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Stir Fry

Snackie Chan
Mar 1, 2015
@Strawberry are you doing stand up tonight ?

Btw...You want me to drop that video in email on these bytches to shut them up... or you want me to keep that to myself ?



Big Rufus is gonna give me a daughter named Apple
Mar 27, 2015
:russ:She was taking shots at everybody...naming names and everything....gotta respect that tho....

@Strawberry are you doing stand up tonight ?

Btw...You want me to drop that video in email on these bytches to shut them up... or you want me to keep that to myself ?

I'm doin improv tonight :myman:

:jbhmm:What video? What bytches? Am I missing something here? I got a lot of people on my ignore list so maybe there's some posts I'm not seeing :patrice:


Sep 15, 2014
Alright cool, I'm gonna drop my shyt!

Cac Destroyer was banned while I was doin my freestyle in the studio :dead:
I was kinda hopin they could temporarily lift his ban so he can hear this track :lolbron:

The Coli what's up!
Strawberry here, kickin it clear
Funky white chick

Who we rappin bout? :jbhmm:
Oooh, Kush Skywalker who is that dude?
I don't even know him
Who the fukk is he? :mindblown:

fukk, I'm fukkin up my shyt
Kush Skywalker who the fukk are you?
I don't even really fukkin know this dude
So I did a search and not much came up :patrice:

I don't really know, I don't really know yo
Who is this dude? Is he cool? Is he rude?
He likes Meek & Drake and all that beef & shyt...what?

Kush Skywalker who the fukk is that?
Who the fukk is he? Is his name Jack? :jbhmm:
I don't even know
I don't even know what his name is or anything about him
Does he have kids?
Is he 5'3"?
Does he like readin magazines about Caitlin Jenner? :wrist:
I don't really know, I don't really know :manny:

Checked his beats out on SoundCloud yo
They didn't sound good ohhhhhhhh! :scust:
Oh no, they really didn't sound good
I didn't like em, I was like is there a next one? What's the next one? Maybe the next next one is good...uhh, is this one..? :patrice:
Why are these all like this?
And where is his raps?
I almost had a heart attack

Alright yo, let's go! :krs:
Who else can I diss on the board?
Cac Destroyer...WOAH!
Cac Destroyer, he needs a lawyer
Cuz he's talkin so much shyt on this fukkin board
But still I can't ignore him cuz the shyt he says just blows my mind, says I'm fine, disses me on the board
What the fukk? That's kinda rude, dude!
And you think I really wanna fukk you?
Oooh, I don't know, I don't know about that, I really don't think so!
Someone said you were a lesbian
Someone said you're a Mexican
I don't wanna fukk you raw though
Put a condom on, put a condom on your dikk, put a condom on, put a condom on your dikk!
What the fukk is wrong with you, dude?
Do you want kids? Euuuuhhh!
I don't want kids with you dude! :scust:
Alright he's the fukkin guy who used to fukkin diss dudes
Black dudes for simpin pawgs
White girls, white girls, what's the fukkin prob? :yeshrug:

I made that featured thread!
Yo I can't believe you're not dead!
Can't believe you're still postin on the Coli, what the fukk?
And people still dap your posts? What?
Smokin burnt toast. Smokin that crack, Jack! :wtf:

Alright who else can I diss? Merry Christmas kids! :win:
Here we go, gonna drop another diss yo!
Who do I wanna diss? Who's next?
Oooh, this one's good!

@stirfry220 or 222
Not even worth addressin you
Cuz you think you're so funny :comeon:
And you don't even have money
And you live in your mom's basement in the UK or some shyt? What?
And you wanna diss me? A really cool fukkin chick?
Yo, shyt some bricks! :ufdup:
I don't wanna fukk with you dude. :whoa:
I don't understand why you insist on being rude.
Yo that's not very nice. :comeon:
I'm gonna throw some ice at you dude, some fukkin ice!
Cuz you need to cool off, what the fukk man? :dahell:

Ooh, @mrken12 ...also don't know who he is but he fukkin hates me too! :russ:
fukkin neggin me & dappin posts where they're dissin me...
What the fukk man? What the fukk? :wtf:
I don't even talk to you guys, man!
You're on my ignore.
Why you gotta follow me around the board, hatin on me? :mindblown:
I'm a real fukkin positive chick, for real.
For real.

Who else can I rap about though?
Hmm, let's see.
Oooh, @LadySimone
fukk you man, leave it alone
No, it's Lady Simone!
She's actually on my ignore too :umad:
Cuz she's not cool dude!
She's a fukkin fat bytch
Ate too much sandwiches :eat:
Now she's got a lot of kids and no baby fathers around
Actually I don't know if she has kids or anything but still, fukk, I wouldn't be surprised :umad:

Alright who's next?
Oooh, RookieTheVet
You're a fukkin snitch man! :dahell:
You don't get no respect around here! :camby:
Gonna do it again
Oh who's next? @RookieToVet
You're a fukkin snitch man, take you to the vet
Cuz you're a fukkin dog, probably a snob :scust:
I don't even why you hate on me so much so,
You're new to the board yo!
What the fukk, how could I make you so mad?
Did you grow up without a dad?
What's your fukkin problem, dude?
What's your problem, dude? For real.
What's your fukkin problem? :mindblown:
I am here to solve them.
What's your fukkin problem?
I'm here to solve them.

