1. pickles

    Pawg reporter interviews ATL Coli Breh

    I know this nikka post here. lol :pachaha: I guess we know where Tyler Perry gets his inspiration from.:dame: #teamblouses. RIP to the young man who got killed.:mjcry: People really killing each other over a French bulldog. SMDH
  2. IWasntMadeToPlayTheSon

    Dudes with murses why do you carry them and wtf y’all got in there that u need?

    I’m from Atl and I’ve noticed men (seemingly straight) are carrying murses (man purses) at an extremely high rate. Everything I keep on me fits in my pocket(s) wallet, keys, phone, gun on occasion. What else y’all need? Also women do y’all look at men with murses a certain way?
  3. Jean Jacket

    Meg is great value LightSkinKeisha....

  4. King Static X

    Active shooter in Midtown Atlanta (3 shot, 2 dead). Suspect in custody.

    This is crazy. UPDATE:
  5. Julien Loki Ahadi

    ATL Coli Breh says “Send me my money, This ain’t 6 carry the 1” after bad date

    Just take the L & leave. That arguing is goofy as hell. :mjlol: Even tho it’s scripted.
  6. Hater's Liberator

    SF*LA*NYC*ATL*CHI*MIA*HTOWN >>> Anywhere else in the USA

    1. These cities also include the immediate area / neighborhoods of the Metro (ex : SF = Oak & Bay Area, NYC = NJ ) :yeshrug: 2. Mainly tourist cities with big attractions not included (Orlando , Las Vegas , San Diego) but idk if they would be considered 2nd tier :hubie: 3. I'm just...
  7. Playaz Eyez

    Boogotti Kasino - Benjamin Siegel

    @shopthatwrecks @Hiphoplives4eva@Houston911 @LevelUp @mobbinfms@BigMoneyGrip@staticshock @DUCKED_OFFUSER=91]@Tommy Sheppard[/USER][/USER] @IVS @CrushedGroove @Super Future Luther King Jr. @ADK @lightskin jermaine @ignorethis @mozichrome@UserNameless @Juneya @krackdagawd @Jerz-2 @HARLEM AL @DonKnock
  8. Luken

    Bankroll Fresh - Behind The Fence Appreciation

    The goat :wow: Rest in peace Bankroll, that is all :wow:
  9. Julien Loki Ahadi


  10. Trav

    ATL-L; Y'all Not Rollin' Wit This Arthur & Arthur Power Move?

  11. Julien Loki Ahadi

    Albums Mulatto - Queen Of Da Souf (Discussion Thread) UPDATE: DELUXE 12/11

    Queen of Da Souf by Mulatto Deluxe:
  12. 8WON6

    Breh saves his girl with the Drew Mcintyre Claymore

  13. Luken

    Merr' Crimmuh!

  14. FreedMind

    Atlanta's Z6sleepyrose be making some catchy music.

    First time in a while I've heard a new artist that actually held my attention. Gonna keep an eye on his career. @desp what you think breh?
  15. R

    Albums Dem Franchize Boyz: On Top Of Our Game

    Cant believe I slept on this :snoop:. shyt jam
  16. Jean Jacket

    Singles WizKid Jeezy Trey -The Life

  17. Rockeywashington

    Mixtapes & EPs 2/16/19 Tsunami Season

    The new release from Rockey Washington is streaming on all platforms 2/16/19 SUB/LIKE/SHARE #newmusic #tsunamiseason #newmusicfriday
  18. shutterguy

    Slide on em on the skates and moonwalk to let em know..

    Not sure how many quad and blade rink rollers we have on the board. I've been doing it for 4yrs and love it. My local rink has a weekly 18+ R&B/Rap late skate jam. A good time and great place to meet people. Once you see cats pulling moves like this, you want to learn how...
  19. Super Future Luther King Jr.

    Albums K Camp - Rare Sound (Official Album/Discussion Thread) I See The Booth STILL Sleep On Him SMH

    :wow::wow::wow:AYEEE 1. "Rare (Intro)" 2. "Can't Go Home" featuring Genuis 3. "Cherish My Dawgs" 4. "I Ain't Impressed" 5. "Hoola Hoop" featuring True Story Gee and Lil Durk 6. "Poppin" 7. "Body a Canvas" 8. "Just Chillin" featuring True Story Gee 9. "Clouds featuring Wiz Khalifa 10...
  20. Jean Jacket

    ATL is a great city

    Just boarded my flight after 4 days here on business. I've been to Atlanta hundreds of times before now but this particular trip I went over to the Swag Shop and got a 4 piece wing from Harold's and after, drove around the city and I realized that ATL has evolved and never stops. So many...