1. G

    2 - 6 Months to Live & the Cool Thing About Cancer

    2 - 6 Months to Live & the Cool Thing About Cancer Dr. Dan Says 15KLikes 429,403Views Sep 232023 A long overdue update! Unfortunately, things aren't going the direction I was hoping. But I'm the happiest I've been in my life :) The bullet-points: - Signatera & CEA bloodwork both jumped 10x in...
  2. JP_614

    Co workers passing away and dying how do you deal with it?

    Fellas and ladies how you deal with a co worker passing someone you use to work with who cared and put in good work. He leaves behind a wife and kids. He worked hard to man always traveling to different sites to help out. Now that he’s gone makes me wonder was it worth it. Not shocked but...
  3. NoirDynosaur

    How to achieve Power 101

    These three characteristics: 1.) Money 2.) Power 3.) Respect give you notoriety in the world It's easy to achieve to power it's also easy to lose power How most people lose power they let their egos run wild like a loose pitball without a leash. What if I told you there's ways to achieve...
  4. Hathaway

    I Was Jealous of My Lil Brother Growing Up

    I was 15 when he was born to my mother and step father. My mother married when I was 13. I didn't have a father growing up. My stepdad never really "bonded" with me. I mean, we were cool. I fell in love with sports because of him. I watched him from afar. He was never the type to take me under...
  5. Hathaway

    If You are in Your Mid 30's, You are Middle Aged...

    It's funny how we look at the late 40 and 50-year-olds and call them middle aged. No. If you are in your 50's, you have roughly 20 years of life left on average. For American men, the average life expectancy is 74 years, and that number is steadily decreasing. Half of 74 is 37. By the time you...
  6. J

    Bill and charge interest on your own son for raising him just for him to disown you brehs

  7. TheHonorableOmarSharif

    5 Minutes with Feez

    Been doing this "pod" for a minute...alongside the Coli's HL pod...but, to whom it concerns: For lack of vision, the people shall perish.... Merch coming soon.... :mjlol:
  8. Spiritual Stratocaster

    Whats the deal with LIFE INSURANCE? Veterans enter too.

    I remember a while back in like 2017 some white lady was talm life insurance policy for veterans just $5 a month. Where do I begin and what do I need to look for in a good coverage? Ideally I would want my casket and burial covered and not to be a burden when I die. I mean if I go...
  9. Hathaway

    Nobody Cares About How You Feel Black Men

    As I age deeper into my 30s (I'm 32), I understand more and more that this world, even those closest to you, dgaf how you feel. I went through the most traumatic, emotionally/psychologically altering experience of my life these last 2 years; so much so that I entered therapy. All through those...
  10. Bossyyyyy

    p*ssy Not Everything

    It’s more to life
  11. President Sakora

    so the earth is just a big arc fulla aliens?

    discuss.....from the live animal eating plants to the weird creatures some of which are built not on carbon atoms but sulphur atoms? wtff i thought all life was carbon based....apparently not. World's Oldest Fossils Show Sulfur-Based Microbes Lived 3.4 Billion Years Ago, Presenting a New Target...
  12. Ahadi

    When you expecting nothing from people, is that the key to winning in life?

    When your detached, or keep your expectations low, is that one of the keys to winning in life?
  13. J

    42-Year-Old Black woman gets laid off from six figure job and then decided to move to Mexico City

    This 42-year-old saved $660,000 and moved to Mexico after losing her 6-figure job: 'I realized I could have a different life' Published Mon, Oct 11 2021 9:00 AM EDTUpdated An Hour Ago Nicolas Vega @ATNICKVEGA Roshida Dowe has always been a hard worker. From her early days as a receptionist to...
  14. Luken

    Bandman Kevo, powerful messages wrong messenger.

    Dude is teaching nikkas a lot of stuff their dads and other male family members and good friends should be teaching them. i hope he cleans and polishes up the format of his channel so he can really eat! **** I still would never leave my debit and credit cards, ID's or passports around this...
  15. R

    Signs She’s a Bird Thread

    I may be a simp loser but I’ll be damned if I get married one day and she’s a scandalous whore like Sonya Curry. Brehs and brehettes drop that wisdom!
  16. J

    I'm starting to simp after the Tijuana hooker that I lost my virginity to last week

    :francis: I'm in my hotel room right now but an hour earlier, I came back to the same hooker and dropped $200+ on a two hour session (strapped up as last time). Literally exploded. Afterwards, I laid on the bed and just pillow talked with her for the rest of the 30 minutes. I learned a lot about...
  17. J

    I just lost my virginity to some random hooker in Tijuana. What tf did I do?

    :dahell: Right across the street from Hong Kong. For $120. I said everything but actual sex cause I'm virgin but I guess she didn't understood and she just slid it in. I felt confused the whole time but I just went through it anyway. She was super kind afterwards when I was having major regrets...
  18. J

    TLR is Idiocracy if it was an internet forum

    The amount of people against vaccines here Pretending to be independent and criticizing both Democrats and Republicans while giving clear bias towards Republicans The amount of unverified hotep and even white supremacisty nonsense masquerading as history here The constant desire to own women in...
  19. J

    "I work two jobs and not for the money"

    tl;dw -She is a chiropractor and flight attendant and works 60 hours a week -Went to school for physical therapy and graduated but lost interest in chiropractor work over time -Under a lot of student debt and it affected her quality of living along with her credit score -Could have enough...
  20. J

    Are some people just aren't meant to be born?

    Speaking to the fact on how hard this world can be and how much pain some people can cause to others, from others, and to ourselves. Do any y'all truly feel this way?