1. shutterguy

    Slide on em on the skates and moonwalk to let em know..

    Not sure how many quad and blade rink rollers we have on the board. I've been doing it for 4yrs and love it. My local rink has a weekly 18+ R&B/Rap late skate jam. A good time and great place to meet people. Once you see cats pulling moves like this, you want to learn how...
  2. Super Future Luther King Jr.

    Albums K Camp - Rare Sound (Official Album/Discussion Thread) I See The Booth STILL Sleep On Him SMH

    :wow::wow::wow:AYEEE 1. "Rare (Intro)" 2. "Can't Go Home" featuring Genuis 3. "Cherish My Dawgs" 4. "I Ain't Impressed" 5. "Hoola Hoop" featuring True Story Gee and Lil Durk 6. "Poppin" 7. "Body a Canvas" 8. "Just Chillin" featuring True Story Gee 9. "Clouds featuring Wiz Khalifa 10...
  3. Jean Jacket

    ATL is a great city

    Just boarded my flight after 4 days here on business. I've been to Atlanta hundreds of times before now but this particular trip I went over to the Swag Shop and got a 4 piece wing from Harold's and after, drove around the city and I realized that ATL has evolved and never stops. So many...
  4. Neuromancer

    ATL cops tackle ten year old boy.

    A video showing officers in Georgia tackling and pinning down a 10-year-old has gone viral, sparking outrage and calls for the Athens-Clarke County police to investigate. On July 20th, police arrested the child’s father on a domestic violence charges, reports the Red and Black. The child was...
  5. O.T.I.S.

    So this is what NewNew would’ve looked like all grown up in “ATL”

  6. Tiffrock

    Pacman Jones fighting at the ATL airport

    Pacman Jones Fight Video, The Violent Knockdown Poor Popeyes chicken bag that was dropped during the melee'
  7. Tiffrock

    Pacman Jones fighting at the ATL airport

    Pacman Jones Fight Video, The Violent Knockdown Poor Popeyes chicken bag that was dropped during the melee'
  8. Tiffrock

    updated 2 Chainz appreciation

    Post your favs I live in ATL and we show a lot of love for dude He can rock with any type of beat- I now he says some ignorant stuff but I got love for him
  9. FreedMind

    Does 24Heavy Have What It Takes to Blow Up?

    24Heavy seems plugged in with the right people, have heard Safe Mode on the radio.
  10. Neuromancer

    Atlanta Lawst

    For the past five days, a mysterious group has been holding the city of Atlanta for ransom as federal authorities fight a computer attack that has crippled the city. Federal, local and state authorities are frantically trying to find a solution. More important, in the spirit of transparency, the...
  11. Super Future Luther King Jr.

    SKOOLY - Don't You Ever Forget Me Pt. 2 of 3 Discussion (DUE4ME EP Series) (Link Inside Brehs)

    back at it like a crack addict my mans SKATE with Pt 2 of his DUE4ME series :wow::salute::blessed: here's the link to the first part, SKOOLY - DON'T YOU EVER FORGET ME EP PT 1 (my mans Skate BEEN underrated, WAKE up Coli) :youngsabo:
  12. FreedMind


    My favorite track off their tape "Kids of the 6." Glad it got the video treatment.
  13. Super Future Luther King Jr.

    SKOOLY - DON'T YOU EVER FORGET ME EP PT 1 (my mans Skate BEEN underrated, WAKE up Coli)

    Tracklist: 01. Dirty Dawg "Insane" 02. White Balenciaga 03. Habit feat. 2 Chainz 04. Racist 05. Leakin 06. Turn It Down 07. Pain On Me Apparently part 1 of 3 :wow:love his work ethic this past 12-18 months SALUTE SKATE MANE :salute:
  14. Playaz Eyez

    I Haven't Listened To Pastor Troy In Exactly 10 Years...

    Not that I thought he was wack or anything, but just cause I never got back around to hearing his music. So the other night, I randomly started listening to a bunch of fairly recent Troy songs, and to my surprise, they were pretty nice :ehh::ehh: I'm very surprised his flow...
  15. Super Future Luther King Jr.

    Skooly - BacCWArdFeELiNgS (Discussion Thread) Updated W/ Full Album YT Stream

    NAYBUHOOD:mjgrin: Tracklist: 01. Tasting Purple 02. No Good feat. Kidd 03. Basic 04. Swagger feat. 2 Chainz 05. Friend Watch 06. Fish Rice & Grits 07. Lose Your shyt 08. Iced Out My Charm 09. Stylin feat. Young Thug 10. Fucc It Up Suh 11. Fuccin Witcha 12. Vicarious Moments 13. My Brother Had...

    ATL was more concerned about eating shrimp at HOUSTONS and GETTING Lit which is why they didnt VOTE

    :francis: so much for all that Killa Mike and T.I empowerment rhetoric After 44 years, Atlanta may elect a white mayor in 2017 Ernie Suggs Leon Stafford The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 6:58 a.m. Monday, May 8, 2017 Metro Atlanta / State news Pete Corson/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution...
  17. B

    Young Dro appreciation thread....

    This nikka really was nice as fukk,to bad TI was jealous of him and didn't let him become what he was supposed to. :wow::wow: Rubberband Banks coldest song he had
  18. Morose Polymath

    Even With No Benjamins We'll Still Make It Rain On Them Hoes From The A: Atlanta @ Carolina WK9 GT

    This contest on Sunday will be meeting of the last 2 reigning NFC Champions of the past 2 years. :ehh: This game will have it all... Last 2 NFC South Champs - ✓ Last 2 NFC Champs - ✓ Last 2 Reining MVPs - ✓ Fresh off a busy trade deadline, The 5-3 Carolina Panthers must defend their home turf...
  19. Playaz Eyez

    Mystikal f/ Outkast - Neck Uv Da Woods

    That Damn Neck Uv Da Woods :wow::wow: Rap City '99
  20. Benjamin Sisko

    Two grown men pulling hair like bytches; guess the city: