1. Mr anansi

    21 savage's english father tells all

  2. A

    Census Data Finds Atlanta Has Largest Income Inequality in Country

    CENSUS DATA: ATLANTA HAS HIGHEST INCOME INEQUALITY IN THE COUNTRY (Image: iStock/Kruck20) Jeroslyn JohnsonNovember 30, 2022293 Recent census data highlight how Black Atlanta residents are being left out of the economic boom the city has seen in the past several years. According to recent data...
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Latto vs Nardwuar

    I haven’t watched a Nardwuar video in ages but this one was hilarious. I’ve never intentionally clicked on a Latto song other than the one with Benny and Kash Doll but this may actually make me think about listening to more of her music.
  4. Playaz Eyez

    With all the albums that have come out, y’all forgot about the one from the Atlanta legends…

    THE AMAZING SHOP BOYZ :whew: :blessed:
  5. DrexlersFade

    Josh Allen no longer resides in Harlem he has moved to ATL Midtown section

    What type of shyt was he on his Midtown residency has been approved :dame:
  6. Rhule the World

    ATL brehs, let's settle this. Which strip club is the best in the city?

    Planning a trip, been more times than I can count but never hit a club up.
  7. King Static X

    Active shooter in Midtown Atlanta (3 shot, 2 dead). Suspect in custody.

    This is crazy. UPDATE:
  8. Lootpack

    Atlanta: The Final Season | Official Thread | FX & Hulu

  9. BigBlackSea

    Lose your head doing the Matrix leap of faith brehs Fact Checks Fauxtography Man Decapitated by Wrought Iron Fence Photographs show a suspect who was decapitated by a wrought-iron fence while fleeing from police. David Mikkelson Published 3 March 2003 Share on FacebookShare on...
  10. BenchPressPapi

    Obese treh claims abortion ban will increase mass incarceration

  11. AVXL

    Wanna-bees: (10) Charlotte Hornets at (9) Atlanta Hawks Play In Game Thread

    No diss Charlotte brehs :whoa: Well maybe a little :mjgrin: This is dedicated to all my Charlotte/Carolina brehs Falcons UMad by AVXL posted Jun 20, 2017 at 12:09 AM Falcons UMad by AVXL posted Jun 20, 2017 at 12:09 AM lil bro Charlatan coming to see Big Bro in The A with the winner...
  12. BenchPressPapi

    50% of Disney characters will reside outside of Harlem by the end of the year

    Disney executive wants more LGBTQIA, minority characters
  13. TallMan_J

    Tommy Sotomayor and Trae Young’s father almost throw hands at Hawks game.

    Tommy was roasting Trae Young and talking shyt all while sitting directly behind his father. :mjlol: Watch the entire video. This muthafukka STAYS in some shyt, man. All of his YouTube channels got deleted at one time too. :pachaha:
  14. Mufasa Ahadi

    Donald Glover Confirms Malia Obama in Writers’ Room of New Show: ‘Her Writing Style Is Great’

    Donald Glover has confirmed that Malia Obama is in the writers’ room for his new Amazon series. The “Atlanta” Emmy winner told Vanity Fair that Obama is “an amazingly talented person,” adding, “She’s really focused, and she’s working really hard.” “I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna...
  15. BenchPressPapi

    Zesty Brehito gets smacked during dance routine

  16. Dog Based Gremlin

    [1/1/22] Official WWE Day 1 Thread (Roman has COVID!)

  17. A

    Andre Dikkens Elected 61st Mayor of Atlanta

  18. ReturnOfJudah

    ATL hs students/athletes in a drug deal gone bad

    GDPR Support Milton basketball player loses D1 offer after arrest on murder charge Moments after playing in a basketball game Wednesday night, two Milton High School students were arrested on murder charges in what authorities said was a botched robbery during a drug deal that killed a...
  19. Dog Based Gremlin

    Black Man loses the 8 million WSOP Poker Tournament tonight

    Black amateur player from Atlanta with a strange play against this German pro Atlanta back to losing again :wow: But impressive to see him make to the "final 2" after a week of play Cac won 8 million Black dude won likely like 3 million
  20. Optimus Prime

    Official 'Atlanta' Season 3 Thread