Shout out to the Coli board!
Shout outs to @cook & @Brooklynzson yo! :salute:
The Coli, the Coli! The Coli! The Coli! The Coli! The Coli! :lawd:

I love The Coli yo! I have so many haters though :pachaha:
So many haters, masturbators, why they hatin on a nice girl who's chill? :wtf:
They fukkin do it for a thrill
Do somethin cool dude, with your life
Go outside, breathe some fresh air
I don't really care what you do, just fukkin stay off my shyt dude :ufdup:

For real, get the fukk outta here :camby:
KMT :pacspit:
p*ssyhole, suck yuh mudda
You're gonna have a brother
Cuz I fukked your daddy!
Hahahaha, I fukked your daddy! :russ:
Yeah! Uhn!

@MGM @jwonder @BaggerofTea @Iron Chin Wilder @DreadBrown @Scientific Playa @MaxBundles @Based_Beazy @Real Nikka @Soundbwoy @Jahbarri @RealAssanova @Dreamchaser

Come vote for your girl! :salute:


You got my vote babygirl


Walker Lexus Ranger
Jun 9, 2012
Didn't have much time to mix, but still

Made both beats too

You thought I'd take it easy well you outta luck,
Just another white bytch that I gotta fukk,
These white girls always bout the crazy drama,
Ima do you like I shoulda did my baby mama,
French bytches they got BO,
Put her colon on each side of her face she crying like TO, : to :
The Coli always fukkin with the foul lines,
You WNBA Im dunking from the foul line,
I know they wanna knock us cause no melanin,
I just wanna pull the glock and knock ya melon in,
Those rhymes are too sloppy,
The bytch thorough I come blasting if the boo cocky, now tell me who stop me, (cum blastin bukkakke (pause)
Im in ya city you can ask for me,
Just blew a couple thousand down on Catherine St,
That 40 glock'll make you see the bush,
You stuck on stress cause you ain't seein Kush,
This stupid bytch she should read a book,
The cans poppin if you keep em shook,
It ain't nothin I can beat a rookie, used to beating p*ssy, Im a king and you a queen bytch you need a rook,
Naw you need a knight cause every move you make an L,
Ima Cosby ya drink Im going straight to hell,
Whit bytches acting hard where they do that?,
IDK I guess orange is the new black,
Sweet bytch gettin ate boy she not ready,
She getting baked thats why @cook picked a strawberry,
Ya face saggin like Marbury,
Bring ya click of white chicks I get em all buried,
Dam, Bam a lam bam a lam,
No one gonna see me when I pick you off the ground like Candy man,
And Im killin the beat you aint realer than me and im still in the street,
I ain't plan it but I gotta battle a white bytch from Canada dammit Im feelin like Meek,
I heard you fukkin with Jamaicans bytch,
Im on some get inside the kitchen fukk ya makin bytch,
That aint nothin I got a couple hundred lines,
One pump leave her slumped like the Dutty Wine,
fukk this battle Im like who next,
Her voice sounding like the DJ just queued Beck,
Quebec or Quebec or whatever Im better, Im gonna fly out to montreal to get ya,
My feet on the table, I got no manners,
Im leaving Atlanta Im flying to Canada,
My feet staying planted, anywhere on the planet,
And she not a PAWG (pog), so why would I slam her?,
Im gonna get her, trust me bytch Im wit Whatever,
I whip a brand new 300, why are you drivin a jetta,
Shout all my Coli spittas, :salute:
And all the real ones that poli wit us,
You practice all the dam lingo,
Should log off why you lookin for a Mandingo,
I'll kill myself right now if you ain't single,
Think you signed up for this? naw I ain't think so,
I'll prolly catch me some domestic charges,
I don't usually do these bytches dirty gotta beg my pardon,
bytch you playing with the best call you Klay Thompson,
A thot'll never catch me sleepin I ain't James Harden,

*beat switches*

I heard you saying that my beats are trash,
You gon really hate the beats when I beat your ass,
why you craftin ya own scandals,
I smack a wack rapper with the back of the chrome handle,
fukk these bytches thats the routine,
I get this French fried over the gravy baby thats poutine,
This bytch barely a, iggy azalea,
She needa shut the fukk up but she really not hearin us,
You look like a transgender, remember,
I tuck the thing then start wiggin like bruce jenner,
You could never handle or flow wit me,
My dikk thick I could scramble ya ovaries,
I spin around with the pound that ain't a rotary,
Be real in real life I walk by you would notice me,
I try to be, non violent what I do to hoes,
I been to ya city shyt smell like a sewer hole,
my beats whack? guru didn't think so jake one didn't think so s1 didn't think so,
m 16 didn't think so, now tell me who you play your tracks for remember think slow
oh no one, i thought so, thot hoes talk so much they forgot how to keep they jaw closed,
But now it's fukk ya for life, PS that hair cut is for dykes, ugly ho.
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