NFL Week 12 - What Have We Learned?

Anything surprise you this week?

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Jan 9, 2014
Kenny Golladay is just stealing money from the NYG at this point.

Tom Brady always seems to get a P.I when his team gets down by a couple scores

Big Ben won 2 superbowls. It’s been a great career but it’s time to retire and be a family man

The eagles drafting JJAW over Metcalf and Jalen Raegor over Justin Jefferson continues to be one of the worst decisions ever.

Jalen Ramsey continues to get paid a lot of money not to cover the best WR on the other team

Mac Jones continues to show he’s the best rookie QB but he also went to the best team. Having the #1 defense is a huge plus.

Waddle speed is unreal, very Tyreek hill esque in the open field

AJ Dillion shows why he is better than Aaron Jones. If only his contract wasn't in the way.

Cam Newton showed us today why he was sitting at home for 4 months.

10 years in and Tyrod Taylor still doesn’t know how to read defenses.

The stench of the lions still reeks of Matt Stafford’s jersey, nothing but empty calories when the game has been lost.

When Tom Brady retires the NFL will change P.I from a spot foul to a 15 yard penalty.

R.I.P Virgil Abloh 9/30/80 – 11/28/21
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