Underrated and Overrated X-men storylines

Mar 16, 2013
Most of my reading is from the Chris Claremont era, so I’m interested in your takes on the more recent stories.


Proteus: this story was dope just for putting the all new team up against one of their first really deadly villains. It also had the GOAT
Cyclops moment where he sonned Logan and half the team just to prove a point after they all caught that L from Proteus earlier.

The Brood Saga: just a fun space adventure with tons of action and great character moments. The Brood storyline isn’t seeing the Dark Phoenix Saga, but it’s still pretty great. Paul Smith’s whole run was underrated. They could have made a cartoon with his style. His artwork was so clean :wow:


X-tinction Agenda: The Claremont and Jim Lee issues were flames ( :banderas: ) but the rest of the crossover was trash to me. Rob Liefeld and those other guys :Martin:

It still has a couple of dope moments though, like when Wolverine fought Archangel, or when Gambit pulled that spike out of his leg and picked a lock with it. The first Genosha storyline with the Outback X-men was low key better.

Correctly Rated:

Days of Future Past, for cramming so much GOATness into only two issues and cutting to the core of the X-men’s message.
God Loves Man Kills is another story that exemplifies the core of their whole message.
It says a lot that even FOX couldn’t completely mess up these two stories.
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