1. RhodyRum

    Coli Mod Team 6 Snipes Another One. (Correction: Four)

    This time, it's everyone's favorite cantankerous mud duck, @Nicole0416_718_929_646212 Edit: @Sway caught a widow-maker too. Edit² : Word has reached our news department that @R=G and @Malcolmxxx_23 were also guillotine victims today. Heads continue to roll. :sadcam: This is turning into...
  2. RhodyRum

    @Wildhundreds Banned???

    Been away all day, saw he posted in that weird Nipsey thread from earlier, and now yet another Coli veteran bites the dust. What'd he do? :lupe:
  3. DrexlersFade

    @SilverSurfer bytch ass banned free daps and reps!!!!

    That was his response to Rell Lauren bytch ass getting banned :pachaha: Defend Rell Lauren and get banned brehs:mjlol:
  4. Luken

    Paging MikeyC, paging MikeyC

    Bruh, did you make it back here? Please tell me your amongst us again:wow::blessed::ohhh::gladbron:
  5. TallMan_J

    Racist white "Liberal" poster @gpbear is outta here, brehs. Daps and Reps.

    He's been disrespectful and overstepping boundaries for the longest, but no more passes. :wow: This is the thread that did him in below. Daps and Reps as we celebrate, family! Good riddance, fakkit. Tag another brother or sister so we can collectively shyt on this passive-aggressive bytch in...
  6. Rhapture

    Cardi B shadow banned on Twitter

    Cardi is promising to be on her best behavior to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after being shadowbanned on the platform. Cardi B is known to be one to never hold her tongue and has proven time and time again she's not afraid to talk about the most explicit of subjects. While that behavior landed...
  7. BaileyPark31

    TikTok Top Earners

    I don't know much about TikTok. But here are the top earners. Supposedly #1 is being groomed by the Kar Trashians (allegedly) :hubie: TikTok’s 7 Highest-Earning Stars: New Forbes List Led By Teen Queens Addison Rae And Charli D’Amelio
  8. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Have you ever been banned from posting in a thread?

    Just curious how many out there have pulled that off :mjlol: :laff:
  9. young yeesh

    TH3 SAGA VS. SNAKE EYEZ | #Banned

  10. GPBear

    @IbucciMane Banned Free Dap/Rep

    That delusional idiot is gone :blessed: It's Time For Me To Throw In The 'White' Flag (PERMABAN) We all know he’ll make an alternate account, but in the meantime, thecoli will be a lot saner place. :myman:
  11. #1 pick

    Swagnificent permanently banned! Free daps and reps for everybody!

  12. Neuromancer

    Was Dr.X Perma banned? If so why?

    I've been here since 2015. I've read this dudes wall of of text rants. He wasn't wrong he predicted things that would later come to pass. He like Gilgamesh saw the writing on the wall. He was like the coli's version of thr Question. So my question is was he banned because he posted too much, or...
  13. jj23

    Uber has Operating license withdrawn in London

    :ohhh: Uber Loses London Operating Licence After Shock Ruling By TfL This is a pretty big blow to Uber. It will be interesting to see how shares react to this news.
  14. JerseyBoy23

    According To PWInsider, WWE Has Banned Beach Balls

    WWE BANS BEACH BALLS LAST NIGHT | Even if it was a problem, banning beach balls is such a party pooper type thing to do. The fans will just find another way to express their displeasure in the product.
  15. L

    My thread flopped b. Delete.

    :patrice:and what would be a good safe alternative to these banned moves?:patrice:
  16. It is a mystery

    This goes out to the banned COLI members

    If we can break down those walls to set you free we would, cause we out here... And we miss yooooou... If we could build a ladder that tall to come and see you we would, cause we down here... And we miss yooooou... :to: If we can break down those walls to set you free we would, cause we out...
  17. BelieveBeOK

    Maria Sharapova banned for two years, appeal pending

    Maria Sharapova banned for two years for failed drugs test but will appeal Maria Sharapova has been banned for two years by the International Tennis Federation for using a prohibited drug. The Russian was provisionally banned in March after testing positive for meldonium at January's...
  18. Kane

    BlackEfron aka Blackie Robinson perma-banned APPRECIATION thread (free daps/reps)

    @BlackEfron Salute to the admins :salute: He been shyttin up JBO and TLR for too long :wow:
  19. SirReginald

    The U.S. DOESN'T Care About Their Citizens Health (GMO Products NEED To Be BANNED)

    Fourteen European countries have already banned GMO's :jawalrus: GMO's have caused birth defects and tumors :scust: It's sad what the U.S. product makers will feed their people in order to make money :snoop: I remember when they used to put "LARD" in their food. As of today, I've started my...
  20. The_King_of_Everything

    How Much Would Hip Hop Change If The Goverment Banned Guns To Only The Swat Or Military In The US?