1. Brolic

    Police raid Anti-Harlem bars after Russian Supreme Court ruling labels LGBTQ+ movement ‘extremist’ Russian security forces raided gay clubs and bars across Moscow Friday night, less than 48 hours after the country’s top court banned what it called the “global LGBTQ+ movement” as an extremist...
  2. Westbama Heartthrob

    Big Boi and J.I.D. Interview Each Other for Rolling Stone

    Pretty dope. Yall should check it out Refreshing to have an interview strictly about the music :ehh:
  3. DropTopDoc

    Chick tried to get cute and finesse some oysters

    I don’t blame homie, a lot of atl women try to finesse nikkas, it’s one thing if you get a tray we split we laugh we sip and we see about where we stand She was greedy
  4. pickles

    Pawg reporter interviews ATL Coli Breh

    I know this nikka post here. lol :pachaha: I guess we know where Tyler Perry gets his inspiration from.:dame: #teamblouses. RIP to the young man who got killed.:mjcry: People really killing each other over a French bulldog. SMDH
  5. IWasntMadeToPlayTheSon

    Dudes with murses why do you carry them and wtf y’all got in there that u need?

    I’m from Atl and I’ve noticed men (seemingly straight) are carrying murses (man purses) at an extremely high rate. Everything I keep on me fits in my pocket(s) wallet, keys, phone, gun on occasion. What else y’all need? Also women do y’all look at men with murses a certain way?
  6. Jean Jacket

    Meg is great value LightSkinKeisha....

  7. King Static X

    Active shooter in Midtown Atlanta (3 shot, 2 dead). Suspect in custody.

    This is crazy. UPDATE:
  8. Ahadi

    ATL Coli Breh says “Send me my money, This ain’t 6 carry the 1” after bad date

    Just take the L & leave. That arguing is goofy as hell. :mjlol: Even tho it’s scripted.
  9. Hater Eraser

    SF*LA*NYC*ATL*CHI*MIA*HTOWN >>> Anywhere else in the USA

    1. These cities also include the immediate area / neighborhoods of the Metro (ex : SF = Oak & Bay Area, NYC = NJ ) :yeshrug: 2. Mainly tourist cities with big attractions not included (Orlando , Las Vegas , San Diego) but idk if they would be considered 2nd tier :hubie: 3. I'm just...
  10. Playaz Eyez

    Boogotti Kasino - Benjamin Siegel

    @shopthatwrecks @Hiphoplives4eva@Houston911 @LevelUp @mobbinfms@BigMoneyGrip@staticshock @DUCKED_OFFUSER=91]@Tommy Sheppard[/USER][/USER] @IVS @CrushedGroove @Super Future Luther King Jr. @ADK @lightskin jermaine @ignorethis @mozichrome@UserNameless @Juneya @krackdagawd @Jerz-2 @HARLEM AL @DonKnock
  11. Luken

    Bankroll Fresh - Behind The Fence Appreciation

    The goat :wow: Rest in peace Bankroll, that is all :wow:
  12. Ahadi


  13. Trav

    ATL-L; Y'all Not Rollin' Wit This Arthur & Arthur Power Move?

  14. Ahadi

    Albums Mulatto - Queen Of Da Souf (Discussion Thread) UPDATE: DELUXE 12/11

    Queen of Da Souf by Mulatto Deluxe:
  15. 8WON6

    Breh saves his girl with the Drew Mcintyre Claymore

  16. Luken

    Merr' Crimmuh!

  17. FreedMind

    Atlanta's Z6sleepyrose be making some catchy music.

    First time in a while I've heard a new artist that actually held my attention. Gonna keep an eye on his career. @desp what you think breh?
  18. R

    Albums Dem Franchize Boyz: On Top Of Our Game

    Cant believe I slept on this :snoop:. shyt jam
  19. Jean Jacket

    Singles WizKid Jeezy Trey -The Life

  20. Rockeywashington

    Mixtapes & EPs 2/16/19 Tsunami Season

    The new release from Rockey Washington is streaming on all platforms 2/16/19 SUB/LIKE/SHARE #newmusic #tsunamiseason #newmusicfriday