1. J

    How many coli brehs does it take to influence change?

    So I’ve been thinking about what it takes to start trends and how many people it takes for something to start to catch on via social media and other media platforms. I mean, half the time we don’t even know where stuff originates before it takes over our daily conversations. Then I started...
  2. Manny2828

    Why don’t we help rebuild haiti?

    Haiti is the country that was the first to be a slave rebellion and free Black Country in the Americas. It has since been in perpetual poverty for a long time now. Why haven’t we( as ADOS) helped rebuild haiti to become first world? Don’t it seem like it’s a bad look that country majority made...
  3. RARI_Godwind

    Canadian PAAG and Caribbrehian discuss the Black Identity+Racial Unity in the US :SKIP:

    :jbhmm: Many of the points raised are actually true but I’m caught up on how and why a Chinese Canadian Girl and an Bahamian Breh focus almost entirely on the history of America and Identity of actively existing group of people neither of them belong to. Cliffs in the descriptions of the...
  4. saturn7

    Top 10 reasons why lineage-based reparations is a bad plan by Michael Harriot

    Top 10 reasons why lineage-based reparations is a bad plan Editor’s note: The following article is an op-ed, and the views expressed are the author’s own. Read more opinions on theGrio. On Sept. 30, 2020, 401 years after human traffickers landed in Virginia and sold Africans to English...
  5. Take It In Blood

    Christopher Hitchens arguing in favor of Reparations

  6. Mr anansi

    Non-FBA c00n Disrespects The Struggle with DR. Umar

  7. Q

    ADOS has gone Maga Twitter space on eliminating immigration with Roy beck
  8. saturn7

    The U.S. Owes $350,000 To Every Black American - Al Jazeera

    Prof Darity representing. lol @ 6 mins in.
  9. Bare King

    I found an original 1840 Census :wow:

    I do sales for a antique/estate selling business. Basically I research and find old shyt then price it and sell it. anyway, today I found an original 1840 census. You can obviously search this online but it’s something about seeing “free colored persons” counted and slaves being marked to...
  10. Seoul Gleou

    Let's use's TLR for good [UPDATE: DONATION MADE! THANK YOU ALL]

    Thanks to everyone that participated this year. Especially for the MVPs that have posted almost daily from when the thread was started. This has been the most successful run we've had since this inception. Every cent counts and those of you who helped have done your part to help our brothers and...
  11. A

    Joy Ann Reid is now a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority ! Ooo-ooop !

    ========= Damn. :picard:
  12. xoxodede

    Ahmaud Arbery Was A Descendent of Bilali Muhammad of Sapelo Island, Georgia

    Bilali Mohammed was an enslaved West African on a plantation on Sapelo Island, Georgia. According to his descendant, Cornelia Bailey, in her history, God, Dr. Buzzard and The Bolito Man, Bilali was from the area of present-day Sierra Leone. He was a master cultivator of rice, a skill prized by...
  13. xoxodede

    Book: "Exchanging Our Country Marks" - The Creation of the Distinct AA/ADOS Ethnic Group

    In Exchanging Our Country Marks: The Transformation of African Identities in the Colonial and Antebellum South, Michael A. Gomez examines the creation of a distinct African American identity among slaves of differing African identities in colonial North America. He draws largely upon the work...
  14. Apprentice

    Do All Black Men Think The Same pt 2

    From the Jubilee series on YT It’s 20 mins, but they have the vid time stamped wit topics, they talk bout Colorism, to Homophobia, to Interracial dating and the N word far better than the first one I seen
  15. A

    DNA evidence links Muhammad Ali to heroic slave, family says

    DNA evidence links Muhammad Ali to heroic slave, family says When Cassius Clay joined the Nation of Islam in 1964 and changed his name to Muhammad Ali he had a straightforward explanation. “Why should I keep my white slavemaster’s name visible and my black ancestors invisible, unknown...
  16. JadeB

    Igbo influence in Black American culture

    Food (Nri) For black folks at the cookout, One-pot’ cooking practices, extra helpings of collard greens, a healthy incorporation of pepper, spices, and even “hot sauce” are not just random preferences. Traditional soul food cooking is an inheritance which enslaved Africans passed on through...
  17. Sex Luthor

    I have a question about ADOS, critical race theory, and reparations

    Say the government decided to give reparations. Whatever number you think is fair. That's not important. My question is if they gave reparations but the only stipulation is that African American history will not be taught, would you accept the check? Basically changing the history books on...
  18. JadeB

    Why y'all nikkas snitching on my ass???

    :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: (Bottom video)
  19. JadeB

    ADOS brehs: Do y'all have Africans in your family?

    And vice versa for Africans:ehh:
  20. R

    Every brehette who “single” just twerkin on Snapchat?

    Mainly 23 and under although some older have wild out. If shawty ain’t cuffed it’s just twerking or some form of thirst trapping. That’s nuts. The ones who were former coworkers don’t want me. Others I met via tinder and bumble. Shouldn’t that be saved for their private story or nikkas they...