burger king

  1. I

    Burger King's New Spicy Chicken Sandwich Might Just Be.....

    Better than Popeyes. :yeshrug: Not only is the chicken the same size as Popeyes, the spice is embedded in the batter and doesn't just come from a the mayo. @Burger King You did good.:ufdup:
  2. Tunechi

    "Real Gs move in silence like sourdough"

    To announce the return of the Sourdough King and the Sourdough Breakfast King, Burger King have debuted a new commercial featuring a popular Lil Wayne song. The ad includes Tunechi‘s “6 Foot 7 Foot” instrumental playing in the background and it seems BK have a new slogan which is a play on one...
  3. Antwon Mitchell

    Burger King searching for redemption...and the crown with their new upgraded chicken sandwiches...

    New Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwiches Spotted At Burger King - Chew Boom New Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwiches Spotted At Burger King October 2, 2020 Chicken sandwich wars could soon be going into overdrive as Burger King has been spotted offering new Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken...
  4. Antwon Mitchell

    Yo, so these are the 12 BIGGEST FLOPS in Burger King history...

    For the ones who can't sit through a 12min video (:stopitslime:) I'ma list em in order... #1. The Halloween Whopper (released in 2015) #2. The Whopperito (released in 2016) #3. Burger Bundles/Sliders (from 1987) #4. Burger Shots (2004 version of '87 “bundles”) #5. 1993's BK Dinner Baskets...
  5. Antwon Mitchell

    Burger King got a new chicken sandwich on the menu, Chick-fil-A & Popeye's better watch out....

    Burger King Introduces New Line Of Chicken Caesar Sandwiches Burger King Introduces New Line Of Chicken Caesar Sandwiches - Chew Boom Burger King expands its popular chicken sandwich menu with the introduction of a new lineup of Chicken Caesar Sandwiches. Chicken Caesar Sandwiches are...
  6. BaileyPark31

    Wendy's employee bathing in sink - Guess the state

    @Wendy's @Ronald McDonald :picard:
  7. Rhapture

    How many calories yall think this is?

  8. Ruck

    Burger King with the goat promo

    Burger King App: Order a Whopper at Any McDonald's Location $0.01 (Mobile App Required) Pull up anywhere near at mickey deez and you will unlock a promo to get a whopper for only one cent. But you gotta download their app. Even tho i stopped fukking with fast food for over a year, on the...
  9. ball15life

    Burger King : Order A Whopper For 1¢ With the BK App....At McDonald's

    A+ Marketing :wow: Happy Ether Day :wow: If you're within 600 ft of a McDonald's you can order a Whopper for a penny
  10. I AM WE ARE

    burger comparison uh oh

    now i'm just the messenger but these threads are always full of fukkery :mjlol: @Burger King @Ronald McDonald We compared McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King's signature burgers The winner of the signature-burger showdown has to be the inimitable Big Mac, which is celebrating its 50th...
  11. The Gimp

    @The Burger King always throwin shots at McDonalds appreciation

    Yo @The Burger King you a funny muhfukka mane :pachaha: I made 2 threads about McDonalds and dude always comes through with some funny ass comments Why do people get mad at McDonalds workers? How McDonald's Coke taste so damn good? Burger King come get these daps breh :obama: @Ronald...
  12. iBrowse

    Coli Breh tosses white boy over counter at McDonalds

    He literally tossed him over like a sack of potatoes. Notice that real nikkas order food from @Ronald McDonald establishments. Also take note at how the white boy said "oh shyt" and ran to start throwing fries at the breh :mjlol: WS comments said he went from ordering food to making food lol.
  13. Bart simpson

    Has Ronald come for that BK Crown

    Finally we have a @Ronald McDonald do y'all think he can take that @The Burger King crown Who got that royale w/ cheese :mjlol:
  14. King

    @The Burger King , the fukk is up with this dumbass campaign???

    @The Burger King You gonna have to explain why you had to stomp someone's whopper to make a damn point about bullying :gucci: You lucky it wasn't me that walked into that fukking Burger King cause yall would've been down one fatass cac employee. You need to get this dumbass experiment and Zach...
  15. RennisDeynolds

    Have y'all seen this new Burger King commercial? shyt looks just like a Coli gif Remix

    :wow:. No disrespect to @The Burger King and just because... :lawd:
  16. damebk


  17. J

    If There Was No Two For Ten, Meechie Wasn't Getting A Whopper?

    Did he only have ten dollars? Was he just being cheap? Meechie gotta eat too.