Son Goku aka @The Butcher: me no black, me new black papi :mjpls:


Jean Claw Van :damn:
Jul 14, 2012
Small Time Crook$ & Big Time Drug Dealerz
How we know if we ugly gang or not? :lupe:

Once my car gets tuned I'm using two hands on the wheel, fukk what a coli nikka says.

600 horses, no AWD, and a nikka tryna whip it one-handed? :dame:

Can't be me. :hubie:

Back? We never left. :banderas:

As far as safety, I don't feel any less safe than being a (new) black American male right now. It could be rona or WS, if they want me dead I'm going down. :damn:

I've always wondered how ugly I am. :lupe: :huhldup:

I have very low self esteem and am (new) black but I'll be dammed if I settle for a fat bytch. :hhh: :camby:
On cacs
Stopped reading right here. I have tons of friends both white and black, and random wypipo talk to me all the time (at the gym, at the store, the movies, at work, wherever). :ld:

Sounds to me like people just don't like yo black ass for some reason. :umad:

But this is the coli, where all whites are evil and all blacks are not, even if the truth is all people, regardless of race, can be the shyt or not shyt, depending on the individual. :mindblown:

Good luck being black in America with this outlook though. :huhldup:

Spinach maybe? Or perhaps a spinach salad? :ld:

Broccoli is the vegetable GOAT. Slander against it will not be tolerated.:ufdup:

SN: Obligatory "ewww" @ sweet potatoes. :scust:
(I don't do yams either but it's okay because I'm not black, I'm New Black. :troll:)

I am. Why you blaming the (new) black man? :mjpls:

Just make sure your spine does the same. :mjgrin:


I'm only New Black so I voted Salma. :lolbron:

Never had the nikka treatment.

I must be one of the good ones. :mjpls:

Damn shame really. Black folks have to take better care of themselves and one another. :mjcry:

What the numbers for New Blacks looking like? :lupe:


But even if it’s true:yeshrug:; I didn’t shyt for the “community” since I stay in cac country.

Edit: Damn iPhone, should read "didn't do shyt".
On Jill Scott:
Imma be honest, until the One Blood thread, I didn't know who she was either, although I had seent her in some :trash:-ass TP movie.

I didn't know she was a household name like dat. :dwillhuh:

I'm not culturally black like Dominicuh (bruh?) either. I also didn't know Dominicans were black now. :snoop:

Thankfully. :blessed:
The fukk would I wanna be @Another Man for? :dame:

And since I'm not black I'd have to be @NewBlackTrash. :troll:



I'm one of the newest nublacks on this site. Whole family skinny and we're non-hood as shyt, but if it makes you feel better. :lolbron:

I got you on recharge for talking about Mom Dukes though.:picard:

Your mom obviously raise a hoe-ass cracker.

Sounds like an issue within the black community, or maybe it's just twitter bird babble. :unimpressed:

New Blacks been on anime, so I don't have these problems. :hubie:

None of that has shyt to do with me, especially @Another Man's meat. :dame:

So BHM 2022 is going as good for me, a New Black man, about as well as my tax return is going. :umad:

I'm (New) black and (New) black history will remember me as a member of #PAWGset.

I don't plan on getting married and I'm (mostly) PAWGset, so I ain't taking care of shyt.

Divestors also don't bother me personally so I don't get upset when these yt dudes leave them scarred. :yeshrug:


This old bytch definitely ain't threadworthy.

You just can't help worship non-black women, can you? :francis:

Never read below grade level, so I don't know these struggles. :mjpls:

But I'm a New Black so I don't fall into these parameters. :troll:

1) I don't barbecue myself, I eat other motherfukkers' food.

2) I don't have a yard, I stay in a condo. Zero lawn maintenance. :blessed:

3) Already said I don't have a dog right now. I'm in the #DogSet Inactive Reserves.

4) You can't revoke my black card because I never had one. I've told you before, I'm not black. :ufdup:

I'm a Nublack with no facial hair. :mjcry:


There's nothing to be "salty" about, I think I've been pretty open about my PAWGing on this site. :mjlol:

Trump bish still ain't cute though. :scust:

Nope, just a square New Black breh. :blessed:

Prolly saw the big, scary brack man and were too afraid to move. :troll:

Also this,

New Blacks don't have these problems, but blackety-black folks are scary. :troll: