magloire - One of the 3 One time all stars in this draft along with Kenyon and Michael Redd. I think his all star selection is one of the reasons we have the whole backcourt/frontcourt thing now instead of voting by position cause there's no shot he should've been there based on his numbers
20. Speedy Claxton
21. Morris Peterson
23. Deshawn Stevenson
29. Mark Madsen :mjlol: "notable"
37. Eddie House
38. Eduardo Najera
43. Michael Redd - If we're going by just the strength of their peak, probably the best player in this draft. His career was basically over at 30 due to knee injuries. Also someone the Cavs made a real push for to pair with LeBron back in 2005. Would've been a fun pairing.
45. Jabari Smith - Now known as Jabari Smith Sr., father to the man many think will go #1 in the 2022 Draft. He was a bench rider for a few seasons

Overall, there was actually a lot of decent roleplayers in this draft but 3 all star appearances total for the entire class is pathetic. Only 1 All NBA selection as well. Redd would be the only thing close to what anyone would consider a franchise player/star.

Best players
1. Michael Redd
2. Kenyon Martin
3. Jamal Crawford
4. Mike Miller
5. Hedo Turkoglu? :mjlol:

Does anyone remember this draft? And did you think someone had next from this class? I feel like a lot of people thought Miles was gonna be a star.

LV Koopa

Jester from Hell
Nov 18, 2014
Even as a kid I remember this draft being absolutely sickening. After about 6 months there was basically no hype outside of like 2 players. And they weren't exactly the KG/Iverson/Kobe level of oh shyt gotta see this kid play hype either.

David Stern said fukk it and started rigging shyt again after this.

El Guapo

May 1, 2012
I remember seeing maybe a couple of Marcus Fizer’s college games and thinking he’d be the best player out of the draft :mjlol:


Just end the season.
May 1, 2012
Demarr Johnson would've have had a nice career if not for the accident. Crazy talented
I remember Slam hyping him up like a superhero when he was in high school. Remember watching him at Cincinnati wondering what all the fuss was about. He was talented but Slam had me thinking he was gonna change the game.

They did the same thing with Dajuan Wagner afterwards.