1. HustlerOfVirginiA

    DJ Drama - The Art of Storytellin' Pt. 4 (feat. Outkast & Marsha Ambrosius)

    From '07. Still don't understand why they chose that beat and hook :snoop: Dope verses tho
  2. Pdiddy

    COLI Member Gets Caught Red Handed!

  3. Vice Queen

    Body Found Hanging From Tree in Atlanta's Piedmont Park

    There's not much info out about this right now, so take it for it is. This is primarily a gossip site, but it's going up Twitter right now. I'm just reporting. UPDATE:
  4. M


    Somebod put me up on this :trash: earlier, just wanted to share it with my col brehs for some laffs nikka used a picture of his Saturn interior on the cover :mjlol:
  5. M

    Why DO People HATE on Atlanta??

    I notice on this site, anytime ATL is mentioned, most GUYS make some comment to the effect of how GAY ATL is usually in reference to MEN and so-called down low guys...:snoop: I have to ay this first: ATL has a gay population, and supposedly midtown is a gay friendly area. I have also lived in...
  6. HustlerOfVirginiA

    Killer Mike "Reagan" appreciation thread

    The poignancy :wow: El-P's production :wow: :wow: One of the best political rap tracks post-2000 in my opinion
  7. Mandarin Duck

    Atlanta brehs, why they Kill OG Double D?

    I know he was an out-of-towner but he was just having fun outchea:mjcry:
  8. D

    Any Of The Brehs Ever Fap To joseline From Love And Hip hop Atlanta

  9. Bunchy Carter

    Black Man Opens Up $3 Million Dollar Private Club In Atlanta For Professionals And Entrepreneurs

    RYAN WILSON OPENS $3 MILLION PRIVATE CLUB IN ATLANTA FOR PROFESSIONALS AND ENTREPRENEURS The Gathering Spot is explained as “An innovative, private, members-only city club that brings together a motivated and diverse community of professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. Members will...

    Bruh. These Atlanta nikkas need to chill....

  11. M

    Walmart Cop Beats Man w/ Baton:Breaks His Leg After Falsely Accusing Him Of Stealing Tomato

    An off-duty Atlanta police officer working security for Walmart severely beat a man after he was falsely accused of stealing a tomato. In the security video the officer is seen confronting the man as he is walking out of the store. The officer is then seen suddenly pulling out his baton and then...
  12. Jahmal

    If you dont have broads in Atlanta...

    You are a homosexual. I dont care what city you are in you should have atleast 2 chicks in ATL that are down for the cause. Meet the Pandas
  13. Raheem95

    Was Atlanta the only go to black city in the '90s ?

    Breh at the end of Boyz In Da Hood, Tre & Brandi went to Morehouse and Spelman . At the end of Menace II Society, Caine, and everybody except O-Dogg was moving to Atlanta. In Belly, DMX and his goons moved to Atlanta to move dope and stay lowkey. Movies hyped it up When Freaknik happened...
  14. shutterguy

    Prince final concert: Fox Theater Atlanta

    Found this on NYDN today, gonna download it and zone out in my below Prince Live At The Fox Theater.... just over 90min. Prince Live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta - The FINAL SHOW
  15. SheWantTheD

    ~ Paula Patton Look-Alike Atlanta Stripper Thot On Periscope Would you Wife, Smash Or Nah? (NSFW) ~

    Would you wife, smash or nah? Backstage at Pinups in Atlanta... - ShesFreaky She shows up in the video at 4:10 You'll also see the usual stripper lesbian thot feeling up on the other strippers tryna turn them out :snoop:
  16. EducatedBrothaFromTheBank

    Police: 2 dead after shooting at Atlanta recording studio

    ATLANTA - Police said that two men are dead after a shooting inside a southwest Atlanta recording studio. The shooting happened a recording studio inside The Metropolitan along Metropolitan Parkway near Bronner Brothers Way. Police received a 911 call shortly after 8:20 p.m. Officers found the...
  17. M

    Is the sagging pants era over, i dont see it as much here in Atlanta

    What about where y'all at? I always thought it was corny as fuk
  18. S

    Official Coli Mock Draft: Pick 17 - Atlanta Falcons

    1) Tennessee Titans - Laremy Tunsil, OT Mississippi 2) Cleveland Browns - Jared Goff, QB California 3) San Diego Chargers - Jalen Ramsey, CB Florida St 4) Dallas Cowboys - Joey Bosa, DE Ohio State 5) Jacksonville Jaguars - Myles Jack, OLB UCLA 6) Baltimore Ravens - Vernon Hargreaves, CB Florida...
  19. AVXL

    Took a 100 L's, in The Chop House-The final season of the 2016 Atlanta Braves at Turner Field

    For those of you who don't know by now, this year is the final season of the Braves in Turner Field before the "White Flights" move to Cobb County (and make my daily commute a daily hell :mjcry:) Anyway, this year's team is projected by many to be the worst in baseball and maybe the worst...

    Atlanta got the most gangsta'ist Radio Stations

    Whether it be the Hip Hop stations, the Classic Jazz & Blues radio stations, the R&B stations. Basically all of the Black stations They get it down here. All of their Formats have that classic gangster undertone to it. I mean yeah they burn you out with the usual songs that they have to...