1. shutterguy

    Prince final concert: Fox Theater Atlanta

    Found this on NYDN today, gonna download it and zone out in my below Prince Live At The Fox Theater.... just over 90min. Prince Live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta - The FINAL SHOW
  2. SheWantTheD

    ~ Paula Patton Look-Alike Atlanta Stripper Thot On Periscope Would you Wife, Smash Or Nah? (NSFW) ~

    Would you wife, smash or nah? Backstage at Pinups in Atlanta... - ShesFreaky She shows up in the video at 4:10 You'll also see the usual stripper lesbian thot feeling up on the other strippers tryna turn them out :snoop:
  3. EducatedBrothaFromTheBank

    Police: 2 dead after shooting at Atlanta recording studio

    ATLANTA - Police said that two men are dead after a shooting inside a southwest Atlanta recording studio. The shooting happened a recording studio inside The Metropolitan along Metropolitan Parkway near Bronner Brothers Way. Police received a 911 call shortly after 8:20 p.m. Officers found the...
  4. M

    Is the sagging pants era over, i dont see it as much here in Atlanta

    What about where y'all at? I always thought it was corny as fuk
  5. S

    Official Coli Mock Draft: Pick 17 - Atlanta Falcons

    1) Tennessee Titans - Laremy Tunsil, OT Mississippi 2) Cleveland Browns - Jared Goff, QB California 3) San Diego Chargers - Jalen Ramsey, CB Florida St 4) Dallas Cowboys - Joey Bosa, DE Ohio State 5) Jacksonville Jaguars - Myles Jack, OLB UCLA 6) Baltimore Ravens - Vernon Hargreaves, CB Florida...
  6. AVXL

    Took a 100 L's, in The Chop House-The final season of the 2016 Atlanta Braves at Turner Field

    For those of you who don't know by now, this year is the final season of the Braves in Turner Field before the "White Flights" move to Cobb County (and make my daily commute a daily hell :mjcry:) Anyway, this year's team is projected by many to be the worst in baseball and maybe the worst...

    Atlanta got the most gangsta'ist Radio Stations

    Whether it be the Hip Hop stations, the Classic Jazz & Blues radio stations, the R&B stations. Basically all of the Black stations They get it down here. All of their Formats have that classic gangster undertone to it. I mean yeah they burn you out with the usual songs that they have to...
  8. Drew Wonder

    TV Traffic Reporter Pays Tribute to Phife Dawg

    This made me :mjlol:and :mjcry:at the same damn time. RIP Phife
  9. King Karim

    Jeezy - Church in the streets...

    was the best album of 2016....a underrated ninja Jeezy still ain't never dropped a flaw album! FACTS
  10. Sean312

    So Atlanta is the Black Mecca right?

    You hear about allot of people moving to Atlanta, and how's its better etc, which raises my antennas everytime I hear about how blacks are doing good down there. But I also know it's a HUGE gay population down there. I knew it would be some way they would figure out how to take us out and I...
  11. Gremlin

    Nick Grant “Royalty (Remix)” Feat: Big K.R.I.T. and Killer Mike

    Nick Grant “Royalty (Remix)” Feat: Big K.R.I.T. and Killer Mike Atlanta upstart Nick Grant already has an ATL flavored victory in his bag with “Royalty” with CyHi The Prynce. However, the crown can’t be discussed in Atlanta without mentioning the current everyman of Atlanta, Killer Mike. So...
  12. Morose Polymath

    A.nother V.ery X.cruciating L.oss: Carolina @ Atlanta Week 16 GT

    The end of the regular season is almost upon us and in Week 16 the Atlanta Falcons are looking to avenge their embarrassing loss to the Carolina Panthers from 2 weeks ago. However, this late in the season both teams have something to play for. Carolina can lock up Homefield advantage through out...
  13. T.H.E. Goat

    Anybody listen to Hugo Joe?

    I know it's a lot of rappers coming from Atlanta but I feel like you'll be hearing his name bubble in 2016
  14. Morose Polymath

    Damn Homie, In Week 5 You Was The Man Homie, The F*ck Happened To You?!: Atlanta @ Carolina WK14 GT

    Yeah its Rivalry/HATE WEEK this week as the Atlanta Falcons travel up I-85 to meet the undefeated, Division Champs. After Week 5 both Carolina and Atlanta stood tall atop the NFC South tied with a 5-0 record. Ever since then both franchises have moved in complete opposite directions. The...
  15. M

    WHAT YALL THINK? New ATL artist WITH BARS!!! Lex Nekst is Nekst Up

    WHAT YALL THINK COLI? This is me dumbing myself down a bit- if yall like it I got more music and got bars-- admittedly this song aint talkin about shyt!! Just having fun over a beat I was feelin- dropped a couple 8's Song and lyrics below: *If you all about lyrics check out "My Car"...
  16. M

    Killer Mike ELECTRIFIES Rally for Bernie Sanders in Atlanta (Video)

    I tried to tell cats that Bernz the Gawd was going to change things, he could get free college because he can get those rallies in the streets for college education tuition free Drop the mic line "I do not want to elect another Margaret Thatcher" :banderas: Holy shyt, Mike needs to be the...
  17. M

    Cyhi The Prynce- Start a War (Underrated Track off Ivy League 2)

    :whew: The setup, the emotion, the story....the beat, the vocal hook....... the delivery... :myman: the ending :ohlawd:
  18. wire28

    No Luggage in the trunk, man its all birds - Eagles @ Falcons MNF

    No clothes in the closet, it's all birds No sneakers in the sneaker box, it's all birds No luggage in the trunk, man, it's all birds And I ain't going back -- I'mma ball first Eagles brehs its time. Byrd Gang its time :ohlawd: Tonight we travel to the ATL with the nations eyes on us. Some...
  19. Sly Cookin

    There's a New Vic in Town: The Official 2015 Atlanta Falcons Season Thread

    New coach:gladbron: New offense:ooh: Fresh legs at rb:banderas: Dare I say some pass rush:leon: Not to mention 3 garbage teams in our division:sas1: My Atl brehs, a new season is among us:blessed::salute: @The ADD @#1 pick @FreshFromATL @Stone @The Dogg @charmander @Teal @ATLien...
  20. M

    Cyhi Claims he's Dropping " NUKE" for Rap Game World Premiere "8/5/15" "Bouttime"

    I wonder what this could be :ohhh: Cyhi fam, do you think Cyhi has a historical COLLAB? I've never seen Cyhi this charged for a song. :blessed: Let it be a NAS collab or a Kanye collab, or...............Outkast :banderas: Attack Cyhi....attack........ mercy :win: