Virgil Abloh passes away


May 5, 2012
Uptown, Downtown, Switzerland
I was wondering why Jim never put a tribute up because I know he been supply Jim with shyt for a while and they were talking frequently about what Jim would wear to the Versuz. Juelz actually ended up wearing the LV design Virgil worked on for Jim.

bit low and behold, he has the funniest tribute so far


May 30, 2015
Something about these guys from Illinois. Real special people.

Virgil wasn't from Chicago (Rockford), but he had Chicago in him. He - like many others - was a creative visionary, raised by educators. Looking at guys like Kanye, Common, Chance, Vic Mensa, Don C, No ID, and many-a-others.

Creativity bounced around them and anyone associated with them. The photo of fauxhawk Ye with Don C, Virgil, Fonz Bentley, and a few others resonates. Then the musecages expand, from guys like Jerry Lorenzo to Pharrell and others.... mixed in with the business acumen and perhaps shameless braggadociousness from Dame, Hov, and even Diddy and you end up with creatives with supreme potential that bounce ideas off each other.

It's how Ye went from interning with Virgil to Fendi and created Donda and effectively Yeezy. How Ye brought Virgil in the fold and how Virgil created timeless album covers, inspirations, and branding that resonated with a whole subculture. Making streetwear valuable.

Virgil & Ye are two very similar people. You combine them and they become voltron. Creativity x10000. Even controversial too. Where Ye is perhaps more wild in public, Virgil's creativity was very similar too. Perhaps he was a bit more disciplined with Off White and the business savvy. It's perhaps how he ended up with the LVMH deal. Sure, he didn't end up as wealthy as Ye, but he's pretty damn wealthy.

Virgil leaves a strong legacy with his family and with all the creatives who got a chance to work with him and be inspired by him to create content, fashion, and a culture that resonates with an ever more creative youth. When you start seeing more kids grow up to inspire creating streetwear, know that Virgil inspired them. See more kids in the arts - Virgil. It's never all or nothing though - everyone can claim the credit, but Virgil's legacy will forever remain.

Cancer is the worst. Totally out of a human's control. Nothing one can do except live life to the fullest and appreciate every moment on this planet. Virgil did that and for that we remain forever grateful.