black man

  1. Lýba'rhaésheýun

    Antifa Dude Gets Shook when confronted by a Black man

    :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: Just Now Saw This Homie was so strong when he was giving the speech but then dude pulled up :birdman: He was like :OhShiiTyga::hamster: :lolbron:
  2. DrX

    Wait how do a black man stay sane in America? What is ur end goal?

    Between racism, white supremacy, gays, trannies, disillusional whores, feminism, unemployment, jealous nikkas, jail, taxes, bills... How do we do it? Nobody can't tell me we aren't gods children. He made us built to last. My goals is to eventually escape and travel the globe. Basically create...
  3. Pdiddy

    Cacs Set TrAP FOR bLACK mAN

  4. Embrehyo

    Women respect power

    I'm 34... I've lived on all coasts in the U.S. and abroad to Europe and Asia. Listen... Women respect and follow a man that has power and control. (Not controlling her) You ever wonder why a hoe worships a broke ass pimp with a 2003 Nissan Sentra? You ever wonder how there is a concept of a...
  5. Londilon

    Caitlyn Jenner dating black men, now?!

    Its like the whole family wants to be Kim Kardashian :huhldup::huhldup::huhldup::huhldup::huhldup::huhldup: Didnt know you London nikkas was this wild.
  6. M

    Hoteps! Get in here and critique the new direction we taking Ra!

    What you think of the new Rah We wanted him to look more dominating. We all know the portrayal of the masculine black man is always hidden. So its time we glorified it. Rah, the Dark Pharaoh. First ruler of Kemet, slayer of the Hyksos, and bringer of order.
  7. Regine Hunter

    On today's episode of "White Woman Cries, Black Man Suffers" - Kelly throws jab @ Strahan again

    as a loyal Strahanite, and founder & president of the #nocavebytches movement, I find her mentioning his personal life a low blow. On the contrary, he handled it pretty well: I know in his head he cannot wait to chuck up the deuces and cash out next week
  8. Hi!

    Attention whore Amy Schumer tries to put black man on blast, but he fights back :wow:

    GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - While in the Upstate for a comedy show, Amy Schumer said an incident with a stranger has changed her policy on fan photos. The Greenville man said her fans aren't getting the full story, though. On Saturday afternoon, Schumer posted an Instagram photo of a man...
  9. M

    [Official] Unapologetically Black video game Black Sands: Legends of Kemet (Made by a Black Man)

    Welcome to Black Sands, Legends of Kemet. As the creator, Manuel Godoy, I will be constantly updating this thread with new content, lore entries, and promotional offers. I expect feedback from the community, critiques, and general commentary. I don’t do this for myself. I do this for us all...
  10. Bunchy Carter

    Black Man Opens Up $3 Million Dollar Private Club In Atlanta For Professionals And Entrepreneurs

    RYAN WILSON OPENS $3 MILLION PRIVATE CLUB IN ATLANTA FOR PROFESSIONALS AND ENTREPRENEURS The Gathering Spot is explained as “An innovative, private, members-only city club that brings together a motivated and diverse community of professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. Members will...
  11. Kane

    Black Man who served 23 years for rape released after DNA proves him innocent

    Mashallah :blessed: My nikka better get some compensation :ufdup:
  12. N

    The Black Man Is The Most Sexually Desired Creature On Earth!

  13. Scuti

    United Shades of America TV Series: Black Man interviewing the KKK

    \pretty much this black man goes around interviewing different clans... Hosted by Kamau Bell :mjpls: he was just on CNN and the black anhor lady was asking him "Why and How?" and he tahmbout "well i was able to just have a conversation with the clan member about the weather. normally when...
  14. A

    Older black man manhandles racist on the Chicago subway :damn:

    Dat strength
  15. Cadillac

    Hilarious: Black Man beating the shyt out of CAC at a Gas station.

  16. Neuromancer

    Who is the best black man in your life? (No negativity )

    So I have good folks in my life. I hope you do too. This thread is dedicated to my late pops whose been on my mind lately. He is the second reason I'm a writer, he followed his own path and told me to follow mine. To make sure I was happy with my life. He wasn't always around, but he was...
  17. Pdiddy

    I Don't Like Being a Black Guy