WHAT YALL THINK? New ATL artist WITH BARS!!! Lex Nekst is Nekst Up

Jul 13, 2015
WHAT YALL THINK COLI? This is me dumbing myself down a bit- if yall like it I got more music and got bars-- admittedly this song aint talkin about shyt!! Just having fun over a beat I was feelin- dropped a couple 8's Song and lyrics below: *If you all about lyrics check out "My Car" song and lyrics also below

Verse 1

"I go ignant onna beat, this a demonstration
Thought I just was playin, renovate your information/
screwin b*tches new positions, innovatin penetrations-
I'm feelin myself, like Beyonce doin tha macarena/
These nikkas fake, i been renegadin since nikkaz played
Nintendo games like ninja gaiden, been gettin paid-
Since Steve Harvey was temple fadin, you nikkas late
As b*tches missin they menstruation when rent aint paid"

I pullup up when I pullup, hop out when I pop out
Showup wit my shirt off, pour up not no smirnoff
I pullup when i pullup, i showup when i showup
find tha baddest b*tch at yo party and i pull her

Verse 2

"Finna stop up at the store, grab some jalapeno cheetos/
nikkas askin for some change, me no feed no ninos/
I'm on top of my game, like I sleep on my P4/
I want dat, so run dat- I'm Deebo on BEASTMODE/
and now they saying me so frio
long dreads, gold grill, nikka no he's not a MIGO/
Make a stop at tha red box, rent Kill Bill
I can recognize tha real, Ima red pill Neo"

This is one of my old joints if you cant tell by references to Ray Rice & Lebron..but BARS!

Verse 1:
You can smell it in my car, it aint even in my car
Not in my name, so even when im in my car- I aint even in my car/
Tank on full, got no gas in tha car, but still got gas in tha car
In a hatchbacc six, wit a fat back b*tch
no ass on tha car, but its ass in tha car/
Im passin tha line at the mansion elan, smashin a broad from tha fashion bazar/
Said she can smell that loud on my scarf, wait i aint never had no scarf
Im too hot- aint no stash in the car, but kno that the stash aint far
few feet from tha door, you can smell weed on my clothes
just got these from tha store
bytch i be coppin that compton so constant my tolerance for ganjas preposterous (alot)
smokin no option, im rollin a blunt up tha size of a lobster (big)
if weed smoke was water, then i'd have the lungs of a dolphin/
I'm so high, I'm so fly- you'll think I rode on a ostrich to go to tha oscars (get it?)
Yeah we packed in tha car, but aint no packs in tha car
And when i get bacc in my car, I still get harassed by tha law
They say "we gotta search your car, cuz we got alert from tha dog"
I said "Go head, you can smell it in my car- It aint even in my car!"


Verse 2
"KidSyc said Lex imma throw you a challenge, like the head coach of the Packers-
Like its 4th & 20 and we didnt get tha call & we tryna get the win on the road against Dallas/
Anybody wanna challenge me to a battle? Take you out tha game like Tony Gonzalez
I craft flows, I mic smith (mike smith), and I even talkin bout tha coach of them falcons (fired)
you wanted plenty bars outta me so I had to drop this heat faster than lebron did
next set of bars nikka we chargin
I drop shyt like Ray Rice, but only if tha beat started
nikka you scheme n bargain, you cheap as target
Im in Neiman Marcus buying everything regardless-
Depleting garments, that shirts tuff- defeating garments
I been a star, just waitin on yall to see, acknowledge
Say what I mean dont delete tweets and blame anonymous/
and ever since i left college, i done been rackin up tha air mileage/
From LA to Bay Area, Vegas Palazzo, Chi-Town free Rondo/
RIP to LA Capone, pullup onna b*tch So Loud-
Thats that Cali, call it LA Cologne-
When I walk inna building all tha thots in tha building
stop in tha middle of they conversationnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"