1. Optimus Prime

    Official 'Atlanta' Season 3 Thread

  2. I

    ATL School Surprised Black Janitor with New Car..

    Y’all think he smashing them two HAWGmaws? :jbhmm:
  3. AVXL

    Death of The Brotherhood Vol. 1: All Pitts in the Peach State.The 2021 Atlanta Falcons Season Thread

    Bird Brehs it’s time to Rise Up :blessed: New coach Arthur Smith (who’s Dad owns FedEx :dwillhuh:) comes over from Tennessee and brings Dean Pees to run the defense which will move to a 3-4. Expectations are all over the place and buzz is low but we have one of the NFLs easiest schedules and...
  4. Luken

    Pee Wee Longway is the GOAT of the Migos Flow Era.

    -Quality of the Flow -When to use the Flow -Where to use the flow -His harmonizing -His melodies -his pitch dudes more musically talented then what he gets credit for :wow:
  5. Playaz Eyez

    Nobody Peeped Early 90’s Jazze Pha???

    Dude was :stylin::stylin::mj::dj2::dj2: listen to how positive those lyrics are :skip::myman::salute:
  6. Low End Derrick

    Albums Kanye West - DONDA Deluxe (Discussion Thread)

  7. JadeB

    Atlanta brehs: should Atlanta have their own neighborhood signs?

    Inspired by this thread What about palm trees?:patrice:
  8. Grizzly

    The 85 South Show: Goodie Mob Interview

  9. Sankofa Alwayz

    Yo ATL brehs, Quick Food-Related Question

    What are some good restaurants would y’all recommend to visitors? One of my friends got a friend of her’s who’s set on visiting the ATL for her upcoming birthday and she was wondering what about the restaurants. According to my friend, the girl’s palette is basic but that she do love flavor...
  10. Mufasa Ahadi

    Damian Lillard tells @YahooSports he has withdrawn from participating in 3-Point Contest

  11. O.T.I.S.

    Coli brehs in ATL: Yall going to the game this saturday?

  12. JadeB

    Which city is the LA of the South: Houston or Atlanta?

    Demographic-wise, Houston is similar to Los Angeles. It's also sprawling and notoriously smoggy and near the coast. But Atlanta is practically the second or third biggest center of entertainment in the US and many Black people move there for the hopes of getting into the industry. What does...
  13. TheGodling

    No thread on the Academy's retarded new rules for Best Picture eligibility?

    Hollywood might have to move to Atlanta at the rate they're gonna be scrambling for gay black people to fill up these quota's. Let's not even get started on all the white women who will suddenly become proud bisexuals to keep that paycheck. :mjlol: Added standards for Best Picture eligibility...
  14. Sankofa Alwayz

    Florida vs. ATL: Twitter Edition

    I’m only making this thread bcuz I’m bored and these two Twitter threads were lowkey funny asf. Apparently this chick from The A was joanin on Florida nikkas claiming that they be fakin on the drip tip outside of a few exceptions. Warning: Possible ho babble: They real live dog the fukk outta...
  15. Mufasa Ahadi

    Albums Mulatto - Queen Of Da Souf (Discussion Thread) UPDATE: DELUXE 12/11

    Queen of Da Souf by Mulatto Deluxe:
  16. jelanitsunami

    I never saw a song make oldheads angry like this did when it came out

    Dawg I remember being in middle school when this dropped and I had never heard so many older heads sh*t on one song before this. My pops is an OG hip hop head from it's inception and this song was like hip hop's funeral for him. Wouldn't even let me play it in the car or his speakers in the...
  17. Tunechi

    TBT: Destiny's Child bring out Lil Wayne and T.I. to perform 'Soldier' live in Atlanta

    For #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a cool video from the Atlanta, Georgia stop of Destiny’s Child‘s final tour, “Destiny Fulfilled… And Lovin’ It”. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams brought out both T.I. and Lil Wayne to perform their “Soldier” single live at the Philips Arena...
  18. F

    DTE 1017 Beef

    Would hate it see it get ugly but it looks to be heading that way.. Gucci new artist made a diss song against Bank and the whole DTE.. Bank ignored it but the talk of the streets seems to be gettin to him and he tired of biting his tounge.. This beef started in the streets wit Gucci robbing a...
  19. FBGPlank

    Gucci Mane & 1017 Video Shoot In East Atlanta Bouldercrest. 21 Savage, Nudy & PDE Comes To Support

    Wop brought the whips and jewelry out