1. R

    What was she thinking?

  2. Justise M

    Atlanta church scene is different.

    Where you can hear the word and get bottle service at same time :blessed:
  3. Brolic

    Police raid Anti-Harlem bars after Russian Supreme Court ruling labels LGBTQ+ movement ‘extremist’ Russian security forces raided gay clubs and bars across Moscow Friday night, less than 48 hours after the country’s top court banned what it called the “global LGBTQ+ movement” as an extremist...
  4. Playaz Eyez

    ManMan Savage & MexikoDro - For Players Only

    @thewiz @Sammy Steez @T.H.E. Goat @Drip Bayless @livindajetlife @mrken12 @AMcV'88 @LevelUp @Charly Wingate @desp @Leao2005 @SupremexKing @KingOFKings @RebelX @malbaker86 @AVXL @Supreme @Chris Cool @mozichrome
  5. I

    The Michelin Guide Comes To Atlanta, No Stars for Black Restaurants/Chef, Black ATLiens Purport Racism

    Black chefs are still being overlooked for that elusive Michelin star, even in Atlanta where almost every second person is Black. In the inaugural guide for the Georgia capital, the longtime restaurant arbiter found just five dining rooms that were deserving of a star, which the guide defines...
  6. aboss4real24


    Tawlk about it Offset lil baby flopping They hottest rapper is a rat (gunna)
  7. DrBanneker

    Top 10 Highest Income Majority/Near-Majority Black Counties

    Don't think anything is super shocking here but it shows particularly how migration has shifted in DMV and ATL. Charles outdoing PG is well-known but back in the day (up to almost 2000 I believe) DeKalb County, GA was #2 but is now #10 particularly after growth/migration to other counties in the...
  8. Gizza

    :wtf: no thread?!? Atl PD killed a 62 yr old deacon :snoop:
  9. M

    I got almost 15 bands whats a nice fast car for a young nikka?

    Everyone I know got a charger so that’s not the move… tryna get into whips and modding n shyt A dealer from around the way said he can give me a track hawk for 9 but ima have to throw like 725/month for like 63 months. I jus want sum fast to take a bytch to nobu but I’m not too sure. This my...
  10. President Sakora

    21 savage's english father tells all

  11. I

    Census Data Finds Atlanta Has Largest Income Inequality in Country

    CENSUS DATA: ATLANTA HAS HIGHEST INCOME INEQUALITY IN THE COUNTRY (Image: iStock/Kruck20) Jeroslyn JohnsonNovember 30, 2022293 Recent census data highlight how Black Atlanta residents are being left out of the economic boom the city has seen in the past several years. According to recent data...
  12. Playaz Eyez

    Latto vs Nardwuar

    I haven’t watched a Nardwuar video in ages but this one was hilarious. I’ve never intentionally clicked on a Latto song other than the one with Benny and Kash Doll but this may actually make me think about listening to more of her music.
  13. Playaz Eyez

    With all the albums that have come out, y’all forgot about the one from the Atlanta legends…

    THE AMAZING SHOP BOYZ :whew: :blessed:
  14. DrexlersFade

    Josh Allen no longer resides in Harlem he has moved to ATL Midtown section

    What type of shyt was he on his Midtown residency has been approved :dame:
  15. M

    ATL brehs, let's settle this. Which strip club is the best in the city?

    Planning a trip, been more times than I can count but never hit a club up.
  16. King Static X

    Active shooter in Midtown Atlanta (3 shot, 2 dead). Suspect in custody.

    This is crazy. UPDATE:
  17. Lootpack

    Atlanta: The Final Season | Official Thread | FX & Hulu

  18. BigBlackSea

    Lose your head doing the Matrix leap of faith brehs Fact Checks Fauxtography Man Decapitated by Wrought Iron Fence Photographs show a suspect who was decapitated by a wrought-iron fence while fleeing from police. David Mikkelson Published 3 March 2003 Share on FacebookShare on...
  19. Brolic

    Obese treh claims abortion ban will increase mass incarceration