Something needs to be done about "Antebellum" homes

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    Thanks for the recommended reading and the trailer. It's touchy because it strikes at the core of manhood (protecting family).
    We've all met people who have bragged about white ancestors(indirectly). Colorism and hair-ism issues in the diaspora are based on this and the premium some place on the physical features that often point to that white ancestor.
    I've met people who have done it directly. They've introduced themselves, emphasizing their important last names . And seemed genuinely puzzled that I didn't know or care about those names.(The Our Kind of People crowd and their Caribbean counterparts)
    Difference between slavery tourism in Western Hemisphere and on the continent is that the paperwork /records exist on this side of the Atlantic. African descended person on this side of the world can determine which colony his family was enslaved, under which flag, under which plantation, and maybe even which slaveship and which port their family member disembarked.

    I also think that the issue of slave dungeons in W. Africa and how diasporans fit into that industry contradicts what I interpret ADOS to be.
    I see ADOS as emphasizing that people enslaved HERE deserve full rights as citizens, whatever benefits earmarked for them HERE, and reparations from THIS govt. Outsiders do not qualify for the last two things, nor are they allowed to dictate what people HERE should or shouldn't be doing.
    We , in the disapora, can guess going by logs, studying history, commercial patterns, etc and try to figure out from which slave port our ancestors departed...and under which ruler, but it would be more difficult to figure than which new world port those people disembarked.
    Guestimates at best.
    And how would we as outsiders to these modern day West African countries get to dictate what they should or should not be doing?
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    Just purchased, thanks for the rec. This is the kind of black feminism I'm interested in. Now I gotta get my mind right to read it. :mjcry:

    My grandmother came North for the same reason. :mjcry:
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    The story is even darker right outside of Houston city limits IMO where the Sienna Plantation subdivision is, which is of course named after an actual antebellum plantation which was the largest of it's kind in Texas.

    It was the home of a large cotton and sugar mill plantation owned by Johnathon Waters, an emigrant from South Carolina, that had many slaves on it. In fact the plantation was so dependent on slave labor that after when slavery was abolished he went almost went bankrupt due to the severe shortage of labor and had to sublease convicts in a convict leasing program which was outlawed in 1913, virtually all of who were black men, from the Imperial Sugar company in nearby Sugar Land, TX but still ran into problems as the convicts did not work as his slaves before them did.

    Historical owners of the Arcola sugar mills plantation.

    Recently mass graves of leased convicts who worked on the mills and railroads where discovered in Sugar Land TX.
    Mass graves in Sugar Land unearth horrifying chapter the history books forgot [Editorial]
    Blood and Sugar

    The area was also home to many runaway slaves/maroons who plantation owners frequently shot at and killed.

    The Water's Plantation

    Not to mention the subdivision of the same name in which was built on the plantation has a street name of a former Confederate General and one of the founding KKK members.

    Missouri City street named after first leader of the KKK

    And to top it off "community history" section of the subdivision website makes no mention of the massive amounts of Afr'Am slaves or leased convicts who lived, worked, and died on the original plantation. Nor is there any memorial for them anywhere on the property.

    Community History | Sienna Plantation in Missouri City
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