1. Rekkapryde

    So We Really Gotta Get A 5th String QB Huh....2023 49ers Offseason Thread

    Thread title says it all. @yseJ @JLova @itsyoung!! @thatrapsfan @dora_da_destroyer @FaTaL @Bryan Danielson @Disgustya Stallone @Fade Runner 2049 @Robbo @nightwing2016 @Rekkapryde @Heretic @Big dikk @jwonder @1ncognegro @Ronnie Lott @Jmare007 @B90X @Ishlibidish23 @King Kreole @dza @FakeNews...
  2. Rekkapryde

    Purdy Brown Eyes...Not A Jimmy G Thing Either...No Homo…Official 2022 San Francisco 49ers Thread!

    Unfadeable So Please Don't Try To Fade :wow: Now back to the lecture at hand.... NFC South :blessed: and AFC West :huhldup: this year. Commandos and Bears are our Strength of Schedule Games Dolphins are our 17th game Prediction: 12-5 Regular Season, Division Champs, and winning the Super Bowl...
  3. Tunechi

    (VIDEO) Lil Wayne appears in commercial before the Packers vs. 49ers NFC Championship game

    Before the NFC Championship game between Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers yesterday at Lambeau Field, Lil Wayne appeared in a 1-minute special. In the commercial, Weezy spoke about his favorite NFL team Packers while rapping along to his classic song “I’m Me” and even smoking a blunt...
  4. FAH1223

    Rematch in TitleTown - Official 49ers (#6) @ Packers (#1) NFC Divisional Playoff Thread

    The Packers return to the NFC postseason as the #1 seed for the 2nd consecutive year. We all know the heartbreaking loss in Lambeau in the NFC Title Game. For the Divisional Round in 2021, The Pack welcome a familiar rival in the 49ers. SF, or rather Raheem Mostert single handily took the...
  5. Tiger Hoods

    5 on It? Hell, We Got #15 on It! 49ers vs Chiefs: Super Bowl LIV

  6. PortCityProphet

    Aaron Goes Home and After 60 mins will Aaron Go Home? Battle in the Bay | Packers @ 9ers

    Since these bytch ass 9ers fans never wanna make a gahtdamn game thread for their team they get stuck with whatever bullshyt thread title I can pull out my ass. I hope yall bay area fukkers lose just for that reason alone :pacspit: @Maluma's Wallet I'm 2-0 when making the Pack thread :leon:
  7. PortCityProphet

    Hopefully These Teams Give More Effort Than Their Coli Fanbases | Vikings @ 49ers Game Thread

    Cats cant even be bothered to make a game threwd for their teams playoff game :beli: Sorry ass nikkas. These boys sittin on the coach like Drew Brees and cant be bothered :pacspit:
  8. yseJ

    Get in here if your NFL team is still undefeated

    :troll: [/spoiler]
  9. Rekkapryde

    Anybody Got A Band Aid? 2019 San Francisco 49ers Offseason Thread

    Time to get ready for the draft....and hopefully a new medical staff.....and strength/conditioning coach..... and... :mjcry49ers: @yseJ @JLova @itsyoung!! @dora_da_destroyer @LastEmperor2k2 @FaTaL @Bryan Danielson @Disgustya Stallone @Fade Runner 2049 @Robbo @nightwing2016 @Rekkapryde @Heretic...
  10. The Devil's Advocate

    Reuben Foster's Accuser speaks out

    Whether you believe her or not.... Foster is a fukking idiot for fukking with this girl again.. even flying her out while he had another girlfriend. nikka paid to fly out his demise :mjcry:
  11. Tunechi

    Kyle Shanahan reveals how he received surprise gifts from Lil Wayne via Pierre Garcon

    San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan recently spoke on Lil Wayne sending him and his son Carter surprise gifts during a press conference, as well as if the origin of his son’s name is actually after Wayne. The NFL coach revealed that Weezy‘s PR team reached out to wide receiver Pierre Garcon...
  12. Fade Runner 2049

    LOF(Legion Of Flattops)- Seahawks @ 49ers

    :flabbynsick: Bowl :win:
  13. Morose Polymath

    Ya'll Might As Well Follow Kap's Lead And Sit This One Out: Panthers @ 49ers Week 1 Gamethread

    Everything was all good a couple years ago :francis: Just a few years ago Carolina QB Cam Newton & former 49er QB Colin Kaepernick were both All Pro QBs leading their franchises in the NFL to playoff and Super Bowl appearances. However things have drastically changed, Kap started a...
  14. AITheAnswerAI

    JLova dikkriding the Chiefs. Hold this L.

    But but but they were supposed to go to NE and beat the Patriots!:troll: But buh buh they were supposed to win the AFC!:troll: But but but they were supposed to win the Superbowl!:troll: Hopped off that 49er bandwagon and scurried your ass onto that Chiefs wagon REAL quick.:hhh: I told you...
  15. Admiral Ackbar

    When Kaep leaves it'll be on both feet, never knees in the dirt--49ers offseason thread

    Dude had a solid individual year (albeit a 1-11 record) with nothing but practice squad talent around him: 59%, 2200 yds, 16 TDs, 4 INTs, 1 game winning drive, 468 yds rushing, 2 rushing TDs. Awarded team MVP to cap off the worst season in franchise history. Early coaching rumors include Pats...
  16. The Gimp

    I dont kno about Col but I kno about Russ and UH its the only way we kno how to HAWK - SEA @ SF

    Ima be honest I just wanted to use that title :yeshrug: But should be a good game :ehh: 2 black excellence QBs Kaep looked good in his last game but Russ been looking shakey lately :ufdup:
  17. William F. Russell

    We Go On and On, Can't Understand How You Lose So Long - Patriots vs. 49ers Game Thread

    The 7-2 New England Patriots travel to Levi Stadium to play the 1-8 San Francisco 49ers in this Week 11 matchup. The Patriots look to shake-off a tough loss to the Seattle Seahawks and regain their status as the best team in the league. The 49ers are looking for just their 2nd win of the...
  18. Morose Polymath

    This Superman Aint Putting His :cape: On For Kaep :mjpls: 49ers @ Panthers Week 2 GameThread

    On September 18th, the Defending NFC Champs, the Carolina Panthers will have their home opener against the undefeated San Francisco 49ers (1-0 :pachaha:). This game brings together two very distinct ideologies from two very polarizing figures in the NFL today which will prolly overshadow the...
  19. Fade Runner 2049

    If you don't kneel for something, you'll stand for anything [ Rams @ 49ers ] GameThread

    @Ronnie Lott @dora_da_destroyer @Heretic @DirtySideN1gga @FaTaL @feelosofer @yseJ @JLova @dza @tha-coli @Bryan Danielson @B90X @Jmare007 @Yo Yo Ma @Rekkapryde @King Kreole :myman:
  20. Jimi Swagger

    Colin Kaepernick Is Winning

    Will confirm after the Rams Monday Night :ufdup: Colin Kaepernick Is Winning Those who said last week that they disagreed with Colin Kaepernick’s methods but agreed with his goals owe him an apology. By Dave ZirinTwitter SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick...