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Living in fear in the year of the tiger.
Oct 4, 2015
You got it, you got it bad
When you're on the phone, hang up and you call right back
You got it, you got it bad
If you miss a day without your friend, your whole life's off track
Know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house
You don't wanna have fun, it's all you think about
You got it bad when you're out with someone
But you keep on thinking 'bout somebody else
You got it bad

Hazel Brown

All Star
Dec 15, 2019
I think I'm that posters sister, the one where there is a global crisis everytime I meet someone I like.
Haven't been in a relationship for a while, decided to give someone
a chance.
9 months in this mferfker gets drunk off rum and beat me like a runaway slave.

Never been whooped so bad in my life a man has never hit me, especially for no reason.
I actually saw him aim for my nose to break it wtf 😒
I left him and all my belongings smh

So now I have been sexually assaulted and can add domestic abuse to the list. Clearly I'm not spose to have a partner and just dedicate my life to Nature
I won't lie this was not the first time. He did it 2 times.

The first time was dreadful he nearly killed me and I really fought back. 2nd time he punched me in my face then tried to drag me to the bedroom.

Why do these losers think women would like to get beaten and fukked right after it is so weird.

So I left after that.
He got drunk on rum and I ended up catching him with dirty hoes 1 even had oral herpes. So I went for a meal in Ocho Rios and when I returned he whooped me. 2 weeks later (incubation period) I have herpes on my face. 😭

Never had it before so it was terrible before I went for prescription cream. He was also sexing my God friend on here.

I have the worst luck with dating. Eg he was convinced I was cheating which was a major lie and he didn't want anyone talking to me which is why I think he kept attacking my face.

I need heling, therapy and consol itsso difficult to trust people e
Thank you Yh man came straight to family
I hope they ain't disfigured that man but he shouldn't have put hands on me

And why go for my nose smh?
Ladies Never stay he will kill u. nikka said he would slit my throat and let my blood drain out in the tub... CrazyJamaican
Sis I’m so sorry you’ve been through all this 😞. If you want anyone to talk to, I’m here.

Tenchi Ryu

Ashtray B!tch
Nov 17, 2014
Chicago - SouthSide - Wild 100s
Whole workplace talking about this Ime and Nia long scandal, makes sense considering Bus drivers gotta be like top 3 most unfaithful professions with nurses and police officers


These big booty temptresses trying to seduce folks touching my hair without my conseesnt don’t phase me, I’m here to get this paper and return home to my big redbone breasteses, ain’t got time for that foolishness