Whole Foods Is Hiring 6,000 People Today As Part of 'National Hiring Day'

Jimi Swagger

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Jan 25, 2015
Turtle Island to DXB

Amazon’s 2017 hiring blitz is rolling into Whole Foods, as the newest subsidiary of the online retail giant has announced it’s looking to fill 6,000 jobs on Thursday—and it plans to make “on-the-spot job offers” to qualified candidates.

The grocer has both full- and part-time offerings, ranging from cashiers to culinary experts. All local stores are involved in the recruitment effort, which the company calls “National Hiring Day.

This is the second big hiring push by Amazon this year. In August, the company held an event dubbed Amazon Jobs Day, with the goal of filling 50,000 positions. It didn’t achieve that goal in a single day, but it did succeed in its efforts to let people know it was actively on the hunt for qualified candidates.

Amazon (AMZN, -1.43%) corporate is hoping to hire as many as 100,000 additional workers by the middle of 2018. Beyond warehouse jobs, the company is also looking for software engineers, data scientists, and customer service workers.

Whole Foods is looking for a slightly different skillset, of course. But the job does come with the perk of a 20% in-store discount—in addition to having already cut certain food prices (avocado toast, anyone?)